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SilkPerfect 100% pure silk pillowcases have three irresistible beauty & health benefits:

Beautiful Skin:
It is estimated that after sun damage, the biggest cause of skin ageing is from sleeping on cotton, linen or polyester pillow cases. They wick away moisture from your skin, that is why most towels are made from cotton. Meanwhile, eight hours of sleeping on your face on this relatively rough surface will add to lines and creases. Silk proactively helps to retain moisture and minimise wrinkling.

Beautiful Hair:
Silk is made up from strings of amino acids, the same pH as your skin. These proteins will prevent 'bed hair', frizz and split ends. You will see and feel the difference the first morning!

Repel Mites:
SilkPerfect's luxury silk pillowcases are repellent to the hundreds of house mites that commonly live in your bedding: they will actually move away from your face.

Silk's hypoallergenic properties have proven to ease conditions such as eczema and asthma.

Your best investment in beauty this year, the benefits are numerous!
- Luxurious, unbleached, pure Silk
- Unbleached: ivory in colour
- A uniquely high silk content and smoothness*
- Designed specifically for health & beauty
- Minimise ageing & wrinkles - think how much you spend on night creams whose benefits are then brushed away by your pillowcase?
- Stamp out 'bed hair'
- Repel house mites

*SilkPerfect Pillowcases have been upgraded to the softest silk available - 16 momme, charmeuse mulberry silk – to make them the highest quality product in the marketplace.

Pack contains one standard size pillow case.
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I love this pillowcase. It makes my hair much more smooth and it doesn't absorb natural oils from my hair so my hair looks healthier and more alive now. I would recommend this pillowcase to anyone who wants healthier and nicer hair and skin. Its worth every penny.
Thinking of buying it for my mum too. When she saw mine and I told her the benefits of it she fell in love too.

Irena, Slovenija

I got some of these to give to my niece whose small children had quite servere excema on their little faces, and it has done a lot for their comfort at night, their sleep is much deeper and less disturbed by scratching their faces

Heather, Belgium

After having extensions fitted my hair was becoming very tangled after a night's sleep on my cotton pillowcase. I tried the Silk Perfect pillowcase and it has changed my life! I now have an extra 30 mins sleeping as I don't need to get up to have a daily battle with my hair!!

Hannah, London

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I bought two of these pillowcases for my partner and I as an anniversary gift. This pillowcase does what it says and is comfy to sleep on. My partner has suffered from bed head for a long time, after using this product it really reduces his bed head and my hair is shiny too. Also, my skin retains moisture in the morning, not like cotton that would dry out the skin. A really must have item, recommended to those who care about their beauty and health.

Miu, Kingston Upon Thames