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Overnight Zit Zapper is an intensive pimple applicator that works in as little as 8 hours!

This revolutionary new formula has been scientifically developed to rapidly remove oil and cleanse spots while you sleep.Apply it directly to any offending blemish and you could wake up the very next morning with the confidence of fresh, clean skin.

Clinical formula works in 4 ways to eliminate spots overnight:

- Deeply exfoliates and unclogs skin pores
- Remove oil and cleanse spots in as little as 8 hours
- Cleanses out the affected area
- Calms the appearance of ugly red swelling.

Target Spots with the pimple-point applicator.
Unlike other products, that just cleanse the area hoping to prevent pimples, Zit Zapper performs to target pimples that have already appeared. That's why you just need to apply Zit Zapper pin-pointing the affected area only with the precision technology wand. Do this just before bedtime, and by morning you could be enjoying healthier, glowing skin.
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Sleep with a blemish. Wake up with NO BLEMISH

Vivi, Greece

Blemishes disappears overnight? LOVE IT

Vivi, Grecce

It just works!

Shafeeq, India

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This product actually works!
It works well on my blackheads.
After a few applications my blackheads are almost gone.

Kristin, Norway

Amazing! I have actually tried tones of different spot sticks and never found them any more useful than pure Tea Tree Oil. This ZipZap is a real deal! Makes a difference. I used it on spots morning and night and it made them disappear fast!

Elena, London

This product really works on my blemishes! If needed I apply it not only in the evening but and in the morning as well. A few applications and no trace of spots is left. Great stuff! Recommended!

Eugenia, Ukraine

One great product! Does what it says, doesn't cost much compared to similar products and lasts for a long time!

Tatiana, Greece

Thank you for such a remarkable product. With it, I have simply forgotten that there is a problem. Now my skin is always smooth, equal, and I am not afraid that spots will appear.

Olga, Russian

I find this excellent, gets rid of those pesky spots quickly!!!

Ruth Nysenbaum, Leeds, West Yorkshire