TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curl Collection Curls Rock Amplifier 150ml

TIGI Catwalk

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To Define and Separate.

Enhance your natural texture, give hold and control for defined curls and streamlined waves. Essential oils combined with thermal and environmental protectants nurture curls for a touchable radiant finish.

Use alone for precise control or amplify with the defining serums for feather light hold and waves. Use on dry ends to defrizz unruly curls or waves.
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Ce produit m'a réconcilié avec mes boucles. Même sans sèche cheveux, il redéfinie/amplifie les boucles sans effet carton une fois qu'on maîtrise le dosage. Il suffit de très peu de produit, donc ne vous arrêtez pas sur le prix, c'est un véritable investissement. Un MUST HAVE pour les filles bouclées. Je l'aime d'amour=

Kara, France

Le produit parfait pour des boucles définies après le passage du sèche-cheveux!

Emilie, France

Meu cabelo nunca mais foi o mesmo depois deste produto pois ele fica com os cachos definidos, volume controlado e sem frizz além de ser econômico pois um pouco já faz grande efeito e meus cachos ficam no lugar até a próxima lavagem, resumindo não vivo mais sem.

Priscila, Brasil

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Me encanta este producto; define los rizos,no los acartona, el pelo brilla y huele muy bien. Recomendado!

Leticia, España

É simplesmente maravilhoso, o melhor produto que já usei! Os cachos ficam lindos o dia inteiro.

Danielle, Brasil

Best styling product ever! The curls last longer than usual and are more defined. Love it!

Lorena, Brasil

I have tried a LOT of scrunching products for curly hair and this is the best! I was heartbroken when they discontinued my previous favourite but I think this is even better and it's massively cheaper. My hair is thick and long but I only have a tiny amount. It doesn't make my hair crispy or crunchy (as long as you don't use too much). My hairdresser told me that the best products for curly hair are the ones that start off as a cream but if you rub them between your fingers they go waxy and that's what this one does. Truly amazing!

Hannah, United Kingdom

I have corkscrew curly hair and I live in a tropical city, so my hair is always frizzy. I was searching for a product that could keep my hair “well-behaved” and I found it! This "curls rock amplifier" is a miracle!!!! It really leaves my curly hair beautiful and frizz-free!!

Fernanda, Brazil

Really nice product! I liked because is possible to define the curls without using a hair dryer and also notice became that my hair became more shiny and hydrated. I recommend!


I have naturally curly hair which is quite frizzy
I find mixing the curls rock amplifier with a little of the curls rock serum makes my hair lovely & curly. The serum takes away the crispiness that you often get with just the amplifier
People always say how nice my hair looks
I keep trying other products but come back to this every time
it is the best I have tried so far - well recomended

janice, new zealand

I love this product!!

Natalia, Brasil

This product did WONDERS for my hair. I can't even explain how happy I am I purchased it! I've struggled with my curls for years, trying to find the solution to tame my crazy curls; straightening, heat stylers, curling mousse, curling gel etc. All the money spent on those things, when all I needed was the Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier! My curls obey this stuff! Ladies, it's definitely worth the price! I won't be changing my hair products for a while after this discovery.

Ruby, Australia

Just love this, but I hate when I have ran out cause my hair is just not the same.


I have been using this product for about a year now and it really does a good job at defining my semi-curly hair without making it look like I have any product in my hair or making it look stringy. I use it on damp almost dry hair and the blow dry it with the help of a diffuser, and it makes my hair look really nice!

Louise, Portugal

Love Curls Curlesque. I've tried various products to style my curls but none had the effect of Tigi Caltwalk. He leaves the gorgeous curls defined and soft. I can not live without it. :)

Kenia Castro, Brazil

Llevo utilizando este producto durante dos años, define super bien los rizos, aportando suavidad y un brillo espectacular. Estoy encantada con él.


This product is absolutely AMAZING, the best product for my curls. Love it!!!

Isabel, Brazil

Catwalk is wonderful! My curls are stunning because of it.

Mara, Brazil

Excelente definidor de cachos, nem precisa de complementos. E em pouquíssima quantidade já faz muita diferença. Recomendo, assim como o shampoo e condicionador da linha. Muito bom!

Gil, Brazil

Excelente finalizador, deve-se usar bem pouco para não ficar duro o cabelo nem pesado. Deixa o cabelo macio e brilhoso, recomendo!

Sandra, Brazil

This is the perfect product for my thick, curly hair. It leaves curls well defined and shiny without drying my hair. I have used this for over 7 years and I swear by it. Simply the best.

Annika, Sweden

A great product for my curly hair. I have used it for at least two years and I am very satisfied. I'm sorry I just found feelunique recently, because buying this product in a store is expensive. Thanks feelunique.

Sónia, Portugal, Lisboa

I just love it!!

Fabiane, Brazil

Um dos melhores produtos para cabelos cacheados!

Jéssica, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Esse produto mudou meus cachos. Não vivo mais sem.

Rita, Brasil



Another awesome product from TIGI. At first I wasnt't sure I liked it, but then I realized that it was all about not using too much of it. Works great together with Foxy Curls Hi-Def Spray!

Gabriel, Belo Horizonte

This is an awesome product that separates your curls and even for use in tropical countries, I love and recommend!!

Gabriela, São Paulo, Brazil

Excelente produto! Meus cachos ficaram definidos e bonitos, embora um pouco pesado. Mas como ainda tenho um resto de progressiva, achei o resultado fantastico!

Tania, Brazil

I love this product, it makes my curls look better then ever!

Sigrun, Elverum

Best style product for curls that I ever used! Gives hold and keeps curls in place! Love it!

Rane, Brazil

I love this product! My curls are shiny and beautiful with this product. It is easily reactivated with water. I will repeat!

Iris, Spain

Superbra till lockarna! Håret glänser av glädje efter behandling. Kommer att återkomma när flaskan är slut.

Eva, Ljungby, Sweden

This product is fantastic, I love it! My hair is wild and unruly and it makes even my hair look fantastic.

Brenda, Northern Ireland

It is THE product for curly hair! There is nothing like it. I have been using it for about five years and cannot live without it.

Silvia, Spain

Amplifier leaves my hair beautiful, healthy and very bright. Catwalk hair!

Patricia, Brasil

This is the product I've been searching for! Particularly effective if you don't towel dry yout hair but use an old cotton t-shirt to gently scrunch excess water out of wet hair then apply the product with wet hands. Would recommend for anyone with unruly, curly hair.

Tara, London

Catwalk Curlesque products provide shine and hydration to your curls.

Marcia, Brazil