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Two-step formula to remove body hair and prevent hair re-growth.

First, the fast-acting delicate cream instantly and painlessly removes unwanted hair from face or body, even the darkest, coarsest hair.

Next, the Growth Inhibitor Spray can help retard hair regrowth and hair that does grow back may be finer, sparser, and lighter than before.
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This product is great!
It really works too, only 5 minutes needed and your legs are so smooth. Beats shaving anyday!
Also you get 2 tubes of hair removal as well as a bottle of a spray to stop it growing back as quick.
It really is great, would definatley recommend!

Martha, United Kingdom

отличная вещь!работает!!!

Uliana, Россия

All my favorites in one pack. I LOVE this product. It's all I need

Helene, RM

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I L O V E this hair no more spray, it's fabulous! I only have to shave my armpits twice a week now and it makes an eyebrow wax last two months too instead of one. It really is worth the money. Also with this you get two decent sized hair removal creams too so it's great value.

Catherine, South

Thanks to Skin Doctors Hair No More I hardly ever have to wax! It's amazing and I'd recommend it to absolutely anyone.

Robina, Manchester

This product is a life saver. I have to wax my body almost every month, and that's very disturbing for my skin. Skin Doctors Hair No More has helped me to wax only once in 2-3 months. I LOVE IT!

Wanda, Sweden