Uniq ONE All in One Hair Treatment 150ml

Uniq ONE

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Product Information

Uniq ONE All in One Hair Treatment provides you with 10 real hair benefits that will enhance a sublime, stunning, healthy and protected hair. Trying is believing...

10 real effects:
1. Repair for dry and damaged hair.
2. Shine and frizz control.
3. Heat protection.
4. Silkiness and smoothness.
5. Hair colour protection/with UVA and UVB filters.
6. Easier brushing and ironing.
7. Incredible detangling.
8. Long-lasting hairstyle.
9. Split ends prevention.
10. Adds body.

Uniq ONE All in One Hair Treatment is the ONE solution you have always dreamed of.

Spay over damp hair. Do not rinse.
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this is a brilliant product and really does everything it says on it!!!!

caroline, ireland

Perfect!! I've used this the last time I went to see my hair-styler, and just love it!!!!! Makes my hair soft and wonderful!!!

Marcela, Brasil

Best hair product ever! It nourishes and protects the hair, leaving it soft and full of body.

Maja, Macedonia

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Eu usei pela primeira vez no salão que frequento e a-mei!!! Ele é muuuuito, muuuito bom, deixou meu cabelo impecável até depois que lavei! É um tratamento hiper eficaz!

Marcela, Brasil

My HG product for hair. Leaves hair smooth, shiny and well cared. The smell of this is amazing!

Marina, Croatia

It makes my hair easy to brush, shiny, soft and it's really cheap considering all the effects. I wouldn't call it a miracle product though, but i really like it!

Amanda, Sweden

I love this product, it's perfect! Really can do 10 miracles in your hair, I recomend to everyone

Isabelle, Brazil

é muito bom para ajudar a desembaraçar o cabelo e deixa muito macio e brilhante! ótimo para recuperar dos danos pós quimica, recoendo muito!

Júlia, Brazil

It's such a good product! i've been recommended it so many times and it is so good for your hair

alexia, Cyprus

i love this product so much! helps my hair and smells amazing! recommend this

paige, england

Melhor Leave in da vida !

daniele, Brasil

Loved this product! Leaves hair super hydrated with sealed ends, untangled and with a delicious scent. Worth it!

Marina, Brasil

I received a sample of this product and after using on my daughter's hair i can say that it's really GOOD. She has afro-curly hair and the detangling was easier than usual plus it Leaves the hair soft and silky. Thanks Rhys for the sample!!

Luigi, Italy

Maravilhoso,um cheirinho bom, o cabelo fica com muito brilho e bem macio,espetacular!

Danielle, Brasil

Ameiii esse produto! É bem leve e deixou meus cachos mais soltinhos! In love!!!

Carol, Brazil

Отличный продукт для волос, испорченных химической завивкой. Волосы становятся шелковистыми, хорошо укладываются, послушные и блестящие. Очень понравился этот бальзам!

Gorte, Россия

This is a wonderful product, has a delicious smell, leaves hair smooth and mild with a volume type femme fatale and is on my list of favourite!

Scheila, Brasil

This product is amazing. I love it and my hair too!!! You will love it too!!!

Lili, Brazil

The best hair product I've ever tried!!

Naama, Israel

Perfeito!!! Amei e já tô completando o tratamento com o cleansing balm. Esta linha é simplesmente demais!!!

Adrise, Brasil

Recebi o produto e achei maravilhoso! Vale muito a pena a compra!

Eliane, Brazil

O produto é simplesmente maravilhoso, faz o que promete e ainda tem um aroma incrível. Já comprei 2 frascos e tenho mais 2 a caminho.

Jennifer, Brasil

O Uniq one salvou meus cabelos. Agora eles estão saudáveis e nutridos!

Karina, Brasil

amo esse produto porque ele cumpre o que diz, e deixa meus cabelos lindos!!!! adoooroooooo.

renata, Brasil

I can say that the ten benefits materialized in my hair. Approved with honors, was long a leave in that way I do not conquered. Suffice to say that for special occasions I always wear it. Who will buy love.

Georgia, Brazil

A friend of mine gave me one sample of the uniq one... Simply great!
I can't live without it!
I have brown hair, a little curvy... And recently I started to tinted it to blond! This product gave back the shine it was before....and the smell is delicious!

Mariana, Brazil

I'm just completely in love with this product.
It's smells so good. My hair has become stronger and reduced frizz!
It's very easy to brush my hair now after using this product.
Its an amazing and wonderful product. I recommend 'UNIQ ONE'.

sthefani, Brasil

Amo este produto

fabiana, Brasil

Uau!! Ameiiiii, Este produto é um máximo!! Derrete quando passa no cabelo!!

Andressa, Brasil

I love this product, the scent is amazing and leaves your hair so smooth, shiny and tangle-free! I love that you don't have to use a million products to achieve a great result.

Gabriela, United Kingdom

Got this leave in treatment and a free unexpected sample of the cleansing balm, after just two uses I can see all the benefits and will definitely be buying more of the balm. My hair feels soft, shiny and managble, like I've just walked out the salon! I have shoulder length hair that I have dyed regularly and I'm trying to grow it out, really hoping these products will help me achieve beautiful hair along the way.

Erica, Australia

Love this product! It's the best treatment .

Viktorija, Lithuania


Elaine Ribas, Brazil

Very, very good, excellent product! Love it very much!

Susan, Brazil

Really good product, fulfills what it promises! The smell is very very good! I love it!

Amanda Linhares, Brazil

O cheiro é muito bom. Eu uso antes de usar o secador de cabelo. Deixa o cabelo macio, leve, brilhante, cheirando bem. Estou amando!

Carolina, Brasil

I love this product! As a kid I had naturally curly hair, which turned to frizz as a teenager. So over the years I tried many different anti frizz/heat protecting/damage defence/weather proofing sprays/gels/balms, the list went on. I went to my hairdressers and she used this product on me, I immediately loved the smell, my hair was glossy and even though it was damp outside my hair didn't frizz up. I bought it and I use it every time I wash my hair, I've noticed over the months that I don't get as many split ends as I used to and I can go a little longer between trims. The biggest thing for me though is the weather, I love that my hair doesn't explode with the slightest bit of moisture in the air!

Becky Molloy, England

After using this treatment, the hair feels very silky, shiny and really soft!!


I have long blonde natural curly hair, I just love this product, I have got spares in case I run out. It's the best thing I've ever put on my hair. It makes it glossy tangle free and the curls are quenched... It smells heavenly too x

S Buckingham, North Devon

My hair is so tangled after washing and to brush it before drying takes an age. With just a couple of sprays of this product the tangles just brush right out in seconds, saving me so much time when getting ready. I couldn't be without it now!! I even take it to the hairdressers to make their job easier and they love it too. It's my most beloved hair product!!

Lauren, Devon

I got a sample of this and after using only once, I could see and feel the difference! I have naturally straight hair but usually need to blow dry and then straighten to get rid of frizz, but after using this product, my hair was smooth and straight after rough drying!! Feels super soft and smells so yummy! Definitely one of the best hair products out!

Nicole, London

I just tried this product, and I'm truly in awe! Finally à product that actually delivers what it claims to!!! I'm hooked!!!

Camilla, Gnesta, Sweden

That smell of being sexy is exactly what this product gives. It's like that woman who walks past leaving a nice smell and yummy smell of being a woman! This is what you need to feel amazing!! I love it and it has changed my life for the better! xoxo

Noar, Hounslow

This product is amazing! Leaves hair so soft, smooth and shiny. Love it! :-)

Edyta, Dublin