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Best Beauty Buys 2013: Best Top Coat. "I've used this on everyone from Kylie to Daisy Lowe," says nail expert Nichola Joss. Super-shiny nails that last the distance: what's not to love? "Glossy nails never go out of fashion, so you should see this as an investment."

“This polish’s lasting power is second to none,” says nail aficionado Nichola Joss. “It’s glossy, so DIY nails look perfectly manicured. Reapply it after a couple of days to refresh colour and add extra shine and strength.”

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat is widely acknowledged as the world's finest top coat. Its patented formula penetrates through the nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate for a much more durable finish, guaranteed not to yellow and leaves nails silky, stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling.

As seen in InStyle Best Beauty Buys.
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Fabulous - ideal before holidays and much better for your nails than salon gel nails!

Ursula, Ireland

Love Seche Vite Top Coat. It`s absolutly life saver for me becaue I don`t have a lot of time for doing my nails. It helps drying any type of nail polish fast and completely. Plus It prevents nail chipping.

Alina, Russia

Best top coat I've ever used, dries really quick and gives amazing shine. Have repurchased this many times.

Lucy, UK

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love that it dries so fast and the shine is so good!!!! but on some varnishes I find it chips very fast

Ana, Spain

I love Seche Vite, it is an absolute life saver, I don't even consider painting my nails without it.
It dries your nail polish completely in about an hour or less, even if it's three layers, which is amazing and I don't know any other product that effective, and I tried a lot of products before it.
Plus it leaves you nails with a beautiful super glossy finish which I love.

Sandra, Portugal

Love the seche vite top coat. Literally the only one around that keeps your nail varnish chip free and looking as good as it did the day you first painted your nails. Love it!

Ayesha, UK

My work involves me opening boxes all day long, so I wanted a top coat that would last and I had heard great things about this. On some nail varnishes it wont chip for maybe 5 days, and on others it can chip on the second day. However dries really fast and has reduced my chips a lot.

Alice, United Kingdom

Best top coat ever! Dries quickly and super shiny. Every time I give myelf a manicure, at least one person comments on the shine of my nails. Every person needs this top coat. Works so well! Goes on easily, dries really fast. Gives nails a still-wet look.

Viktoria, France

This top coat glides on beautifully, leaving an incredibly shiny glossy finish. It dries extremely quickly and the shine doesn't fade. It's super long wearing, I've had manicures last well over a week using this top coat, highly recommend!

Nicola, Gislingham

In love with this top coat. Helps dry nail polish very fast and gives extra shine. I use it also to retouch my nails in between manicures and my nails last up to a week without pelling the colour. Very happy with it.

Marlene, Portugal

Brilliant! Nail polishes dry so quickly. This stuff gives an extra dimension to any colour. Furthermore, the polishes really last longer. Love it!

Aliona, Finland

Works as promised and makes my manicure dry fast!

Leelo, Estonia

Love it! I have had the same nail polish on for over one week and it looks like I put it on today! This is the perfect gift to everyone of your friends who like to paint their nails :)

Elina, Norway

This was raved about by a friend so I thought I would try it out and I'm glad I did. It dries unbelievably fast meaning no smudging of the nail polish underneath and leaves a really lovely glossy finish to the nails that lasts for days!

Emily, UK

Eu adorei o efeito espelhado no esmalte, e a sensação de que minhas unhas ficam protegidas logo após pintá-las!

Gleide, Brazil

This stuff works great, it's a cult product for good reasons. It does make your nail polish completely dry within 1 minute and last longer and it makes the whole process of painting your nails so much quicker and easier. If you are in a hurry, this is the way to go!

Enrichetta, Rome, Italy

Someone recommended Seche Vite be applied on top of my stamping. And she was right! No more blurry designs. It's the best top coat there is. And I've tried quite a few...

Maud, France

This is the best product for nails!!!! Before I had to do my nails every second day and now a few days and my nails still look great! Amazing!

Aneta, Dublin

Outstanding! You have never experieneced any other product that dries your nails, like this does! In just a few minutes they will glow like diamonds, truly "Seche", and you can pick anything from your bag, or go to sleep right away, if you want to! Without any awful damage on your nails!
Is one of a kind!

Filipa, Portugal

Leaves my nailpolish supershiny and protects the polish from chipping. I just love how I can dig trough my purse just 5 minutes after applying this stuff on my nails :o

Anette, Norway

Amazing product, that does what it says. Brilliant shine, and makes your polish last longer - must have.

Natalie, Rochester

This is the best top coat that I have ever used. It seems to bond with the colour varnish and create an effect like it was a gel filler, but without the hassle. It last a whole month on my toes and about 4 to 5 days on my hands.

Beatrix, London

This is the best ever, fastest drying top coat I've ever used. It does what it says on the tin. I've bought this endlessly as part of gifts and recommend it to all my friends. It's fab, try it.

Nikki, London

Seche Vite is amazing! My nails dry so fast and keep great for more than a week.

Teresa, Portugal

This product is an essential investment for anybody who paints their nails. It is a very thick, reliable top coat. It is like no other in the industry.

Camah, London

What a fantastic product! I used to buy a Poshe top coat but when I discovered Seche I continued buying it instead. It's nice that sells this HG among top coats!

Milena, Serbia

Amazing product, dries so fast and gives a great shine to your nails!

Jana, London

I am so happy have started selling this AMAZING top coat! It does exactly what it says. The shine is outstanding, it's strong & dries super-quick. Great for impatient people like myself! 10/10.

Anon, UK