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Product Information

Leave-in fortifier with heat protection for distressed hair.

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap provides heat protection, reduces friction from brushing and helps prevent breakage and split ends.

Key ingredients:
- 18-MEA: Protective shine.
- Ceramide: Structural repair.
- Interlock Protein Network: Internal strength.

Why it works:
18-MEA helps restore the lipid layer of protection and resurfaces the cuticle to help restore shine while amino acids and protein enter the cuticle for targeted structural repair. Together, IPN and the Fortifying Complex deliver Redken Extreme's advanced strengthening benefits for healthier, shinier hair.

Directions for use:
Apply Redken Extreme Anti-Snap to fragile or damaged areas of hair or all-over. Do not rinse. Style as usual.
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I love this product.. really works... definitely the best ever.

Vanessa, United Kingdom

I have highlighted long wavy hair and this product has been a life saver! It makes brushing my hair so easy and so much less painful. My hair no longer snags or snaps during brushing and styling and it literally does what it says on the bottle. It also smells great and a little goes quite a long way. Would definitely recommend!

Livia, United Kingdom

This serum was the 1st product by Redken that I tried = a saviour for damaged hair affected by constant colouring, heat tools, everyday styling & stress. Got to the point when my hair was snapping off with every brush stroke. And numerous "repairing masks" didn't do a thing - it just kept falling off in pieces no matter what product I used. This serum, on the other hand, has made a huge difference in hair strength (took a few months for me though to achieve minimum breakage). Little goes along the way & the bottle is quite big = definitely a bargain!

Lidiya, Italy

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Never tried it before but knew it would be good for my over bleached hair as I'm trying to grow it and id read so many good reviews I think it's worth the price as cheap products can't add strength like this does.

Robyn, Uk

Esse produto foi perfeito após meu cabelo ficar extremamente danificado por varias descolorações na tentativa de ficar loira. Resultado: estou com os cabelos Louro Platinum maravilhoso!

Solange, Brasil

I bought this product after viviannadoesmakeup recommended it on her channel. I am happy to report that Anna was not wrong, this light-weight cream leaves the hair super soft and smelling great. I have experienced a greatly reduced amount of breakage from heat styling and have even been able to lengthen the amount of time I have to visit the hairdresser to have my hair cut by about 2 weeks meaning my hair is growing a lot faster. Will 100% buy this product again.

Charlotte, London

I damaged my hair pretty badly when I bleached it several times, trying to get the black ink out of it. This product was the first shock treatment and it worked wonders. I still use it with a combination of other products. I pause from time to time, because i do not feel comfortable using it without breaks.

Sara L., Portugal

This product makes my hair feel really good and on top of that, it works as a heat protectant. I apply it to towel dried hair and blow dry my hair as usual and it works great to control frizz. I'm still not sure if it helps repair my hair, as I have only been using for 2 weeks

Isis, United Kingdom

This is extremely good! Works wonders on highlights

Camilla, Norway

After repeatedly highlighting my hair the damage had actually caused the hair to snap where it was weakened from the bleach, the results for me were immediate, no more broken hair stands after blow drying. I would certainly recommend this.

Sinead, Ireland

This product is a godsend for chemically damaged hair. Recommended by my hairdresser, use in wet and dry hair and makes hair feel like hair again (not straw!) I no longer feel the need to cut my hair drastically short and now can manage it with this product and other products from the extreme range.

rachel proctor, United Kingdom

Love it. I've got quite damaged ends and as I didn't want to cut it off all at once, I was looking for a product that could 'save' my hair. It really does work because ever since I started using it, my hair's in a better condition than it was and is breaking off a lot less than before. I helps to maintain it in good condition and while you cut the split ends every month only little by little, you can make it healthier AND keep the length of your hair. Nice bubblegum smell as well.

Eve, Lancashire

I love this, the anti snap works very well for my hair

Raquel Ribeiro de Oliveira, Guarulhos

My hair started falling out rapidly after bleaching it and repeatedly putting on chemical dyes, so I bought this plus the shampoo. I would really recommend as it has drastically improved the amount that snapped off and has made it much more manageable!

Alex, Brighton

Love this product! I couldn't be with out this now! I have damaged hair from bleaching it and using heat on it every day but this has saved my hair! It has helped it grow a lot and my hair has never felt softer.

Zoe, Kent

Fantastic product . I have very damaged dry blonde bleached hair absolutely unable to de-tangle with other products and this works really good for me !! To add to that it smells nice too...

Olga, London

Briliant leave-in conditioner I have ever used. Not greasy, very light, smells delicious. Makes hair sooo very smooth.

Slava, Croatia

This is the best leave-in conditioner that I have ever used. Texture is light (not greasy at all) and it makes my hair so smooth and soft.

Johanna, Finland

Since using this product I have noticed a huge difference in the way my hair looks and feels, there is also a noticable difference in the amount my hair snaps due to this product. Even my friends have said my hair is lokking great since buying this product, and I didn't even tell them I was using something new!

Alex, Bristol

I love it! My hair looks great now!

Vania, Barreiro

Fantastic product, keeps my hair in good nick when I abuse it on a regular basis!

Andrea, Paisley

Fantastic, I have very fine fly away hair and am 65, this product does wonderful things to old hair gives it a new lease of life

Mary, Ireland

Wow what a beautiful product, I honestly do not know why I went so long without this product!
The bottle is huge! I was using Joico split end mender before this which was only 100ml and I still haven't ran out. I can only imagine this product will last even longer because of how much product you get, so it is well worth the money. The smell is phenomenal, the texture feels great... It goes on to your hair so smoothly and I'm finding it really works wonders. My hair feels stronger and I'm having less breakage (I have very over bleached white hair) and this is heaven in a bottle! I will repurchase over and over.

Leah, Sydney

Friend gave me this and I found it fantastic as my hair is very fine, I have recommended it to my friends

Mary, Waterford

This is, by far, the best leave-in conditioner I have ever used! The bottle is huge and lasts really long so the price is excellent. I usually use two pumps to damp hair after washing. The product untangles, seals the split ends shut and mends damage in the hair cuticle. I'm growing out my bleached hair and thanks to this product I have to cut it only every 4 months!

Anni, Finland

Miracle in a bottle! This product saved my brittle, damaged hair. I'm finally able to grow long hair! You only need a little bit since it's very watery so it will last you forever (I've had mine for about 10 months now). It smells amazing too, guys compliment me all the time... :)
Be careful though, too much can make your hair stiff. Will definitely repurchase when I run out.

Alexandra, Sweden

This really works, my hair is so much stronger now and no split ends! Thank you for selling this at much a good price!

Isa, Paris

Brilliant. Seemed to tame my frizzy hair and soften my curls, whist keeping them in place. Great as a treatment for your hair if dry, curly, frizzy, coarse - like mine! Also, my hair doesn't agree with the 'oils' which are currently popular, but this creme like texture does and soaks in better.

Cath, Shropshire

Due to regularly straightening my hair, it was left dry and had lots of split ends. From the first use my hair appeared healthier and smoother, without weighing my hair down. The price at is amazing and I will definatley be buying this product again!

Daisy, Oxford

I love this product. It helps my hair from not splitting, and thats a miracle, because it did all the time before I found this product. Excellent! Will be buying this my whole life. Thanks for soo good prices xx

Mari, Norway

This has been my favourite during years! I am using it constantly and I have not found any product possible to compare with this. The price is perfect! I`ll be back :-)

Line, Spydeberg

I absolutely adore this product. My hairstylist recommended it to me and I'm so happy with it. It leaves my hair smooth, silky and manageable. It also smells delicious. I appreciate that it's not heavy for my quite thin hair. GREAT!

Jana, Czech Republic

Been using Redken Extreme products for a couple of years now. I first started using them as my hair is highlighted and was beginning to show signs of damage. They have made my hair stronger, shinier and it has grown longer as it is no longer breaking off. I would highly recommend the Redken Extreme product range and would not use anything else now!

Denise, Chester

Really love this product. A great leave-in conditioner.

Lisa, Gothenburg

I just can't live without this product. It leaves my long hair soft and shining. And you don't need to use much product, it's perfect. Love it, love it!

Alexandra, Portugal

This is absolutely the best leave-in treatment, EVER! Anti-snap makes my hair soft, shiny and it smells delicious!

Julia, Denmark, Copenhagen

This is a very affordable product if you look at how it works in your hair. I have long, quite brittle hair and Anti-Snap beats all competition. Just use a coin sized amount in toweldried hair and let it work its magic!

Malin, Sweden

Wow! I cannot believe I found this product at this price. I will always do my shopping at now.

Jailma, Rio de janeiro

Really does what it promises! It has helped strengthen my hair, doesn't weigh it down and it smells lush.

Siki, Estonia

Excellent product, used along with other leave-in products, my hair has never looked so beautiful! Congratulations, this site is best.

Cristiane, Brasil

I love this product, I used to bleach my hair all the time but I've now calmed down a lot and this has really helped my hair get back to normal along with regular trims. I dont use any other product range now apart from Redken, I love it.

Dawn, Derby

My hairdresser always uses this product on my hair as it is coloured and I use straighteners, plus it is quite long. I love the smell and since using it at home, I have really noticed a massive improvement to the condition.

Sara, Manchester

I just bought my fourth bottle of this product. It really helps to reduce split ends and it keeps my hair from breaking. It makes my hair really soft and the smell is lovely!

Amanda, Sweden

Lovely smell - I use it after Redken Extreme Conditioner and my long hair just loves it...!

Marina, Norway

I first bought this product a few years ago after destroying my hair and I would recommend it to anyone. I was using a sun in spray on my hair to make it blonder and after quite a period of time my hair was ruined. My hair went like elastic, I couldn't run a comb through it and even when I dried and straightened my hair, it looked like it had been crimped.

I used everything to try and get my hair back in condition from hot oil treatments and masks and many other leave-in conditioners to eggs. Anything people told me that would help, I tried.

I went to a hairdresser and explained to them that I had been using sun in and explained the condition that my hair was in and the hairdresser advised me to use Redken Extreme Anti-Snap. After a few weeks my hair was in much better condition and within a year my hair was back to its original condition (a year sounds long but my hair was in really bad condition).

This product is great and I use it constantly now. If your hair feels really dry or it is snapping from using straighteners, I would definitely recommend that you buy this product as you can really tell the difference when you start using it.

Kathryn, Manchester

Ive been using this product for nearly two weeks now and people have made comments about the condition of my hair already. I colour my hair regularly and straighten my hair every day, so due to this my hair was begining to break and became quite dry, since using this treatment I can honestly say my hair feels better and is starting to look better. The Feelunique price is unbeatable too.

Lisa Haydney, Redruth

I LOVE it!! it lasts for ages, and make my ends sooo smooth, and keep them from snapping! it smells delicious, and works so well with my redken all soft shampoo and conditioner!

Vicky, Norway

This product was first used in my hair by my hairdresser. As i use a ghd constantly it works a treat and smells delicious too! I was very surprised to see how cheap it is to buy on this site as it costs over twenty euro to buy in a salon here in Ireland!

Nat Lynch, Ireland