Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends 75ml

Schwarzkopf Professional

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BC Sealed Ends repairs damaged, porous split ends. It creates soft tips that are sealed and protected from further damage, making the hair look healthy and full of vitality.
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I have bleached blonde hair and naturally straight. I loved this cream because it leaves the tips of my hair soft and not oily! One bottle 'Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends 75 ml' will last for a long time, because every time you use only a very small amount!

Kyriaki, Cyprus

amazing product

paige, england

Seriously, I believe everyone should have one of these! It's a little miracle that treats the tips of my hair and makes it very soft and shiny, I am amazed. And I also gave a little bit to some friends so they could try this wonder and they got as amazed as me! I won't run out of this one!

Dani, Brazil

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Adorei esse produto. Vem bem pouco mas é maravilhoso. A diferença é visível. Meu cabelo mudou a partir que comecei a usar ele. Vou comprar sempre

Gabriela, Brasil

Produto excelente. cumpre o que promete.Não consigo deixar de usá-lo. Os cabelos ficam macios e hidratados.

Rejane, Brasil

This is such an amazing product! I can't live without it anymore...Leaves my hair soft, shiny and beautiful!

Camila, Brazil

Perfeito, ele cuida muito bem das pontas. Minhas pontas estavam horrorosas e ele tratou bem e continua tratando.

Patrícia, Brasil

Este produto me surpreendeu, já na primeira aplicação, pois tenho os cabelos volumosos e estão danificados quimicamente, quebradiços, com pontas duplas e difíceis de pentear, e mesmo tendo-o usado, após produtos comuns, para lavar e hidratar, meus cabelos ficaram sedoso, macios e disciplinados, facilitando e potencializando os resultados da escovação

Aldenize, Recife

This product recovered the tips of my hair like a miracle! I always cut my hair because of the split ends, but I think I will now grow again. All this with such a great price from Perfect

Sheila Faria, Brazil

Já estou usando o 3º e ADORO! Realmente faz efeito e protege as pontas!

Fabiana T., Brazil

Great product, does the job it claims to do. Nevertheless, worth the money!!

Ana, Croatia

Esse produto é realmente muito bom, excelente para as pontas. Trata e mantém as pontas macias e hidratadas.

Helene Cabral, Brasil

It's a kind of miracle! Turns the hair soft and saves damaged ends.

Nicole, Brasil

Produto maravilhoso, deixa os cabelos com maciez e brilho incrível.

Liara, Brasil

Produto bom!

Natália, Brasil

Esse produto é maravilhoso. Deixa o cabelo super macio. O cheirinho é delicioso. Pena que a embalagem é pequena. Mais eu adoro e recomendo.

Tatiana, Brasil

Product indispensable, used for one year, and I always use. Leaves the tips of the hair soft, light and treated. Wonderful!

Jessyca, Braxil

This product is wonderful, saves damaged ends, giving shine and softness to hair. Loveeeee!

Thamiris, São Paulo, Brazil

This is a miracle! Wonderful product!

Cristiane, São Paulo

Amazing product. Fast shipping. Love it thank you.

Ana, Brasil

Only just used this an hour ago, and my hair is already really soft and healthy looking!

Lana, Ireland

Este produto é realmente eficiente. Recuperou as pontas estragadas pelos reflexos, e salvou meu cabelo da tesoura! A textura é leve e não deixa o fio oleoso, sem contar o custo/benefício, pois vai durar muito.

Juliana, BRASIL

Perfect! Its consistancy is creamy and so different from other treatments for split ends...! I love its smell. My hair looks healthy, soft and beautiful again!

Amanda, Aracaju

This product is an instant miracle hair, this is already my second bottle, I recommend to anyone who does not want a haircut every month, it hydrates and protects the ends.

Priscila, SaoPaulo, Brazil

Minhas pontas quebradas nunca mais! Produto ótimo!

Cristina, Porto Alegre

Esse produto é realmente surpreendente. Depois de relaxamento, progressiva eu achei que nada salvaria o meu cabelo. E ele fez! Agora desfruto de um cabelo com pontas super hidratadas! Vale cada centavo!

Patrícia, Brasil

Produit génial deja utilise avant cette deuxieme commande repare bien les pointes des cheveux et lisse


I use this product after washing my hair, when it's still wet. My hair is softer and it's perfect to use if you don't want to cut your hair too soon!

Giulianne, Sao Paulo, Brazil

This product is a true miracle to the ends of dry hair, especially hair that underwent chemical. Great product. Try it!

Alexandra, São Paulo, Brazil

This product leaves the ends very soft, repairs the hair for a long time and prevents split ends. Very good.

Laia, Spain

Melhor finalizador do mundo! Dê adeus as pontas ressecadas com ele.

Debora, Brasília

Excellent product. Gives us what it promises.
Soft perfume, leaves no oily hair.
Super recommended., I love you.

Raquel, Brasil

Não pesa nos cabelos e mantém as pontas bem seladas e macias.

Jussara, Brazil

This product saved me from cutting my very dry and split ends every 3 weeks! I'm 5 weeks from my last haircut now and my ends are as healthy as they were when I came out of the salon.

Lara, Slovenia

Esse produto realmente faz a diferença, espetacular!!

Éridam, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Its just amazing! My hair looks healthy and shiny! Price is great too! Thank you

Jenifer, Sao Paulo

Amazing! It repaired my hair and left it soft and with a high shine!

Yolanda, Spain

This product really works!! I love it!!

Ka, Brazil

Eu simplesmente amo este produto. É maravilhoso.

I love it. It's amazing.

ELICEIA, Goiás, Brasil

This product saved the tips of my hair. Very very good!!

Grazielli, Brazil

I've been using this product for two years and I never more had to think on slip ends! Simply saved my hair ends and overcame all my expectations!

Bruna, Brazil

One of the things I value most in a hair is the softness and silkiness and this product meets this duty very well. Associated with the conditioner the same line the result is even better, I'm on my third bottle!

Adryanne, Brazil

Wonderful! Even moisturizing, the ends of my hair were dry. On the first day of use I've felt a big difference, my hair is bright and well hydrated, I was surprised. The result is wonderful, and the product will last long

Camila, Brazil

It works! The dry ends become softer and shinier :) Will buy again for sure!

Rosie, Lisbon, Portugal

Brilliant product. After putting it on damp hair my ends were transformed. The split ends are still there but you cannot feel the dryness that comes with them and they become amazingly soft. I use it every time I wash my hair!

Lydia, Cambridge

The Rescue range of products are really great, especially Sealed Ends. Works miracles on hair - I am not without it.

Claudia, Brazil

Has a great performance and excellent quality. Recommended to everybody!

Camila, Brasil

I've been using this product for a year now and I really like it. My hair looks healthy and I don't have problems with split ends anymore. And it lasts for a long time.

Leelo, Estonia

This is the best cream for the hair that I've ever used. After using it on the tips of your hair, it remains extremely soft and hydrated. I've never heard a bad word about this product - it's a miracle and I could not live without it.

Joyce, Brasil

This is my favourite hair product of all time! I totally recommend it because it is the best product for hair that I have ever tried. I am so impressed with the results. It smells so good, it doesn't make your hair oily and it helps repair my split ends! I use this on my ends after drying my hair and it really does what it says in its name: seals my ends.

I am growing out my hair right now. I don't want to cut it every month, and it disguises all my split ends leaving my hair looking silky and smooth! And since I want to grow my hair long.

One bottle of BC Bonacure Sealed Ends can last an entire year, as only need a pea-sized amount every day. I love this product and I will purchase it again at, because this product is so expensive here in Brazil.

Eliceia, Goiania/Brazil

This product is FANTASTIC! I have used this now for about 6 months and both my hair and myself have never become bored of it like other products I have tried. IT'S WELL WORTH THE MONEY!

Helen, Middlesbrough

This product is great value for money - you do not need to use much so it will last a long time. I was afraid it would be too greasy for my thin hair but it works perfectly! My hair is in great shape even though I flat iron daily.

Aleksandra, Limerick

This product saved the tip of my hair! They were strong and bright! Also note that the product yields and gives a very good cost benefit! Very good!

Lili, Brasil/Minas Gerais