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Harper's Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 2012 – Best Hair Essential: "Once you've used this, there is no going back. Though not much to look at, this mini brush sorts out snagged, knotted hair in seconds. You won't find a top-name salon now that doesn't use it."

With high gloss finish.

A new generation of hairbrush that brings the salon backwash into your bathroom. Fits snugly into your palm, and delivers good hair karma in minutes!

Tangle Teezer Original Professional Detangling Hairbrush is loved by hairdressers and used in professional hair salons. It's a super smooth operator that works the minute hair is lathered and rinsed. Glides through wet, vulnerable and colour treated hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking. Hair peace at last!

- Ideal for all hair types.
- Gentle, effortless detangling for both wet and dry hair.
- Increases shine noticeably.

Do not use Tangle Teezer Original Professional Detangling Hairbrush with heat.

Shaun P is a celebrity hair colourist with over 25 years of experience, who knows and understands your hair... "Correct tools and products are paramount for achieving and maintaining beautiful hair. Tangle Teezer goes way beyond just detangling hair. It helps make your whole hair care regime quicker, which in turn makes your life easier."
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This brush is amazing!!i have very long hair and this helps me de-tangle them so fast!! Highly recommend!!

Athena, Cyprus

Usually when I get out the shower I spend at least half an hour brushing all my matted dreadlock-like hair. And by the end, a lot of my hair is in the hair brush. The TangleTeezer is amazing!! Goes through your hair quickly and easily. As my hair is really frizzy and knotty naturally it does snag a tiny bit but doesn't damage hair. Best hair product around!

Lydia, UK

This is worth the hype! Especially if you have long hair that tangles and knots easily, you need this brush. It also only takes me 5 minutes (opposed to 15 with another brush) to brush my hair after taking a shower. It just glides through your hair and doesn't pull it.

Beatrijs, Belgium

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This is my second Tangle Teezer, my first one lasted two years before the bristles started to break and I knew I couldn't go back to a normal brush so I repurchased this one. If you have knotty or thick hair, you won't be disappointed!

Becky, England

Cette brosse est géniale ! Elle démêle très bien les cheveux sans tirer, les rend les doux, aspect plus soyeux ! Bonne prise en main et la couleur est très jolie sa donne envie de l'utiliser.

Christelle, France

This is so good, made brushing my hair so much easier and so much more comfortable than a normal brush. It's worth paying a little extra for a hairbrush like this. It doesn't tug and leaves you with less split ends. So ridiculously much better than other brushes.

Eva, Scotland

I love it! So easy to use. Very, very effective!

Mariana, Brasil

I bought this a while ago. Still loving it and i had to get the pink one, of course. My hair is thick and gets very tangled i find this brush is a miracle worker for my hair. I cannot go a day without this because i love it so much. Its 100 percent worth the price and makes brushing my hair and getting out my tangles so much easier. You need this. Highly recommend

rachel, united kingdom

This brush is best that I had. All the rest sit on the shelf now. Breaks and not pulling hair. On the brush remains much less hair. It is easy to wash.

Zhanna, Russia

I have highlighted hair and it gets so tangled every time I wash it, it makes me wanna cry. My life has changed after purchasing this brush, it makes such a huge difference.

Ana, Brazil

This is the only brush i use on my hair now. Its just as good for combing your hair when its wet, no pulling or breaking to brushin whilst dry. I use this brush for my extensions and it makes my own hair blend in with the extensions. It leaves my hair tangle free without any pulling. Honestly once you use this you wont want to use a different brush.

Paula, england

This is the best brush I have ever owned and one that the entire family can use. I have long thick hair and it does not pull or damage it when wet or dry.

Noor, Saudi Arabi

The brush totally changed my hair! I have very thick hair and lots of it, so it used to be really hard to detangle it, but with this hairbrush it is just so easy. I love it!

Madalena, Portugal

It's a really good brush ! It's very very gentle and doesn't pull out your hair. I definitely recommend this brush!

Laura, France

My hair is long and since it's dry on the ends it is very difficult to detangle it, but this glides through it as a dream! I totally recommend it

Lorena F., Spain

This brush is amazing so gentle with the hair. Since I started use it my hair is less damaged. Good job

Patrícia Silva, Portugal

It is very gentle on my long tangled hair


A great hairbrush - at last, no pain when using on wet or dry hair BUT as my hair very long (knee length) and thick I would prefer to have the same brush, but with a handle. It's brilliant when my hair is being brushed by someone else, but I can't use it on my own hair, which is a shame.

Sharon, UK

I am so happy to forget how terrible my hair-life was before purchasing this little hero. This brush really detangles my hair, gives it shine and no more tears. Perfect brush for all of the hair-care addicts who are always worried that they are not giving their hair enough love.

Nina, Belgium

Great hairbrush! At last I can brush my wet hair and apply masks before shampoo with the help of Tangle teezer! Enjoy it!

Sona, Kazakhstan

I have really thick, long hair which is just a pain to brush or comb but the tangle teezer doesn't pull on your hair, it is amazing and leaves your hair looking great.
I couldn't live without one now that I have one and it is definitely worth the hype!

India Wood, United Kingdom

Good comb, not pulling out hair. Very nice on the scalp.

Ирина, Russia