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Cracked skin, fungal infections, spots, eczema, psoriasis are just some of the skin ailments which the Propolis Ointment has helped.

Propolis, a substance collected by bees to protect the hive has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Spiezia Organics Propolis Ointment captures these properties and can be used to repair sore and weak skin, prevent infections and diminish acne. Spiezia Organics have received positive feedback from customers about using the Propolis ointment for Psoriasis, fungal infections such as athlete’s foot as well as boils. Keep a pot in the bathroom during school holidays to put on stings and bites to keep your children happy and outside playing.

- Propolis is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-viral.
- Olive Oil and Beeswax softens and moisturises the skin.
- Helps to prevent infections in the skin.
- Strengthens and repairs damaged skin.

Take a pea size amount of Spiezia Organics Propolis Ointment and massage into the affected area. When treating areas of skin affected by bacteria, it is best to use a spatula in the ointment pot rather than your fingers, this will avoid contaminating the product and help to preserve its lifespan.

Key Ingredients:
- Beeswax / Cera Alba
- Propolis / Propolis Cera
- Thyme Essential Oil / Thymus Vulgaris
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