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Sugar StripEase isn't just chemical-free: based on 100% natural ingredients, the exclusive formulation is literally good-enough-to-eat. It can be used on all areas of the body - from upper lip to bikini line, legs to underarms. (Sugar StripEase is also BUAV-approved as cruelty-free, with its status highlighted in the Living Without Cruelty handbook).

This skin-softening blend has been formulated to be microwaveable, retaining its heat in the jar so you have plenty of 'playtime' to treat the areas you wish to blitz. The pliable sugar syrup is applied to the skin using woven fabric strips (which make for so-easy removal) - and since these can be washed and re-used many times, Sugar StripEase is the ultimate eco-choice for anyone on a quest for satin-smooth, fuzz-free skin. (Sugar StripEase has a long shelf life, with no need for preservatives.)

Sugaring has been tried-and-tested by women over thousands of years. In Eastern cultures (India, Africa and the Orient), the art is passed down from mother to daughter; in these traditions, the ritual of hair removal is strictly observed for hygiene purposes - and sugaring is used on every zone of the body, effectively tackling even the darkest hair. What’s more, if sugaring (as opposed to other techniques for hair removal) is started early, it actually helps to diminish hair growth so that fewer treatments are needed, as we age.

Unlike many hair removal systems, Sugar StripEase eliminates the risk of in-grown hairs, as hair re-growth will always be in its natural direction.

This Sugar StripEase Kit contains:
- Sugar StripEase Natural Hair Remover Jar 250g
- Sugar StripEase Non-Fraying Strips, Reusable & Washable x 15
- Sugar StripEase Applicators x 3 (2 large and 1 small)
- Full set of instructions with images

Sugar StripEase is suitable for vegans. It it easy to use and safe even on the most sensitive of skin types. It can be heated in either a microwave or in a pan of water. A full set of instructions come with the kit explaining step-by-step directions.

Sucrose, Aqua.
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This product is simply amazing - it removes hair very efficiently, leaves no traces of redness, smells great and to my biggest surprise - removing hair with Sugar striptease does NOT hurt at all! And my legs are smooth for three weeks!

Darja, Slovenia

Amazing! so easy to clean, easy to apply, and simple to use. Would definitely use again, and recommend to others.

Jayde, Uk

I am so happy I discovered this product! When I read other reviews that said it was virtually pain free, I was rather sceptical.. But it really is a lot better than regular waxing! Not sore afterwards either. I'm never going back to using razors again! Love this and will continue to purchase.

Aurora, Norway

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It was AMAZING! I have finally found a waxing that makes no mess and is painfree! It hardly hurt at ALL! I loved it! The re useable strips are great because you don't need to keep buying them and they work really well. The tub the product comes in is also really cute! It was sooooo worth my money!

Isabelle, UK

Excellent product! Easy to use, reusable and gets the results it says you will get! I've never self waxed before using this product and my lord I was impressed. I've got silky smooth legs and it wasn't even that painful! Would recommend to anyone, even those with sensitive skin like mine

Katy, Uk

Was a bit scared to use this after a bad experience with a home waxing kit before but this is fool-proof! Much less painful than waxing and not at all messy!

Mary, Northern Ireland

I love this!
I have been looking for something suitable for the bikini area for a while now and had to resort to shaving.
However after reading the reviews for this product I figured it wasn't too expensive that if I wasn't happy it wouldn't be a huge waste of money. I have to say I am very impressed!

The pain is minimal, it smells great and the results look even better!
Highly recommend. Won't be buying any other products again. I'm sold!

Jessica Yeoman, United Kingdom

Sooo good and painless... Really good value for money, would definitely buy and use it again!

Bella, UK

Ordered this earlier in the week and it came today. Couldn't wait to try it out and have so far waxed my legs and upper lip and there is loads left. Best home wax kit I've ever bought and easily best £10 I've spent for a long time.

Kate, England

This product is fantastic! Very simple to use, very little mess, and just wipes off easily! The washible strips are a bonus, just rinse under warm water. Would definately recommend to a friend =]

Heather, England

This is a fab product, would 100% recommend to a friend. Does exactly what it says. Very easy to use and best thing is the strips are reusable. Also washes away very easy with water.

Anisa, United Kingdom

Best at home wax kit I have ever used. Virtually mess free, fine on my super sensitive skin and removes hair cleanly leaving skin very soft with little irritation. Great that you can wash and re-use the strips as well. Very impressed and a reasonable price.

Tash, UK

Best Thing Ever, so so so wonderful

Gerda, UK

One of the best purchases I've ever made! I find shaving a hassle as the results are never great for me and my skin is hyper sensitive so removal creams don't work either. This however is perfect. Quick, easy and not painful. I was worried the sticky product would get messy but it wipes away so easily with water. Fabulous!

Heather Knight, Edinburgh

Good sugar paste, easy to use, the skin after is very smooth. No ingrown hairs. Strips for hair removal can be used several times, simply wash under water, and dried. Will be recommend.

Yana, Russia

Very ease to use and gives the best result of smoother legs. The strips are actually easy to clean as well.

Ingrid, Netherland

I really like that product - it's natural, very easy to use for beginners like me, it comes off just with water and the most important - removes hair and doesn't hurt bad at all. I use it on legs and bikini area.

Teja, Slovenia

I love this product non sticky and almost painfree. And I love the service i get from feelunique. Thank you so much.

Silje, Norway

I love this! Used this today on the bikini area and was virtually painless, not messy at all and feels good to be using something eco-friendly and non chemical! 5 stars!

Gabriela, Portballintrae

Love this product! It's so easy to use and almost painless!!! Tried it on my legs and also upper lip. Works like dream..

Sukanya, Denmark

Wow! I'm currently sat here having just waxed with this and it was amazing! It takes a while to get the technique right, especially of you're not an experienced waxer, but all I can say is make sure it is hot enough, and use thin layers and rip the strips off quickly. Also use baby powder on the area first as this dries out the skin so the hairs stick to the strips better! I'll be buying more! Also, it lasts soo long I'd say one third of a pot can do two half legs ! And the price = fab!!!!!!!!

Jessica, London

Was skeptical but this product is really wonderful! Works a dream, not painful at all and the strips are easy to clean and reuse. I was always afraid of waxing because of the pain, but this is truly painless. Can't recommend highly enough.

Diana, Prague

After reading all the reviews, I decided to give StripEase a go - I have been looking for a product that would remove hair from all areas of the body, but had only heard about waxing which was messy, or shaving, where the hairs grew back too quickly.
I used the product for the first time today and was very impressed!!! The instructions are so easy to follow, and it was so good to be able to just wash off the rest of the sugarwax, both from the skin and the strips! It has taken the vast majority of the hairs off of my upper lip (which was where i was particularly self conscious of darker hairs). Would definitely recommend! Such a good price and a surprising amount of wax in the tub!

Aurelie, Taunton

I can't recommend this product enough, it hurts a lot less than waxing. It's ideal for the bikini line. The fact that it rinses easily with just water is fantastic. It's 100% natural unlike other sugaring products on the market. Really affordable too cause you only need a relly thin layer to remove hair from the roots. It leaves skin really soft, no irritation at all. You dont have to apply it really hot so its ideal for people with circulation issues

Silvia, Spains

This product works great for bikini line.

Natalie, Leningrad Region

This is just fantastic. I wasnt sure before I ordered it as its quite dear compared to wax. I am a coward with pain so have given up on waxing ages ago as too painful but this is virtually pain free - wish I'd discovered it before as my even bikini line was painless so underarms will be next. Will continue to buy

Sue, France

Best buy ever! Very easy to use and my skin looks gorgeous. Love it!

P, Lithuania

I've always had problems with hair on my upper lip and find this so easy to use! It works a treat, and I haven't had to use it again since 3 weeks ago! I will definitely continue to buy this product, it has saved me!

Ellen, Plymouth

I've always had a problem with waxing. It hurts, doesn't remove all the hair, it's sticky and messy. But this product is fantastic. Not painful, removes the hair, comes off with water and is really easy to clean up (the strips can easily be washed in the sink). Will continue to buy, I love it!

Lene, Norway