Thalgo Ocea Draine 10 Day Detox Programme 10 Vials


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This 10 day detox programme helps to purify and prepare the body before a slimming programme and acts as a refining booster.

- Horeseradish - Helps eliminate water retention
- Artichoke - Rich in flavenoids, purifies and is an important anti-oxidant
- Fennel - Assists in good digestion
- Fucus algae - Rich in fibre, good for intestinal transit

In the morning dilute 1 vial in a glass of water or fruit juice. Take daily for 10 days. Avoid alcohol, tobacco and caffeine. Take at each seasonal change, before starting a refining diet, or after over-indulgence.

Ingredients: Fennel, Black Winter Radish, Artichoke, Fucus.
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I found it very easy to take since it has a very pleasant orange taste and smell and it is sanitary kept in separate glass vials. I am very pleased since during the 10-day period (and after that also) i felt significantly lighter, healthier and full of energy. (I took it every morning with half a glass of water after waking up). I highly recommend this - i would also suggest cutting caffeine, alcohol and unhealthy foods completely in order to maximize results. A 10/10 rating treatment from me!

Andry, Nicosia, Cyprus

I've bought this after 6 months of medical treatment which made me feel quite bad afterwards. I was really tired, bloated, constipated..etc. So I thought my body needed a helping hand with this one. And I think that Thalgo detox programme does exactly what it says. I definitely felt better after finishing it and I even shed a few pounds so....I would recomend it to anyone.

Jessica, Essex