TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Serum 250ml

TIGI Bed Head

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Product Information

Serum Frizz Control & Straightener

Fights the frizz and stomps the curl. This light, greaseless and humidity resistant formula delivers a straight-up glossy finish.

- Conditions & moisturises hair
- Seals hair and adds shine
- Acts as a thermal protectant.

Apply evenly to damp hair. Layer with Control Freak Extra Extra straight if you have more resistant curls. Use a round brush or large paddle brush to pull your hair tight while blow-drying for a straight finish or dry as desired for frizz free curls and waves.
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I absolutely love this serum!! It has really tamed my frizzy hair and also helped me straightening! will definitely repurchase

teresa, Italia

I love this product it smells good, it makes my hair shiny without being sticky. I can see the difference from the first using. The price is very reasonable, so i will buy more

Ita, Denmark

Após ler ótimos comentários resolvi comprar esse produto, adoro comprar pela feelunique pois tem excelentes preços e sempre entrega na data certa e muito bem embalado.

Isabela, Brazil

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Really great at straightening hair when blow drying, and helps tame frizz. You also only need a tiny bit and has very small pieces of glitter to make your hair look shiny. However if you put in too much can make your hair a bit crispy, so only put in a little bit at a time!

Alice, United Kingdom

My hairdresser used this on my hair and I loved it so much I bought it. It is non sticky and straighteners just glide through my hair, without losing the volumising elements of the serum. An amazing product and much cheaper from feel unique.

tilly, stockport

I bought this product to fight frizz on both wet and dry hair, and to leave it smoother too. Although I've never been brave enough to use much on dry hair, on wet hair it really stretches out curls and slightly reduces frizz. Also it smells amazing!

Caitlin, Essex

It doesn't defeat the frizz (for me)... but it makes my hair smooth. The straightening and styling are much easier with this gel. Also smells nice, everytime after use, I enjoy my hair smell, over and over :) Delicious!

Terry, Tula, Russia

This has become my hero product. I have very thick, curly hair which has a mind of its own even after stgraightening it. However Control Freak Serum makes it much easier to straighten and it looks and feels so a much sleeker.

Carol, Edinburgh

This really makes hair smooth with a glossy finish!

Heidi, Finland

The serum is fabulous, smooth, glossy, straight hair instantly! Well worth the money.

Leila, Peterborough

I loved this product! Leaves my hair soft and so shiny! And actually reduces frizz.

Sabrina, Brazil

The citrus scent is very nice and the product really makes your hair straight easier and quicker.

Elizabeth, Brazil

I apply this to my hair while it is wet then blow dry. I have thick, wavy hair so need a good blob of it each time but it does the job! It leaves it much straighter and shiny. When using straightners it really does act as a 'buffer' to the hair and the irons glide through quickly and easily and my hair shines even more. This product smells of apples too which is lovely.

Emma, Manchester

This product smells really good (as the rest of the Control Freak range), makes my hair straight and lasts for months! I use this while my hair is still wet and when it dries it is considerably straighter. If you want it even more straight use irons and it's poker straight in no-time.

Sabrina Hammer, Norway

Amazing product, it smells luscious and is a great serum for drying your hair straight. The shine it leaves on your hair is amazing and the bottle lasts for months as you only need a small amount each time you dry your hair. I bought it prevoiusly in the salon but im going to be getting it through Feel Unique from now on. Well worth every penny.

Lee-Anna Daly, Falkirk, Scotland