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TIGI Bed Head

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Product Information

Smoothing Cream for Silky, Shiny, Healthy Looking Hair

Controls funky fly-aways to silk-ify hair. The perfect party favour for our frizz prone friends.

- Lightweight
- Smooth, soft finish
- Enhances shine, provides gloss.

Work a dime-size amount between palms of hands and smooth onto dry hair.
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Muito bom!! Recomendo! Uso a um tempo e sempre funciona!!

Letícia, Brasil

Excelente produto! Tenho cabelos bem fininhos e amei o resultado!

Janaína, Brasil

Amei o produto ,a embalagem é linda e deixa o cabelo macio ,brilhoso e ao mesmo tempo cheira muito bom indico para todo mundo!!!

Vania, Alemanha

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I really enjoyed it. It has a nice smell and the texture is consistant, but it doesn't weight-down my hair. I love my purchase, and I liked very much that it came in only 11 days!

Daniela, Brasil

Great for adding shine to your hair, and smells great.

Courtney, UK

Great product! Lovely smell!

Larissa, Brazil

Esse leave in é MARAVILHOSO! Já é a segunda vez que compro...
Ele deixa o cabelo super macio e cheiroso.
Tira aquele cheirinho desagradável após a balada.
E, funciona também como modelador.

Tem mil e uma utilidades!

Daniela, Brazil

This is awesome! My hair gets silky smooth, with a healthy shine to it, and the smell is amazing! Love it!

Maylen H, Norway

Produto maravilhoso!! Deixa o cabelo muito cheiroso e hidratado... Apesar da demora que leva para o produto chegar até minha casa, assim mesmo vale a pena comprar sempre nesse site. Obrigado ao site feelunique, tá de parabéns!!

sandra oliveira, Fortaleza-CE Brasil

Love it! It does everything it promises. I carry it with me on my purse everywere I go. Only one pump is enough to put down the frizz and make my hair shiny and defined. In rainy days it's the only thing that can save my hair!

Elena, Brazil

Esse produto é ótimo, o cheiro e maravilhoso e deixa qualquer cabelo incrível!

Giulia, Brazil

Tem um cheiro ótimo e recupera qualquer cabelo!

Giulia, Brazil

This smoothing cream smells wonderful and really helps with frizzy hair! Love it!

Louise, Portugal

Esse produto é fantástico... Deixa um cheiro maravilhoso no cabelo e super hidratado.

Valéria, Brazil

Apesar de ser indicado para tirar o cheiro depois de uma festa, acho que ele faz muito mais que isso. Uso todos os dias um bocadinho nas pontas e elas mantem-se hidratadas, muito bom!
O cheiro mantêm-se o dia todo.

Andreia, Portugal

Produto com cheiro maravilhoso, ajuda a diminuir o frizz e não deixa o cabelo oleoso.

Elizângela, São Paulo - Brasil

I loved this product! It's simply perfect!

Dayanne Aires Ribeiro Martins, Novo Gama

The smell is wonderful!!

Marielle, Brazil

It smells really good, and it doesn't make oily hair look greasy.

Fernanda, Brazil

E lindo cheiroso e é o toque feminino que precisamos no nosso armário...amo muito!!!

MARA, Guarapari

Every woman should have one of these. It smells great and it actually DOES what it promises.

Lize, Brasília

This product is excellent, it helps control frizz and is very lightweight, it also smells great!!

Patricia, Londonderry

Wonderfull product! It leaves my hair smelling so good and very soft... feelunique’s price is great. Love it.

Ana, Brazil

It's perfect for all bad hair days. If you use after a party (this is what the name says) your hair will be shinny, smells great and will be like healthy!!! I love!!!

Cibeli, Brasil

I love this product! You must have to buy it! I use after blow dry... the hair gets soft, smooth, smells so good that I feel like I just left the hairdressers! It takes off the heavy sensation of my hair too ...buy without fear, its excellent!


This is an exellent way to get your hair a silky touch after you have straighten your hair. I use just a little bit in my hands and take it on my split ends, and they dont look like split any more. and gives alot of shine. Perfect for my dry hair

Mari, Norway

The smell have the amazing power to make me happier! And it is able to leave my hair shining! A must buy for every girl!

Cristina, Chen

If I could only take one item to a desert island it would have to be After Party. Put it on before you blow drow to stop split ends and protect from over heating and also after blow drying for a perfect finish with no sticky out bits...

Lesley, Guildford

This is amazing, it does what it say on the bottle.
My hair usually feels quite dry and brittle, and due to this I forever have bits of hair which just do as they please, which sometimes completely ruin's the look on a big night out. However I've been using this for over 2 years and I don't think I will ever stop using it.
It makes my hair silky soft and gets rid of all they fly away bits of hair, leaving my hair amazingly shiny however unlike quite a few products I've used, it doesn't at all make it greasy.
Amazing product by an amazing brand.

Eilish, Rotherham

This smoothing cream is just simply AMAZING! I smooth it on the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair and it tames my frizz instantly! The smell is a bonus too!

Carmen, London

After Party is perfect! It's extraordinary and has a marvellous fragrance. Best of all, it deals with frizz. Absolutely amazing!

Rejane, Betim

Amazing! Another way of using it: apply to wet hair then blow-dry it. Smooth, good smelling hair and no more fly-aways or split ends!

Carol, SP

I've always been sceptical about styling products, because I like my hair to look and feel natural. However, at the same time I wanted something to help my hair keep the same look as when I have just blow-dried it for the rest of the day. This product was recommended to me by my hairdresser and I LOVE IT! It smells fantastic, it gives my colour-treated hair a lovely shine, and takes away the irritating flyways. It makes the hair easy to style the way I want, but at the same time makes it look natural. Does not make the hair greasy or weigh it down in any way. Others recommend it after straightening the hair I see, but it can also be used for 'normal' styling. I have found my product! Also recommend the Shinespray by TIGI!

Grethe, Oslo

Smells gorgeous, smoothes, softens and shines! Love it!

Anastasia, Bulgaria

I just LOVE IT! and feelunique.com offer it at the best price. It's great!

Isabella, Brasil

AMAZING PRODUCT! It smells fab, really! I love After Party because it does what it says on the bottle.

Vanessa, Brazil

This product is great! I use it after I have used the flat iron. It makes my hair shiny, frizz-free and smells great.

Kristin, Norway

This product is great! I use it after I have used the flat iron. It makes my hair shiny, frizz-free and smells great.

Kristin, Norway

I love to use this product after I straighten my hair. It keeps the "fly-away" hairs away. Smells really good too.

Lisa, Gothenburg

I have just received my After Party and it smells so good! Thanks, feelunique.com!

Tamiris, Brazil

This styling product is the best I´ve ever used for straight hair styles. It leaves your hair feeling so natural and soft as if you haven´t got any product in it, but it makes all the difference to flyaway, frizzed up hair. I also find it protects my hair from straightener damage. Love it!

Lauren Francis, Geisenfeld

After Party is amazing for smoothing down flyaway hairs, it also has a slight sheen to instantly wake up your hair and get it ready for a ngiht out, even if you don't have time to do anything else to it.

You only need to use a very small amount even on long hair so the bottle lasts for ages, and you never have trouble getting the last of the product out of the tube like you do with some products as it's designed to let you get every last bit of product out.

Another fantastic product from Tigi!

Claire, Harpenden

I had always found serum products made my hair really greasy, I was recommended this and I never go without it now. It's great for getting rid of those annoying fly aways, but also makes your hair feel really soft. It smells great too!

Sarah G, Hampshire

After Party stops all bad hair days- it smells fab and gets rid of all the 'fly-away' hairs that can ruin your look! Its a must!!!

Carly Keehn, Portsmouth