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Product Information

Ingrow Go goes to work straightaway - making the trapped hair "pop-out" from under the skin and soothing the appearance of the rupture, leaving skin smooth and clear.

Potent Formula with two-way action
Ingrow Go contains potent ingredients that have a two-way action. Firstly, it cleans out and purifies the affected pore. Next, the exfoliating action goes to work, sloughing away the dry dead skin and releasing the trapped hair. Skin is left clean, clear and silky smooth.

Relief in as little as 24 hours!
Now you no longer have to cover up or feel embarrassed by those ugly red bumps on your skin. Ingrow Go is so effective you can be rid of those ugly bumps in as little as 24 hours, and continued use will keep you silky smooth and bump-free for good! That's because not only does Ingrow Go erase existing ingown hairs - it helps stop new ones from forming. Used regularly, you'll never have to experience the embarrassment of ingrown hairs again! Use Ingrow go on your legs, bikini line, underarms or anywhere hair removal results in bumps.

Please note that this product is not suitable if you are sensitive to Aspirin.
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I really really like this product! It's awesome!!! I can't live without InGrow Go. Thank you, Skin Doctors!

Marika, Finland

This product is amazing!! I suffer from ingrowing hairs and have many scars all over my body from them, haven't had the product long and yet, I can already see a difference! Sounds cheesy but it had literally changed my life, I now don't have to worry about unsightly ingrowing hairs and explain to people why there's spots all over my legs, very much worth the money!!

Lucy, England

I have terrible ingrown hairs and this is the only thing that I know really works. Not many places stock it, which is a shame because it really works. It's more than worth it!

Addie, London

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I suffered for several years with very bad ingrowns hairs that have scarred my skin, but then I found this product which has changed my life (sounds cheesy I know!) it honestly works, I now have no more red, bleeding or bruised bumps on my bikini line and legs and no constant pain from my underwear rubbing them when I walk. I would 100% recommend this product to anybody.

Jenny, West Midlands

I bought this product expecting some skin improvement and hopefully less redness and bumps... Instead, I got a brand new, soft skin! It worked like a peeling and also lightened my skin. I recommend!

Nathália, Brazil

I am very light skinned, so it was really ugly to see these bumps all over my legs and bikini area. Cosmetician suggested me this product and I have to say it is working! It takes some time but it is worth insisting on this.

Teja, Slovenia

An absolute must have. Not only does it make the angry red bumps from ingrown hairs disappear, it also stops me from getting any with regular use. It's also a lifesaver for me with my acne, this shrinks pimples faster than any other product I've used. Don't hesitate to try this, no-one deserves icky ingrown hair bumps. You won't believe the results!

James, Glasgow

This is such a great product, it has helped me a lot with my ingrown hairs and I would recommend it to anyone who has this problem. It is really one of those products you really need to have in your bathroom. To me it is a miracle product.

karla, croatia

For me this is a must-have product, I even buy it in multiples because it's so reliable. Since I started using it about four years ago I've not suffered from ingrown hairs again.

Alexandra, Barcelona

I have to be honest... it takes time and effort.
But you can trust what we say here, it's truly a miracle!!
Bikini line saviour, I love you <3

Amelia, Portugal

I always get these horrible lumps and spots from hair and this really gets rid of them! I love it

Nina, Birmingham

I read the fantastic reviews on this and decided to give it a go, seeing as red bumps are a such a problem. And it works! Very happy with the result :D

Lucy, Liverpool

I suffer with blocked pores under my arms, this is amazing at clearing them. After two weeks all the razor rash, little red spots and blockages disappeared. Brilliant, I will use this forever!

Jo, Norwich

I was happily surprised by this product. I bought it, thinking "that'll never work" but it really does. It makes my epilator work so much better, and leaves my legs very smooth. I will buy it again, when my bottle is empty. Which, by the way takes a LONG time! (o:

Anne, Copenhagen, Denmark

This is quite strong, it stings a bit BUT it certainly worked! I am very pleased indeed.

Jenny, Norway

This stuff actually does the job! I thought I was never going to be free of ugly red bumps but although I've only applied it once, it's worked! I have to say it stings a fair bit if you put it on just after shaving but it's worth it for the end result. I'm very glad I found this product.

JB, London

This stuff is magic in a bottle. Before I started using it, I had razor bumps and ingrown hairs from my monthly salon waxing. For the past 2 months that I've been using it nothing, nada and the only thing I do differently is use this wonder product a few times a week.

Erica, Hong Kong

This stuff is brilliant, didn't expect it to be this good considering the price is so reasonable. One bottle will last ages!

Sarah, Scotland

Fabulous product, have used many times over the years since I was introduced to it by my waxing lady. So good my other half has claimed it now...

Janice, London

As reported by others, this product works but, be aware, it's a strong product - you might want to leave a day or two between applications and always apply with a cotton bud (thus not removing the skin on your fingers). But enough of that - I have another use for it!

It occurred to me that the main ingredient, Salicylic acid, is the same as my favourite Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, only more of it so I started applying it to my heels to speed up the shedding of some hard skin there. It's brilliant - my feet have never been so soft! So no more sore, cracked heels, it's the best treatment I've ever tried. And I can carry on using Eight Hour cream for maintenance.

Oh - I also use it to clean contacts on battery casings and radio switches since it's no longer possible to buy surgical alcohol over the counter - there's enough in this product to do the job rather well.

Rosie Jordan, Dorking

excellent product good value for money I tried plenty of scrubs giving me hardly any results but it really works plus iff you use it with Hair No More your legs will feel twice sexier and will give you a good boost for the Summer months.

Maria Attard, Malta

Great product! I started using this before and after waxing, and have hardly experienced any problems with bumps or itchiness since.

Maria, Sweden

I am only 19 and started getting bumps when i started shaving round like 2 years, ive tried many products which decreased but didnt work until my uncle recommended this. Within a week everything was gone, and I havent used it for 6 months its still ok ive just recently orded a new one. Excellent product.

I am dark skinned. so yes it works for black people aswell

Roderick Owusu, Merseysde, Liverpool

Once upon a time, there was a poor sad brunette who was increasingly irritated by the pair of guinea pigs that appeared to be attached to her bikini line. They were embarassing and people fainted with shock when she went swimming or wore short shorts. Her husband simply turned the lights out. It was safer that way. So the poor rejected brunette resorted initially to shaving away those furry stowaways and then moved onto waxing. Alas however, a week or so after waxing the poor rejected brunette found she had a new problem - she looked like she had a rather nasty skin disease. Red bumps, icky bumps, itchy bumps, ugly bumps. You name it, her ingrowing hair had it. She became an ingrow leper. That is until she discovered Ingrow Go. Within a week of applying that miracle lotion her bikini line was looking healthy, happy and raring to go. Her bikini line is now applauded and envied and loved. Ingrow Go, buy it and love the skin your in.

Rita Damper, West Sussex