Serge Lutens Five O'Clock Au Gingembre Eau De Parfum 50ml

Serge Lutens

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"Tea at Buckingham Palace.

Centered on candied ginger, this fragrance is a ritual ceremony.

It caters to the quicksilver in us, to our imagination dressed in white gloves." Serge Lutens.
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When you review a fragrance like this, it is not about compliments or longevity and those superficial things, it is all about what makes you feel and where it takes you. Let me give put into word the image that i have in my head with Au Gingembre:
Christmas Eve, cold evening, loved ones all together, everybody inside the house warming next to the fireplace just having a good time. Cups of warm tea with honey are served on a wooden table and some ginger cookies just finished baking, they are taken to the table and then sprinkled with the most delicious cinnamon powder you can think to add a little spicy touch and just a little bit of cacao powder to compliment the sweetness from the honey and the tea. The night falls and the firewood warms everybody and you just can't help but to smile. The perfect moment that we all cherish. That never-ending dream.

That is what i get from 5 o'clock Au Gingembre. The name itself is just the beginning of a story and to me this is what true perfumery is about... a journey into what we wish the most, into a moment we'll never let go.

Ieva, Bergen, Norway