Somersets Natural Shaving Oil for Men - Original 35ml


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A cooling moisturising oil that lubricates the skin for an extra close shave.

This is the original world renowned Shaving Oil which Somersets introduced in 1991. It's a blend of pure plant oils - including soothing essential oils - Lavender, Tea Tree, and Rosemary which help prevent razor bumps and irritation. The cooling menthol leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Somersets use only the purest natural ingredients to give you the most effective shave and skincare system.

Up to 260 shaves.
No foam or gel is required.
100% natural ingredients.

Hybrid Vegetable Oils, Menthol, Aloe Vera, Fragrance, French Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, Virginian Cedarwood, Avocado Oil, Borage Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Mysore Sandalwood Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Vitamin E.
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In my honest opinion, there is nothing that comes even close to this shaving oil. I have been using this product for over 10 years and would not use anything else.

The price and service that you get from Feelunique is a real bonus. Five Star *****!

Ronald Morris, UK

Having spent much of my time scouring the globe for that special product that makes shaving a pleasant experience, it seems that I have hit the jackpot. I like to think of myself as a rather experienced shaver, having tried a million approaches - dry, wet, with foam, gel, oils, creams. However, I can genuinely say that my quest (upto now) has proven fruitless. Until now. Wow! What a product. I am simply overwhelmed at the excitement I feel, the gratitude for having found it here at and the utter almost magical effect that Somersets Shave Oil has on my skin. I cannot believe I have never encountered Somersets before. I feel I have been cheated on by stupid, ineffective and often more pricey competitors. Somersets shave oil for men is the real deal. It delivers the closest shave I could ever hoped for, time and time again. The product is a joy to use. It also looks as if it will last into my old age (OK, that's wishful thinking), but it does last a long time - up to 260 shaves. It feels and smells divine and leaves my skin feeling really soft and supple, without the need for extra moisturing products after the shave.

At the moment, I am using it as a pre-electric. I cannot wait to see how it performs wet. And that's another thing; this stuff is versatile as one can use it for wet shaving or pre-electric. There are no other products, to my knowldge that could even hope to come close to Somersets shave oil. I feel as if I have found the Holy Grail and will definitely NEVER need any other product again. I am particularly overjoyed since shaving has been a long, problematic and painful experience in the past. I have an olive complexion and my shaving attempts always give me the appearance of a rather Mediterranean version of Desperate Dan. This has made me feel very self conscious in the past. No more, however. Somersets shave oil has given me a new lease of life.

I must thank both Somersets and for rescuing me and restoring my faith. I seriously love this product and ordering from couldn't be simpler or more reliable. I would not buy my products from anywhere else now, despite a million and one other retailers. I cannot recommend Somersets or enough - both represent quality and value.

Once I am through with this first batch, I plan to try the Tough Beard version - surely it can't get any better? Oh, and one final positive is that Somersets is 100% natural. I know loads of other products claim to use natural sources, but many still contain nasty additives which can actually do more harm than good. Somersets can make you feel all warm and happy inside as well as on the outside because only natural ingredients are used for giving a natural shave which is guaranteed to be the best shave you have ever experienced.

To rephrase a rather misguided slogan, (which actually tells the truth) "Somersets, the best a man can get!".

Peter, East Cowes, Isle of Wight