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Product Information

For a beautifully natural and intense shade of olive, choose Xen-Tan’s best-selling Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Weekly Self-Tan.

A favourite of A-list celebrities and beauty editors alike, best-selling Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Weekly Self-Tan gives a rich, natural olive tan that looks great for up to 10 days. Easy to apply, it goes on evenly, smells delicious and instantly creates a gorgeous streak-free finish you’ll love. Enriched with coconut and walnut oils, it helps you achieve a stunningly natural olive tan that’s exceptionally longwearing and leaves skin feeling nourished and silky smooth. And to make sure you enjoy a beautifully balanced result, it doesn’t gather at the ankles or elbows, and fades evenly.

- Suitable for face and body.

Xen-Tan Dark Lotion contain nuts.

Apply Xen-Tan Dark Lotion to clean dry skin with hands, or for easiest application, the Xen-Tan Luxury Tanning Mitt. Blend on face and body. Wash hands with warm water and soap for 1-2 minutes to remove instant colour. Wait three hours to shower or swim. Wear dark clothing while tanning.

Water, Ethoxydiglycol, Dihydroxyacetone, Caprylic/ Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Glyceryl, Stearate (and) PEG-100 Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Ceteareth-20, Dimethicone, Cetyl Alcohol, Sorbitan Stearate, Propylene Glycol, Corylus Americana (Hazel) Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Juglans Regia (Walnut) Shell Extract,Arachis Hypogaea (Peanut) Oil, Mineral Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Hydroxyethylcellulose, Potassium Sorbate, BHT, Sodium Metabisulfite, Tetrasodium EDTA, HEDTA, Citric Acid, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, DMDM Hydantoin, Fragrance
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It leaves such a nice olive tan, can't imagine using anything else after trying this.

Ana, England

Best self-tan product I ever had! Doesn't have bad smell like others and give your skin beautiful tan.

Ausra, Lithuania

I use to only use fake bake but Xen-Tan smells amazing and the colour is so nice and last as well. Swear by this tan now.

Zoe, UK

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I´m absolutely in love with this product!!! I tried other fake tan brands and I´m very impressed with the results of this one. The colour is amazing and don´t give you patchy or streacky, and the smell is fabulous!!! I definitely recommend this product.

Mónica, Spain

Gives a deep, natural colour that lasts well. Easy to apply and smells much better than other tans. Plus time to develop is pretty short.

Lucy, UK

I would completely recommend this tan. One bottle of this has lasted almost a year for me, its the best self tanner i'v used and lasts on the skin for almost a week and fades naturally without the colour becoming uneven. It smells of marzipan rather than the biscuit smell most tanners have and goes on so easily with a mit. I did notice that the results are more noticeable on yellow toned skin compared to lighter skin with pink undertones after using this tan on my sister, so something to keep in mind if you are very pale.

Liz, UK

The best self tanner I've tried!
You have to be careful when applying as if you rub and rub, the tan will begin to go patchy. However, I have never really had a problem with this.
The lotion when applied, appears to be more of a red/brown than the dreaded green/brown and becomes more intense in time. I tend to tan every week however, if I want to be super bronzed, I apply the tan on a night, shower the next day and apply more. The tan lasts around 6 days before I feel the need to start the process again.
Overall an all round fabulous product.

Amy, UK

I really love this product - it smells sweet like marzipan when it's first applied and, like most tans, as it develops as does the tell-tale fake tan scent. It goes on really well and fades naturally. Although it's positioned as a weekly tan I apply this twice a week to maintain a deeper 'tan'.

Kirstin, Scotland

I found my young olive skin back I have not ventured yet into applying XEN TAN dark lotion weekly Self-Tan onto my face, but my body seems to love this product! - It is so easy to apply, especially onto exfoliated skin and, better yet, with the help of the handy XEN TAN Luxury Tanning Mitt.
You immediately see what you will get and it smells so incredibly good!
XEN TAN stays on beautifully for 5 days and fades gradually in the next 5, but never "flakes off" until you are ready to exfoliate for the next application.
The lotion is better in every way than the rest of all self tans I've tried and it is also very economical (apply sparingly for a more naturally built up glow) and it will outlast any other self tan, no matter what it's cost
I've become fan of XEN-TAN and I can finally feel zen, thanks to FeelUnique.com, whose sight I appreciate particularly for it's intelligent way to inform it's clients.

Ana, France

I have very pale freckly skin and I love this tan , I have tried all the others and this is by a clear mile the best . It actually looks as good as it smells and I like the way it gradually wears away .No nasty tide marks , and is a very natural looking tan, even on pale skin.

Rosemary, Ireland

I am so happy I have started my self-tanning journey with this amazing product. Its nice and has a none-overwhelming smell. Super easy to use even for beginners and it gives a beautiful finish. This self-tan doesn't give the typical orange or unnatural look.

Nina, Belgium

Я в восторге!Перепробовала много автозагаров,но ни один из них не дал такого естественного оттенка!Дает интенсивный цвет с первого раза,легко наносить!Прекрасный запах миндаля и вишни!Влюбилась в него!Буду заказывать еще!Рекомендую!

Andzelina, Russia

super produit!

lucie, France

Le meilleur auto-bronzant que je connaisse ! On voit vraiment bien où on applique le produit puisque le produit est foncé ! Pénètre très bien dans la peau et le résultat SUPER : très très naturel, aucune trace. Tout le monde pense que je suis parti en vacances !

Marie, Belgique

The color is very natural! loved it!

Polliane Lemos, Brazil

My wife's regular self tan. Along with all other Xen Tan products, faultless

Philip Short, England

This is a lovely self tanner! I have bought it twice already and I love it! Smells almondy and gives a lovely natural looking tan.

Laura, UK

This product is incredible! I will always swear by using Xen-Tan because of the natural colour and ease of application. I have never once had a bad looking tan from this product and this bottle lasts me up to 10 months!! It is a definite must have and it is one that I have encouraged all my friends to buy!

Kelly, United Kingdom

This is by far my favourite tan! It smells amazing, goes on easily, lasts ages and doesn't go patchy. If you want a lovely natural tan without that fake tan smell then 100% try this!

Nicole, Scotland

A beautiful product! Do not risk the harmful effects of the sun when you can purchase the sun in a bottle.

Melissa, Australia

Such a great product. Buy this if you're looking for a lovely natural colour that is streak free and smells pleasant too!

Morgan Stewart-Peel, Bradford


restDyeks, Honduras

Best self tanning product I've ever used!! Doesn't streak or look even the slightest bit orange. Smells like marzipan and dries super quick. Highly recommeded especially with the tanning mit.

Lydia Leyland, Merseyside

Ive tried spray booths, spray guns and other self tan products, I streak every time. When my friend recommended Xen tan, I tried it with in-trepidation. I went very ,very brown - panic! Then I washed it off as per instructions. I have to say I'm a convert to Xen. I'm asked all the time where I've been on holiday, its so natural looking. People tell me I have a healthy glow. What more could you ask for?? I love it.

Emma Jane Stickles, Maidstone

I have used so many fake tan products, so much more expensive than this but this is the BEST one by far.
It smells gorgeous amd the colour is amazing, so natural yet so dark, lasts longer than other tans, really nice application ( lotion is always better than mousse)

Megan, Wales

I've been using different self tanning products for years, but I find this the best as it doesn't streak when its put on, it has olive undertones rather than orange, and it lasts!

Lisa, Manchester

I love the way the color stayed on for nearly a week plus other products used to make me itch this does not, magic!

Mrs C Keirle, Swindon

Fab product, that gives a deep, even, realistic tan. Can't recommend it highly enough!

Nicola, Manchester

I love it!! Gives a rich deep colour and you can fix it easily ♥

Mia, Greece

The best fake tan there is no streaks and gorgeous olive colour - no tango tan in sight!

Andrea, Paisley

This is my absolute favourite fake tan. It is easy to apply, goes on like a dream and smells divine. It's not at all orange and gives you a gorgeous 'just been on holiday' tan . The best thing about it is that it lasts a good few days and is never streaky or patchy :-)

Sasha, Glasgow

I will keep buying this over and over again, it really is the best fake tan I have used and I have tried alot!

Harriet, London

This tan is great. It's very natural looking. Number 1 for self tanning !!!

Inese, Latvia

An amazing product! By far the best fake tan I've used. The colour is very natural and just dark enough.

Vicky, Cumbria

I have been using Xen-Tan for quite a few years now. I was fed up of having to re-apply my old fake tans every time I had a shower.

Not only does this last for at least 3 or 4 days, but it smells lovely, doesn't have that fake tan smell, and leaves my skin feeling very soft. (Plus it hides my cellulite and stretch marks on my thighs).
It's also a great bargain and lasts for weeks and weeks !

Loz, Bolton

I have been addicted to Xen-Tan (I like to call it My-Tan haha) Dark Lotion since I first laid my grubby little paws on this wonderful bottle of lovely fake tan. I have very pale Irish skin and most other, cheaper brands either turn me orange or dry my skin out horribly. This tanner goes on smoothly, keeps my skin hydrated and smells like a bakewell tart when it's applied, and when it's washed off it leaves behind a beautiful, olive-toned tan on my skin.

I have been using it religiously this summer, even though it's rained constantly for months and I'm still walking around as tanned as if I'd just got back from a holiday in the sun (but Xen-Tan is way safer than burning to a crisp in the sun!) I absolutely love and and will always repurchase this amazing fake tan. Oh, and what makes this tan even better is that it is face and body, so there's no need to buy a separate tanner for your face. I really recommend this self tanner to everyone to try at least once, it really is amazing x

Xen, Cornwall

Fabulous product, having used every single fake tan on the market, Xen-Tan is the only one that I will ever use again, it has a wonderful smell and leaves you with a beautiful natural tan. What I like most is that one application last about a week and does not go blotchy like all other tans I have used, highly recommend this product, 5 stars xx

Lorraine, Cleveland

This self tan is by far the best tan I have used, I have tried everything and this one definitely gives you that healthy glow as well as lasting for at least a week, people are always asking me if I have just got back from holiday and what a nice colour I am (if only they knew). Would 100% reccommend this product, I have been using it for years now and have never looked back...

Holly, Berkshire

This is the best fake tan on the market. Its easy to apply, smells nice and looks so natural even though the colour is quite dark. I scrub and tan twice a week and it maintaines the perfect tan.

Christina, Stafford

This lotion works wonders! This product smells great, it gives you beautiful instant colour and the tan lasts longer than any other product I have tried including airbrush. I personally think it's better than St. Tropez and you'll pay less for XEN-TAN. I have received many compliments from people, they say my skin looks radiant and sun kissed. I will never use another self tanner EVER! Thank you XEN-TAN for making an exceptional product!

Lindsay Seaton, Ontario,Canada

Absolutely love this product! After trying nearly all of the self-tanners on the market, I've now been using Xen Tan's Dark Weekly Tan for over 4 years and have not looked back. A great service provided by feelunique.com - speedy delivery and great customer service.

Thanks so much for many happy years of tanning!

Chiara, Manchester

Bought the mist intense at first, but then tried this one. Love it, love it. Easy to apply (easier than the mist) and the results are fantastic - natural looking olive tan! Best fake tan I've ever tried, and I've tried a few!!


I absolutely love this product!! Every other tanner I've used always looked orange or always made me go a bit streaky but this product is amazing! I haven't gone to a salon to get a tan since I found Xen=Tan. Very nice color and doesn't have that horrible chemically smell! :) <3 Love it!

Abi, Bath

Love this tanner! I've never been able to find one that doesn't turn orange, but this one gives you that deep bronzed colour! It smell good and it's basically the best selftan I've ever tried. And I've tried my share!:)

Stine, Denmark

Because I have really fair skin, I have always been quite emberrased about showing too much skin. I have tried several different tanning brands, but they were smelling bad as well as making the skin orange. A couple of years ago, I found my salvation, Xen-Tan. It gives the most natural tan, even for my very fair skin, and it last for several days before it starts fading. All in all, when I have my Xen Tan on, I am up for anything, feeling both fresh and confident!

Trine, Southampton

This is the best fake tan I have used, and I have tried many. It smells like marzipan so doesn't have an overly powerful 'fake tan' smell which is good. It's really easy to apply (I used a mitt) goes on very smooth and streak free. Yes it does give the appearance in the first couple of hours that you have been in the sun all day!

Alison, Lancashire

Xen-Tan Dark Lotion is amazing! I have used sooooo many different fake tans and this is the one for me. I'm a mother and if I use this product with a tanning mitt it takes me 5 mins to do... and I can go out as soon as I've done it too so definitely use this product with a mitt. The smell is fab!! Some fake tan smells used to make me feel sick!! This is a lovely sweet smell. Well done Xen Tan... and thanks to feelunique.com it's actually affordable. I get through one bottle a month thats cheaper than using sun beds.

O Ellis, Bristol

The best self tan I've ever used! Since first using it nearly 18 months ago I've never used another self tan product. Couldn't live with out it!

Sara, Prescot

Love love love this tan best ever!! Gorgeous colour no streaks and smells yummy :) Best price from feelunique.com plus free delivery, great :)

Sarah, Lancashire

This is THE love of my life. Perfect, dark color, lovely smell and such a quick drying! The best one out there. Ever.

Kristina, Göteborg

LOVE XEN-TAN.. the best tanning product I have used. Gives a really good colour

Rachel, Birmingham

I love this product, it's the best fake tan I have used and I have used a fair few! I had a Xen-Tan spray tan and loved it so had to buy it myself to do at home, even better that it was free delivery :)

Mel, Manchester

This is the best fake tan I have ever used, easy to apply and leaves you with a natural looking tan, plus free speedy delivery, what more could you ask for? Love it!!!!

Andrea, Cumbria

Without question the best self tan I have ever used. It is easy to apply and the colour is natural looking.

Katrine, Sweden

I have a cupboard full of self tans that have been used only once because they either stink, streak or make you look like an oompa lumpa! Xen-Tan gives you a long lasting, pleasant smelling, natural colour and to get it at this price with quick, free delivery is a bonus. My search for the perfect tan is over.

Gemma, East Sussex

Wow!!! This only arrived yesterday butt I am so impressed! I have tried Fake Bake, St. Tropez and other tans but this is the best, it goes on so easily and rubs in effortlessly, making it easy to ensure there are no streaks! It has a really nice moisturizing texture and gives a BEAUTIFUL colour, absaloutley gobsmacked . Also has a lovely marzipan smell and only a slight hint of that burnt conflake fake tan smell once the tan has developed, but once you shower off the colour guide it goes completley!!! I love this so much would happily pay tree times as much but 18 pounds is just phenomenal!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! Buy it!!!!

Jess, London

Absolutely amazing the best on the market, all over coverage, no streaks, just as good as the real thing without the damage..

Ally, Maidenhead

Hands down the best fake tan I have ever used. This is absolutely fool proof. It is super easy to apply, does not streak and best of all it does not have the usual smell of fake tan (this is the biggest plus for me as I am fed up of trying products that give great results but smell really badly). Cannot recommend this highly enough!

Kara, Fife

I love Xen Tan as it smells fabulous

Pam, Birmingham

Wow! I am in love with this product! And I must say that Feel Unique does it at a very competitive price compared to others. Will be buying another one soon! Thanks

Carol, Northamptonshire

I loved this product at first moment I used this!!! It's an amazing product because my skin looks healthy and natural.

Inga, Lithuania

Wow this is the best ever! I've tried quite a few other brands and they all gave me the same blotchy effect and some uneven fake color. With this one I get perfect, natural, even and gorgeous olive skin. No blotchiness, it fades graciously, no stinky smell. This is pretty much how I look when I tan naturally, a 236ml bottle will last me ages!

Margarida, Portugal

Honestly the best thing I have ever bought. It's so natural looking and its the only product I have found which fades elegantly and never turns flakey or patchy. Another positive is that it doesnt smell like a typical fake tan, it has a slight marzipan scent. I would totally recommend this product

Alice, Leicester

Brilliant tan, slightly scary when applying as it is a dark brown/reddish colour but don't be put off as a couple of hours later it settles into a very natural looking tan that lasts for a week.

Jacqui, Banbridge

Best fake tan ever! Smells amazing, goes on easily, looks great. And washes out of fabric with a little soapy water. I got a huge splodge on my white duvet and soaked it in soapy water over night as if it was never there. Definitely getting it again.

Lucy, Cambridgeshire

I received mine today, tried it on and so far (after 3 hours) I like what I see! :D So exited for how it's gonna look tomorrow after showering!

Ban, Norway

The best self tan on the market! I used to use a different brand but since trying Xen-Tan I have never looked back! It has a much better smell than other tanning brands and lasts much longer. Definitely a good buy. Easy application for experienced or non-experienced tanners! x

Kate, United Kingdom

Xen tan - one word: amazing!!! I heard it was and now I definitely agree! Smelt like marzipan/cake and a little went a long way and the mitt buffed it off beautifully. I was left with a gorgeous colour all over the next day and not once did I smell the fake tan smell you get with a lot of products. Buy this and you won't regret it!

Charlotte, Uxbridge, Middlesex

Really good for a subtle tan, doesn't make you go orange. I'm extremely pale however I need to apply it 2 nights in a row to get a better colour as the first day it washes off, however it's not streaky and doesn't fade patchy, lasted for months for me because I only used it a couple of days before a night out!

Kirsty, Derby

I love the natural, even brown (not orange) colour it gives.

Edel, London

Love, love, love this product! It gives a gorgeous brown glow, which is now orange at all. It lasts for ages and I'm looking forward to trying the Luxe Dark Lotion too. Thank you feelunique.com - you've got some great bargains!

Gabbie, Derbyshire

I'm sooo excited to try this product out! I've read so many good reviews about it, and honestly, no one has said a bad thing about it. SOOO excited! :D

Ban, Norway

I actually love this product! I'm 21 and was sick of going out with my friends to clubs and my tan making me look radioactive orange; we would see other girls out with better tans and be very jealous! So I tried this Xen-Tan and haven't looked back since! It is the best tan I have ever bought. Not only does it make my skin look and feel smooth and alive, but my tan is so natural and sun-kissed and NOT ORANGE! I recommended it all of my friends to get it from feelunique.com and now we have all the other clubber girls jealous of our amazing tans! :D

Marnie, Portsmouth

This is the best fake tan I have ever used and I have used many! It has a very natural colour and I have recommeded it to many friends!

Susan, Aberdeen

I purchased Xen-Tan Dark Tanning Lotion and I have to say it is fantastic! The colour that you get is really olivey-brown rather than orange and the colour is also very even! Best fake tan I've ever used!

Nora, Hungary

You want a "real looking" tan? There you go, you have it with this product! I have red hair and white skin and still the tan looks so lovely and natural. People always compliment my "good looking skin for a red head". This is a winner for me, best fake tan ever!

Winnie, Jersey

This is the best tan I have ever used, the smell is actually quite pleasant. It's easy to apply (with a tan mitt) as the guide colour allows you to see where you're applying it, and I've never had one streak from this self tan and it dries quite quickly too. The colour is lovely and dark, and not a hint of orange!

Rachel, Manchester

Great product. Great service. Enough said.

Eirik, Oslo

I just wanted to give feelunique.com a big thank you for a fantastic product at a fantastic price with free delivery and fast delivery. I am so impressed that this product cannot be bought anywhere else for this price which is a fantastic start. Then you have the actual product itself which is rich in colour, long lasting, smooth and streak free with a fantastic glow. Most importantly it does not smell like your usual false tan which is a big must for me. Then you have the delivery - fast and free - what more could we as customers ask for? I am so glad I came across this site, I will be using feelunique.com again and I will be recommending this site to friends and family... thank you feelunique.com! X

Vicky, Tyne and Wear

This is by far the best fake tan I've used and trust me I've tried loads... Much better, darker and cheaper than others.

Siobhan, Leeds

This product is amazing! The best fake tan I've ever tried, it looks gorgeous on the skin, true colour, not orange, smells lovely, it's so easy to apply and it lasts for ages! If you're thinking about buying this product don't hesitate, especially for this price and free delivery. What else does a girl need?! :) Thanks feelunique.com and Xen-Tan!

Ana, Hull

I absolutely love this product. Unlike most fake tans which smell very bad, Xen-Tan smells amazing. It gave my skin a beautiful glow and lasted longer then any other fake tans I have used. Thanks. Carla xxxx

Carla, Kent

This is great. I'm a total tanaholic and I've literally tried all the fake tans there are. This stuff will stay on all week and still has a nice colour, I tried the extreme dark also and I must say this one's great.

Stark, West Mids

I love Xen-Tan, this product is brilliant! It has a great olive tone and is a bargain at £17.99. I highly recommend feelunique.com for great prices and free and fast delivery! Thanks!

Katie, Manchester

This fake tan is fantastic. I heard about it through a friend, I thoroughly recommend it, smells nice and lasts up to a week! If you want a nice dark tan then this one is definitely the best, I've had at least 7 bottles, it lasts quite a while as well!!

Holly, Berkshire

I have tried nearly every fake tan going in the past and can honestly say this is the best I have tried. The colour is brilliant, not orangey at all, if the tan is applied carefully it is streak free and an even colour and it leaves your skin really, really soft.

Silvia, Slovakia

One application gives a good, even tan that lasts a full week. Apply on a Thursday before bed and wake up on a Friday ready for the weekend!

Nicola, Northampton

I have bought this product and love it so much - I had to buy about 5 for all my friends and family! It's the best fake tan I have ever used, and I've tried a lot! I will continue to use this product as I love having an even, dark tan which looks natural. I get complimented all the time.

Chanise, Newcastle upon Tyne

I have used this product for a long time now. I love the smell and the colour. It doesn't look like fake tan at all with no streaks.

Jane, East Yorkshire

Fab product. Smells amazing... the normal fake tan smell does show up after a few hours... but the product is that good it's worth putting up with! Never had any problems with streaks!

Emma, Stoke on Trent

I love this product because it gives an even, golden tan to my skin. I love how it looks and smells. It stays on my skin for about 5 days without going blotchy :)

Alana, South Australia

I have been using Xen-Tan for about 2-3 years now! Since I discovered it I would not use any other tanning product! Whenever I use it I always get complimented on my 'tan'. When people hear it is 'fake' they always want the name of what I have used as it looks so natural. It's basically Barbados in a bottle!

Serif, London

The best fake tan I have ever used, leaves no streaks and lasts for a week. People ask me if my tan is real!

Hollie, Wales

Of all the fake tans I have ever used - and that's a LOT - this is the only one I loved. The colour is beautiful and natural even on my snowy white skin. There were no streaks and no smell after I took a shower and moisturised. It's very easy to apply too.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone. My tips are:

- Be sure to use only the tiniest amount on hands, feet and elbows even after moisturising thoroughly.
- Don't use this on your face if you are prone to breakouts or have large pores as it has a very thick consistency.

It is a really amazing product though.

Iona, Ireland

I'm pale so it's hard to find anything usually and I've been trying so many gradual tanning moisturisers that just make me still look pale but with a hint of yellow or orange with is horrible. I heard about Xen-Tan from a few people and 'wow' is all I can say. Probably the best fake tan I've EVER tried! Honest truth. xxxx

Aimee, Wales

Excellent product, it feels good and applies easily without any problems.

Carole, France

What can I say? As a self confessed self-tan addict and spray tan technician, I would definitely say Xen-Tan is the best on the market. I absolutely love it.

Heidi, Essex

OMG - I am feeling like a bronzed goddess for the 1st time in my life! My skin does not tan easily, I am pretty fair, and I love being tanned... so I have tried multitudinous self tan products. Finally I found a product that is easy to apply, smells sooo yummie and most importantly gives GORGEOUS results! Love it!

Tina, Berlin

I bought this and the Xen-Tan Tanning Mitt. You need to make sure you exfoliate and moisturise before applying it. I normally wear tights but don't need to with this fake tan! Good price too.

Kiri, Hertfordshire

Probably the best fake tanner I have ever used. The colour is brown - not orange like other ones! It's a great price and lasts for ages too.

Aimee, Wales

I absolutely love this product! It is definitely the best tan I have ever tried. I've tried so many expensive self tans and none of them come near this product. The smell is gorgeous, it gives a beautiful olive colour and I have had so many people asking if I've been on holiday and complementing my skin. Great price and fast delivery from feelunique.com! :-) X

Ashleigh, Newcastle

Love, love, love this product! Definitely the best tan that I have ever tried - and I've tried a lot! It's a fabulous price here at feelunique.com and I have never had any problems with them! Gives a gorgeous colour and smells lush! Buy it - you won't regret it [:

Chloe, Yerlett

I can't live without this - it gives you such a streak-free tan. I would definitely recommend it!

Sophie, Hereford

I didn't think that a tanning lotion could do such a great job on my very fair skin! My skin didn't turn yellow or orage. No ugly smell like other self-tanners. My husband is happy I don't stink any more :) I had coloured skin just 30 minutes after I applied this lotion. Even tan, holds for about 5 days on my skin, but as said, I'm very fair skined. Like it a lot!

Nat, Norway

I used to live on sunbeds until I started getting paranoid about wrinkles. I decided I should only use fake tan. I have used every one on the market from cheap right through to expensive. I never write reviews but I felt this deserved one. I have recommended it to all my friends. It's the only tan I've used that smells nice and most importantly, fades gradually not patchy. Every other one I've used has gone patchy on my chest. This is worth every penny! The colour is lovely and dark. I'd buy from feelunique.com too, it came the day after I ordered which was an added bonus considering it was free delivery. My only suggestion is use gloves - it says you don't need to but do!

Nat, Cleveland

I always read the reviews for this product and think ‘hmm, do you believe them?’ But Xen-Tan is the BEST fake tan I have ever used. I have tried a lot of other fake tans, many of them a lot more expensive than Xen-Tan. For the price of this product, it is amazing. I use it all the time and it is the only fake tan I use now. Some fake tans give you a little bit of a tan but I like to have what you call a ‘tan’, which is why this product is so good - if you want a little bit of a glow then you can achieve this. If you want more of a tan, you just apply more and it doesn’t go all patchy and horrible. I recommend you try Dark Tanning Lotion as you won’t be disappointed at all!

Rebecca, Berkshire

I would and have already recommended this to everyone I know who uses fake tan! It smells lush and goes on so easy. The best feature of Xen-Tan is it dries so quickly so no hair dryers in sight to dry your fake tan lol. I've used so many fake tans but this is by far the best for quality and price. Love it!

Kat, Leicester

Great product! Smells great & so easy to apply. Would definitely recommend feelunique.com as it has super delivery & good value for money! x

Rebecca McCann, Belfast

Xen-Tan is the best tan I have used. I have tried so many and been patchy, orange and smelling odd. I applied the tan with gloves and it looks just as good as a spray tan. It's even and a nice olive colour. It even smells nice after! Fab product!

Laura, South Wales

LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I am an avid user of fake tans. Much prefer using them to going on a sun bed or sitting in the sun.

I have tried plenty over the years BUT this one is most definitely my favourite. Had lots of compliments about it and many questions of whether I have been away on holiday. I use it on my face and body. It is a must have. BUY!

Andrea, Blackburn

Don't hesitate for a second, this fake tan is the best you can buy. I am rubbish at fake tan and I mean really rubbish and even I can't go wrong with this. It smells marvellous like Cherry Bakewells and goes on wonderfully; you can see every little last bit and it rubs in in seconds. You will still get a little bit of the cornflake smell, particularly when you wear it overnight and shower in the morning, but it's nowhere near as strong as every other fake tan and disappears as soon as you shower. It doesn't stain your sheets and it is really, honestly, completely streak-free. No really, it is! The colour is a warm olive brown like you've had 2 weeks on a Carribean beach, I think it would take little old freckly me a year on a sunbed to get this colour. Buy it, you won't regret it!

Leanne, Lincoln

This is the best tanning lotion I have ever used - and the price is great! Thanks feelunique.com :)

Laura, Latvia

Probably the greatest tanning product I have used. It's absolutely perfect if you're using it for the next day, you don't have to start off on the monday, then use it till friday to get the right colour. Comes as natural as if I had gone to Dubai for a week, fabulous.

Kate, Staffordshire

THE BEST fake tan I have ever used! I am very pale skinned and this gave me a golden glow. When I came back from holiday and used this on a base tan, I was a dark olive colour! It has never made me orange and is really easy to use... it's the best on the market and believe me, I have tried a lot of brands! Couldn't live without it now!

Vicky Cooper, London

Xen-Tan is amazing! I found out about Xen-Tan after a friend used it and she looked amazing; it looked like she had just been on holiday! I looked up Xen-Tan and saw it in a magazine and the celebs that use it. So i thought it was a must to try out. I have used other fake tans in the past but I must say this is the best one I have used so far. I love it!

Sarah-Jane Smith, Jersey

I've converted 4 friends so far - working on the rest. This is the best fake tan. Enough said!

Aimee, Sheffield

Xen Tan is the best tan on the market, and i should know as i have tried most of them. This is the one i stick to because it is easy to apply, gives a great non orange colour that lasts about 4 days. It doesn't stain clothes and it feels really moisturising on the skin.Fantastic!

Lisa, Manchester

I usually have spray tans as my friend is a mobile tanner, but she was on holiday & I needed tanning for a wedding so I thought I would give Xen-Tan a go!

Fantastic product! I purchased the Dark Tanning Lotion & Body Scrub in a package for about £30 incl P&P.

The Body Scrub is to be used before tan application and then during each shower after (excluding 1st shower). It has a lovely refreshing minty smell and leaves skin very soft.

The Tan Lotion is very dark brown when it comes out of the bottle but it gives such a lovely and natural brown tan, no signs on orange. It smells like Cherry Bakewells and once dried, does have a bit of a "fake" smell but nothing too heavy. Application is very easy - I use latex gloves, but with or without gloves the tan is very easy to apply evenly.

I use cotton wool pads to apply to my feet and hands lightly. I also apply to my face which looks great.

From my experience, for the best results apply 2 days before you need the tan - I needed it for a wedding on a Saturday, I applied Thursday evening and slept in it, then had a light shower Friday morning. Friday evening I touched up any spots I had missed and by Saturday it was PERFECT!

Haven't yet to notice any staining on clothing or bedding. Lasts about a week to ten days and I always receive compliments.

Worth every penny!!!

Belinda, Hampshire

As a college student with very pale/freckled skin, I have found previous summer holidays a nightmare. My friends would all turn into bronzed goddesses in a matter of days while I would remain depressed and painfully pale skinned. I saw Xen-Tan on a showbiz TV programme a year ago, just before all the hype. I immediately bought it and I can honestly say it has changed my mood while on summer holidays! The colour comes up so quickly, blends very easily and although there is some of the usual tan smell, it is only a very small amount. A bottle of it lasts me 4 weeks, I usually put it on every 2 or 3 days for a deep glow.

I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who like me just cannot gain a natural tan no matter how long we're out in the sun. Why subject yourself to ageing of the skin and cancerous rays when you can get an even and deep colour from a bottle!? 9.9/10.

Sarah, Ireland

This tan was the best I've had, it applies evenly and easily to get a really natural tan. It also smelt gorgeous! The first time I tried it i had days of people asking if I had been on vacation a definate best for me. The price and free delivery was an extra bonus with this product!

Aileen, Suffolk

I found this website after searching for fake tan when the one I had been using for years was discontinued. I have tried them all, and thought i would never find one that I liked. Then I tried Xen-Tan. What can I say - perfect. No streaks, smells delicious, easy to apply, lasts for ages, fades evenly, and the bottle makes for easy application. feelunique.com offer a fantastic service, fast, efficient and great value for money. I will continue to use this fantastic product and will never purchase from anywhere else but here again.

Kate Frary-Rye, Wymondham

What a fantastic product... I've been a user of St Tropez for around 18 years. I have always been very happy with it, but after trying Xen-Tan... wow was I amazed!!! It goes on fantastically easy and streak-free, but the best thing is the instant colour - it's amazing. It seems to last a full week without anymore applications which is excellent if you have a busy lifestyle and you haven't time to keep applying. Trouble is my 15 year-old daughter is now an addict of this product which only means one thing - I'll need to keep stocking up to keep us both looking fantastic! Keep up the fantastic service feelunique.com, your company is amazing... Thank you soooo much. Gaynor.

Gaynor Johnson, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

This is without a doubt the best self tan product I have used. I like it best after two applications. Smells great and lovely colour! I look very bronzed and I'm as pale as it gets!

Victoria Poulsen, Denmark

I've tried most fake tans on the market, including a professional spray tan with St Tropez. This gives the best colour I've seen, even my beautician passed comment on the natural colour. I'm now onto ordering my 6th bottle as I've used it ever since Gok Wan tested it. I do buy the lotion and the spray on as it's easier to do my back. As most false tans you'll see it on your sheets and whatever you wear after you've applied it, but comes off in the wash. When applying I'd suggest using a tanning glove or washing your hands regularly during application as your palms tend to go very dark with it. But worth the effort, no smell and you can put it on before going out as it develops quickly. Use sparingly as you'll be surprised at the colour you get. One coat is enough. 5/5.

Jan McCarthy, Sunderland

This is the best fake tan I have used. Fantastic smell, overall ticks all the right boxes; well worth the money and I have pale skin too. Love this product!

Pam Alunan, Lancashire

I was a bit scared to buy this as I have very fair skin and was afraid it would be too dark but it was just perfect. Starts you off with a really natural looking sun kissed glow and I would say if you want it darker just leave it on for a bit longer. The best fake tan I have used so far.

Catherine Langlois, London

Absolutely fantastic self-tan. Lovely smell, no streaks and very natural even for someone like me with fair skin. I have just ordered the face tanner.

Mary, Birmingham

Fantastic product, didn't turn me orange, turned a lovely bronze olivey colour. Had many compliments about my tan about how lovely and natural it was. Doesn't have that horrible biscuity smell that my boyfriend complains about! Tried a lot of other self tanners but none of them come close to Xen Tan. feelunique.com is definitely the best place to get it too. You won't regret getting this!

Mary, Cambridgeshire

i have tried fake bake, make believe, st tropez etc but most just wash off or dont go very dark at all. i seen this and by the reviews it seen a realy good product, does any one no how long it stays on for ruffly and does it go realy dark?

Elizibeth, Nottingham

This is the best self tan that i tried ever. And i tried many Dior, Guerlain, Loreal. But this gives the best tan, no smell, not patchy.
I use gloves so my palms dont get orange.

Jelena, Norway

I've been using Xen-Tan for 18m and used many other brands in the past. This is the best - no streaking, fades evenly and with the use of Tan Extender, it keeps the colour depth longer and does not go speckly or patchy. The Face Tanner is brilliant and is great on freckled fair skin which I have. I'm always being asked if I have been abroad - the sun has never agreed with me but this product gives a very natural colour. Just be careful on blonde eyebrows - exfoliation is the key.

Joanne Martin, Barrow-In-Furness

Really the best tanning lotion I've ever used! Great product for less money!

Silje, Norway

Amazing!! Doesn't stink like normal fake tan and it's sooo easy to apply!

Sarah, Scotland

I have always been a lover of Fake Bake and was convinced there was nothing better until i used Xen-Ean. Similar application (it advises not to wear gloves but I won't risk orange palms) - I don't like the initial smell as the marzipan scent is quite strong but that wears off in a few minutes. Really pleased with the colour and how quickly the tan dries, this is the product for me!

Elizabeth, Kent

Fantastic product. Most natural self-tan ever used, but still a good dark colour. Very impressed with Feel Unique and their service.

Karen Schmitz, Aberdeen

What a brilliant product! I am incredibly fair skinned and used this before a holiday so I could stay out of the sun. It gave a gorgeous colour (not orangey!) and lasted a long time and stayed even as it wore off! What more could you want! Also excellent service again from feel unique! Came within days of ordering. Feel Unique, please can you stock the medium and fair shades! Whilst the dark was excellent on fair skin legs, I think it was too dark for my face! Please can you stock the lighter shades for us pastey ones :)

Rachel, Southampton

This is THE BEST fake tan on the market and I have tried them all! Love, love, love this product!

Jo, Cambridge

I love this tan!! I am so pale I could land planes with the white glow when I bare my bod in the sun. I have tried every brand of tan out there and this is the ONLY one that doesn't make me look orange or like I even have fake tan on. It's such a natural colour. Love it, love it, love it!

Kitty, Watford

I am a regular user of fake bake, which I love yet the smell is so strong! I thought I’d give Xen-Tan a go as I’d seen the review on LK Today. I only left it on for 3 hours whereas I normally leave fake bake on through the night whilst I sleep. It is really easy to apply. The texture is more like body lotion than fake tan as it’s not thick. The smell is amazing, like cherry bakewells! When I washed the tan off it didn’t seem to be that strong a colour but after a couple of hours it seemed to carry on developing. The tan is gorgeous! I’ve never had a fake tan that doesn’t look fake! Its amazing and such a good value.

Gemma, South Wales

I was recommended Xen-Tan by my sister who has tried and tested almost every fake tan out there. I am usually allergic to most fake tans but I thought I'd give it a try. I love it. I hate the awful orange tone that most fake tans give, but this is unlike any other. Very natural looking colour. I always get compliments on my tan so I have recommended it to so many people. Plus it smells good and is a good moisturiser too! I'm going to try their Luxe variety now!

Eilidh, Ayrshire

Xen-Tan's Dark Tanning Lotion is by far the best fake-tan product I have used. After a sun-bed scare I had to search high and low to find a product which would give me a natural tan that was not orange in colour, while also ensuring that it didnt dry out my skin! I was so happy when a friend recommended i visit feelunique.com and try out the Dark Tanning Lotion. It smelled fantastic and application was easy as colour could be seen intstantly. The colour developed into a realistic natural dark tan which lasted for about a week and nourished my sensitive skin. The bottle also lasted for quite a while and I have re-purchased the lotion around 5 times now and my expectations are met every time. I would highly recommended Xen-Tan Dark Tanning Lotion! Especially at the bargain price offered by feelunique.com!

Helen, Glasgow

Brilliant product, really impressed with it! I've used all the different tans..Holiday Skin, Piz Buin, St Tropez, Fake Bake etc, and this is by far the best!!! Normally I'd have to use a couple of layers of a product to make sure it was still a good colour once the guide had been washed off, but with Xen-Tan, you only need one coat to be a gorgeous bronzed shade!!

I will never go back to St Tropez or Fake Bake!! This is an amazing product, and well worth buying from feelunique.com - not only a great price, but they even delivered on a bank holiday weekend!!

Cara, North East

Ive used many many different types of fake tan,St Tropez was the best,until i used Xen-Tan dark tanning lotion!it really the best!dont smell goes on easy,drys fast,and the colour u get is like u have been away 4 2 weeks!im so happy i found it and this site! ill be comin back 4 more!!woo hoo!!

Louise, Essex

Best fake tan I have ever tried. Fool proof. I looked awful when I applied it and was convinced I would be patchy from head to toe the next day, but needn't have panicked.It dried very quickly during application and didn't rub off too much on my bed clothes. The next day I had a shower as normal and low and behold, the patchiness was gone and a lovely colour was left underneath. Believe me when I say this is suited to the palest of the pale and fairest of the fair. I am a naturally red headed, cornflake freckled Irish girl. My base colour is not so much golden as blue and even I turned a convincing shade of olive brown. Even my boyfriend commented approvingly, need I say more?

Lisa, Porto

I love it. I received my Xen-Tan today and applied it straight away. The tan is natural, very even and extremely easy to apply. Only downsides I would mention is the smell (I hate coconuts), though once absorbed it smells wonderful on my skin, and that I couldn't wash off the colour from my hands completely. I'm going to use cotton pads to apply from now on, it works great that way. Shortly, though, this tanning lotion is definitely worth the money!

Roosa, Finland

This is the best tanning product on the market at the moment. A real natural tan.I had used the deep bronze b4 which is also gd, but i felt was not dark enough. This lotion is purfect, looks like i've just come bk from holiday, as people keep asking me where i have been away.A difinate must have .

Miss L Ryan, Peterborough

Ive used xen tan since 2007 im fair skinned freckled and its excellent fades evenly lasts ages and smells delicious..not like a wet dog.Ive used some really expensive fake tans an nothing is anywere near as good10 out of 10 for everything.

Joanne Martin, Barrow-In-Furness

WOW this is the best fake tan ever and i have tried alot. At first, i have to admit i was afraid of this product because of the colour of my hands when applying the product, but once i got use to applying the lotion and getting use to how much to use, xen tan defo wins hands down. I have defo recommended to everyone a know and would carry on recommending it to anyone a speak to.

Angela, Ayrshire

WOW WOW WOW. This tanning lotion is honestly amazing. I've never fake tanned beofore so was obviously nervous, but the results have been amazing! The colour blends so easily, and looks fabulous when you wash it off. At first I was a bit worried I might be streaky, but after I had a shower and the base had washed away I looked great! My skin is quite fair, and as I was self tanner virgin I didn't dare use much, I can notice a definate golden tone, but next time I'll be more daring with the colour! The price at feelunique.com is fantastic, so is the service. I'd definately recommend it!

Kat, Yorkshire

Excellent, at first you look like you have had a bit of a roll about in mud, but in the morning you look great...like youve had a 2 week holiday. I love it its never orange and lasts..well worth the spend.

Katerina Andalopoulos, London

This is brill for sensitive skin, no spots ! and does not cling in your pores that many do making you look dirty love it !

Kay Ling, Lowestoft, Suffolk

I've been every shade of orange. I've tried almost all fake tans the market has to offer. Xen-Tan is the real deal. At first, I put it on, liked the smell, (you feel like you could eat it!), and... I was disappointed, no instant glow. Then about 10 minutes later it seemed to happen. The tan when it takes lasts for at least 3 days and looks like a real and 'heathly glow' suntan. No ruined pillows and very little residue on white collars.
This is a dream for me. Get it on!

Peter, Sydney/London

I orderd Xen-Tan after reading the reviews about it from other customers. I got it yesterday and was eager to try it! I am really stunned by the result! It dried fast,smells good and I saw a change in color almost right away! :) today when I got up from bed I have a rich sun tan, it looks like I have been abroad.

The best tanning lotion ever I also have to say! Buy it - you wont be disapointed I promise.


susan, malm,sweden

OMG... I cant actually believe how amazing this tanning product really is! It smells gorgeous and has an amazing texture that glides over the skin! Never since using this new technology have I had any strikes, its unbelivable! Its a must have and reasonably priced aswell! If I must say one negative about xen-Tan, it would be that the smell when its starts to develop does tend to have a slight false tan smell but once developed it goes away like magic...woohoo!!!

Mercedes, Manchester

Best fake tan i have ever used and i have tried nearly every kind there is cheap and expensive. Smells like marzipan and goes on so easy and give you an amazing colour. better than fake bake or st tropez for sure. Even better when you can get it cheaper with delivery included with feel unique....ordered xen tan about 6 times off this site...its brilliant

Katie, Glasgow

This is the best self tan ever ,definately beats the rest hands down .
I have been a make-up artist for over 16 years and this product outshines them all. I have made up models and celebs and I always recommend this product after all the compliments I get about my amazing tan.
I think the St.Tropez sales have gone down a bit now because of me - LOL!

Jimmy Holt, London

XEN-TAN is a wonderful product made by perfectionists, to be used and appreciated by the connoisseur. As an ex model I have used many fake tan products over the years in many different countries, but XEN-TAN is the best of them all, it looks so natural and leave the skin feeling fantastic. No more horrid smell that last for hours like other products, just a very pleasant fesh frangrance, no more ''orange/yellow'' shade , no more streaks , just a beautiful natural very deep glowing tan that once dried does not stain clothes even when you perspire and last twice as long as others. Thanks a lot XEN-TAN count me as one of your biggest fans.

Christine Dyson, Sheffield

I'm a newbie to all the tanning products and to buying online. I've always been scared off messing up my tan and being orange! This product is so easy to use the results are proffessional and you can't go wrong!! This site has put me at ease about buying online and i've recommended it to everyone i know!!

Keeley Savage, Colne

Hi, I would just like to tell you how good this product is. I have tried all the ranges and also paid for spray tans and this one tops them all. As an Image Therapist I have to reccomend products to my clients and this is now the only one I choose to use. It suits all ages, male and female and all skin types. A truely wonderful product.

Ingrid Glover, Nottingham

First of all i can't believe how quickly the product arrived only 2 days after i placed my order. - I thought i would try this tan as a change to st tropez and i must say i was very impressed. The smell is gorgeous and the colour is a deep olive tone. I found that it stayed on for a lot longer compared to other brands. This is definetly the tan i will continue to use.

Kate, Somerset

First of all cant believe i've only just found this site, how fantastic...Ive been using false tan for years Xen tan is by far the best product I have ever used - smells fab and is so easy to put on need I say more...Try it you wont be disappointed.

dinah harris, neston

This product is a must ! No streaking, no smell, you can even put it on the day you are going out as it's guaranteed not to smell (tried and tested!) Even my friend's Mum bought it after seeing it on me and she doesn't do fake tan and it went on a treat even for an oldie ! CCX

CCX, Stirling

This is one of the best fake tans I've used giving a natural looking tan & gorgeous smell!! feelunique.com has it at the cheapest price & with free & fast delivery it's well worth ordering to have a healthy golden glow for Christmas!

Caroline Tierney, Glasgow

You dont know fake tan untill you have tried this - its a gorgeous colour steak free doesnt smell - its the best!!

I dont know what i would do without it .. it beats sunbeds!!

And its well worth the price!!

Louise, Glasgow

Best fake fan I have ever used (and I am a connoisseur, believe me.) This product smells divine, has a beautifully smooth consistency, is easy to apply - and the results are outstanding. Beats St Tropez and Fake Bake HANDS DOWN.

Best tan. Ever.

Lou, Chapman

just tried xen fake tan,and it's the best I ever used,and I have used them all,st tropez,fake bake gold,you name it I have tried it,and this is by far the best,a great smell,and goes on so easy.I would recommend everyone to try it,because you will love it and look like you have Been aboard for two weeks.it's a must have,I shall be stocking up and with free delivery it makes it even better.A number one product!.try it you won't regret it.

Kerry, Sheffield

This is a fabulous buy, the best fake tan ever!!! I tried this product through hearing the great reviews about it in all my fave mags and i am hooked. I was scared to put it on at first as it looks dark but I just put my gloves on and rubbed it in, it went on perfect and evenly. The next day I woke up to a lovely smell and a dark natural looking tan, the best thing is it doesnt go orange like normal tans it goes a lovely olive colour as described. I would reccommend every woman to try this product its fantastic and lasts for a quite a while.

Louise martin, liverpool

Love this product best fake tan ive used by far and ive used them all lol i have very pale skin bing a natural redhead and found that lots of fake tans ive use like 2 try and match the colour of my hair (orange)lol ive used fake bake st tropez dove l'oreal so many 2 name and never found better results than the xen-tan at first is comes out like a sun burnt colour which shocked me at first but when i woke up the next day i was a bronze godness (well i wish i was a goodness lol) but i was defo bronze such a beautiful colour so natural results i would never get naturally and always wanted 2 have so happy oh and the smell is 2 die 4 b careful not 2 eat it lol and u DONT get that horrible chemical smell when u get hot either really isnt a good look when ur on the town lol so i would defo say 2 any1 2 use xen-tan and defo use feel unique its fast delivery and cheapest place ive found this product good value 4 money i will continue using them.

Laura, Wiltshire

A friend recommended xen tan lotion to me some months ago,and i was really amazed how this product worked, I have always used self tanning products in the past but nothing comes close to xen tan what a fantastic product, colour was excellent, easy to apply,everyone I see asks if I have just been on holiday, have recommended to all my clients, brilliant product thanks

Gina Ferryman, Essex

Xen Tan products are by far the best self tanning products out there. I have been fake tanning for years now and have tried them all. This one is easy to apply, smells good enough to eat and the result is amazing every time. Most of the other self tans settle in the pores, making you look like you've got black heads, but this one does not. And this site is the cheapest, has free postage and is quick to deliver. I'm a huge fan and I'm hooked.

Simone Knurbin, Swansea, Wales

I have used St Tropez and Fakebake for years, as they have always given the best, and most natural results for me.
I saw Xen-Tan advertised and thought I'd give it a try. It's excellent! The deep colour, the pleasant smell, and best of all, it's quicker to apply than any other tan! I have recommended Feelunique to friends and family. Fast delivery, and super prices! Thank you

Sarah L, Belfast

This is not just a tanning product its a life saver!!! the colour is superb and the ease of application makes it the best ever.

Carolyn jones, Denbighshire

This product is Fantastic! I am so impatient when it comes to rubbing in tans, waiting for it to dry before dressing and then waiting for a result, so this has really worked for me.
You can see a colour almost immediately and then over the space of an hour or so, it has turned into a really nice natural, rich, holiday looking tan - all from a 15-minute rub in.
I couldn't believe it, it looks brilliant and is very moisturising.
My boyfriend thought i had been out in the sun all day while he'd been working.
One word.....AWESOME!

M Williams, Surrey

WOW! I have used fake tan for nearly 20 years and they have progressed so much! This was amazing quality, dried easy, streak free, smelt good on application and was very easy to apply. I did face first and was a bit scared when I put it on, but next morning the guide colour washed of and it looked like I'd been away! Fab product 9.5 out of 10!

Sharon, Cheshire

I started using Xen-Tan four months ago and I will never go back to using anything else. It is amazing, the colour it leaves is unbelievable. I go through a bottle a month and it is worth every penny! It leaves me with a great smooth tan there are no patchy places and the smell is gorgeous! I can get it on my back evenly!! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who is in doubt about trying it.

Lauren Riley, Manchester

This is by far the best fake tan i have ever used and i have used a lot of different ones. i am fair skinned blonde with freckles and its 10 out of 10. although it does appear streaky when applied it washes off and leaves a beautiful tan. it has a mouthwatering smell of marzipan and does not leave you smelling like a dog bed or boiled spuds like a lot of other brands do EXCELLENT PRICE TOO.

Joanne Martin, Barrow-in-Furness

WOW! I have avoided fake tanners after the dreaded streaky legs and orange palms experiences im sure we all have had at some point, but saw the reviews for this and bought some. I applied it and saw the effects straight away but the colour after it developed was brilliant, i looked like i had been abroad for two weeks!!Lovely deep tan that lasted and i will never use any other tanner apart from this again. I had always used sunbeds instead of fake tanners but i am now converted and obviously will avoid the wrinkles and aged skin constant sunbeds give you! Thank you Xen Tan.

lee-anna daly, Falkirk Scotland

I have used St Tropez, Fake Bake and other fake tans for ages. I'm a real believer in safe tanning = self tanning!!! I tried Xen-Tan after reading a few reviews and i thought why not?! Xen-Tan is brilliant, it smells good enough to eat, the colour goes on and makes you look like you've had a fortnight away and it blends effortlessly. Its by far the best i've used and is perfect for applying in a hurry if you have a last minute night out (i wouldn't use if raining in case the indicator colour runs) and in 2 hours you have a deep tan, i apply at night after bathing and exfoliating and leave on overnight, its wonderful i will definitely buy again and again!!!

Louise, Wakefield

this is the best fake tan i have ever used. i've previously tried fake bake & st tropez and this is definitely the best. its AMAZING!

i didnt think any fake tan could be streak-free but this one is! it also smells lovely and is a great colour, it looks so natural! its definitely worth the money.

feelunique is also the best place to buy it! the delivery was very fast - only 4 days. and its the cheapest i can find it anywhere.

i'll be a lifetime customer :)

Kathryn, Yorkshire

This stuff is amazing! I was depbating whether to get it or not for about a month as i've tried so many fake tans and wasn't sure whether this would work. But i applied it and it really does look natural! Doesn't streak, doesn't stain clothes, smells great and is so easy to apply! You can use it on your face too! Definetely going to buy some more bottles and stock up on this stuff! Feel Unique was a great website to use too i'll be purchasing more from them in the future.

Erica, Berkshire

this product does exactly what it promises. No orange colour. No streaks. No unnatural tones. It looks a little like chocolate body paint (or gravy browning) to apply. The indicator washes off in the bath or shower, but the end result is fantastic. I have very english skin. Very fair and easily burned. This is the most natural tan I have found so far. for best results. exfoliate, moisturise and then an hour later apply the tan. Let it develop overnight and you will have the best tan you have ever had!!! If you want a deeper colour, then apply the next night or let it appear over the next day and re apply the night after. I have never found a better fake tan. It truly does what it says it does. For those who have said it washes off in the shower or bath, either you are looking at the residue from the initial tan or you didn't leave it on long enough. be patient. It is SO worth it.

Liz, Telford

I am very pale and tried every possible fake tan on the market as 15 sessions on the sunbed resulted in an itchy rash and no tan! Xen tan is the best thing i have ever tried - gorgeous smell, no streaks, even wearing and sensational natural looking tan. I look healthy and like i have had a week away in the sun! To anyone thinking about trying this --- don't think just buy! You will never go back to anything else. I will be a lifetime customer and will recommend it to everyone. karin x

Karin, Scotland

I purchased the xen-tan dark tanning lotion and I have to say it is fantastic! The colour that you get is really olivey-brown rather than orange and the colour is also very even - no patches whatsoever!. I have used other products but this stuff is the best I've used.

Vikki Henderson, Brigg, North Lincolnshire

I started using this a while ago through reading about it in a magazine, bought it lots of times now from this website and absolutely love it, always wearing it on nights out and get compliments on what a lovely tan i have!! 10/10

Rhona, Scotland

I`ve used st tropez for ages and wanted to try something else, and i love!!!! Xen-tan. There is a strong marzipan smell when its in the bottle, but there was no smell whatsoever when it was on the skin! The colour is amazing it absorbs onto your skin so easily and dries in seconds and my skin was left really soft and the colour doesn't go funny either after a few days like st tropez- highly recomend.

Jessica, Manchester

I can't believe just how easy this product is to apply. You really don't have to be too careful there are absolutely no streaks-ever. Great service and speedy delivery from Feel Unique. They're always first on my list from now on when looking for beauty products.

Melissa Ford, North Wales

I complimented my friend on how lovely her tan was and she let me in to her secret. She said she used Xen Tan and gave me the website for free delivery. I always used sunbeds and stopped about 6 months ago because of all the skin cancer scares you hear about, I used Xen Tan and can't believe the outcome, oh my god, cheers to my friend for the recommendation, I feel so confident and everybody asks where i have been on vacation.

Julie Smith, Liverpool

This is the best self tan product I have ever used - much better than St Tropez. It gives a very realistic tan which with one application with not orange hue in sight! I would definitely recommend this product, even to a novice self-tanner!

Tracy, Belfast

I am a tan addict! I have used every tanning product you could possibly think of from mousses to sprays to creams and found Xen-Tan absolutely fantastic. Beautiful smell, dries in seconds, streak free and you look and feel amazing. Huge thanks to my sister who recommended this product. Wouldn't be without it!

Laura Rosam, Poole, Dorset

This is a great product. Take it from someone who is not confident in the use of fake tanning products. I have tried many products and they all seem to go streaky or look orange, meaning I would always just go back to the sunbed because it seemed the easier option. Since purchasing Xen tan I haven't been near a sunbed in 3 months which is a major acheivement for me and everyone is commenting on what a nice tan I have, so that tells you how natural it looks. I wouldn't buy anything else now and my local tanning salon will have taken a definate dip in profit.

Vicki Paterson, Argyll and Bute

I found out about Xen-Tan through More magazine so when I searched the web about it I came across this website. The tan is absolutley fabulous, better than Fake Bake and St Tropez. No streaks, natural colour and smells so nice even my boyfriend doesn't mind now when I do my tan! And to be able to buy it cheaply and to get it delivered for free from Feel Unique is an added bonus!

Sarah, Edinburgh

I first saw Xen-Tan on a shopping channel, it sounded too good to be true. I decided to order the dark tanning lotion from Feel Unique. What can I say it is fantastic! Tried St Rropez, Fake Bake etc etc, it beats them all. Fantastic natural colour, smells gorgeous and blends so easy. Would recommend.

Lisa, Sheffield

Excellent product! Best fake tan I have used and I have tried the lot! Much better than Fake Bake and St Tropez. Natural, streak-free colour, doesn't dry the skin and smells great - no usual "fake tan" smell. Love this website - prices are great and delivery is so quick! Thanks Feel Unique!!

Susie, England

Amazing. I was a big fan of Fake Bake but after reading the reviews I thought I'd give this a try. It's well worth the money, the colour is so natural, its easy to apply, it smells delicious and best of all you only need a small amount to do your full body. I bought mine about 2 months ago and use at least once a week and I still have loads left - probably enough for another 2 months. Best fake tan product and fab website with free delivery its hard to beat!!!

Jenny, Manchester

Fantastic product, gives a great looking tan which looks natural and smells great too. It is the best self tan I have ever used, much better than St Tropez. Fantastic price and free delivery from Feel Unique I will definately be using them again especially for this product. Thank you.

Penelope, Darlington

What a fantastic product!!! I had read about Xen-Tan in Look magazine and thought I would give it a try, as I was fed up with that "orange" glow!! I had a baby in Jan and thought it was about time I perked myself up and looked half human again.... Xen-Tan certainly did the trick. As one other lady said, you look slightly sunburnt for an hour or two which looks natural and then a beautiful dark tan appears. I feel like the "old" me again and its great. Thanks. Donna xx Oh and I will be using your site again, excellent service and free delivery!

Donna Boardman, Wrea Green, Preston