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Ultra firm and broad for application and blending of cream or liquid foundation:

- look pixel-perfect even in harsh light
- ultra-plush, synthetic taklon bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free
- self-standing for easy storage
- extended aluminum handle is light and easy to use
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I have very oily skin with acne scars and this brush is a godsend. Helps me use less foundation and gives flawless natural coverage while still hiding all my flaws.
Works brilliantly with all liquid foundations and BB creams, a real must have for your make up kit!

Bianca, Ireland

This is the best brush for applying foundation. It make you're foundation go on so well.

Emily, Scotland

This brush is amazing, brilliant for concealer and foundation,super soft bristles, doesn't get clumped up with make up and always returns to its natural state each time its just as soft. The price is also pretty reasonable, love this brush will definitely be checking out more of the real techniques collection.

emily, england

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This brush is irreplaceable. It’s hard to find a similar brush. The application is very soft. It applies the cream product (I use with liquid foundation) and it leaves the skin flawless and smooth. There is no excess of foundation and I used with very liquid and also creamy foundations. Really worth it!

Rafael, Brasil

This brush makes application of foundation a breeze. It gives better coverage than the buffing brush but still blends in foundation amazingly well. Its versatile and can be stippled onto the skin to give an even fuller coverage and can even be used to apply blush/powder. The must-have make-up brush.

Bethany, UK

LOVE THIS BRUSH! incredible application for liquid foundation really good for a flawless look. Really nice bargain.

Lyla, israel

The bristles of the brush are soft and dense, that's why they don't bend sideways when applying foundation. The brush feels pleasant on the face and buffs foundation in flawlessly. Due to its flatter shape it reaches all hard-to-reach areas so well that I don't need any smaller brushes to cover the areas on the sides of my nose etc.
I think I don't even need to mention that it doesn't shed and retains its original shape after washing.

Sarah, Poland

I"ve never thought I would find a perfect foundation brush for me until I tried this one. My skin is really sensitive so I"ve always used sponges/fingertips for applying liquid foundation. But this brush is so soft - it never feels scratchy and it"s perfect for sensitive skin type! Yet it's really dense and the bristles are pretty short so you will have good control while using this brush. Also it gives your skin that lovely airbrushed effect ! Amazing brush!

Anastasia, Ukraine

Got this product today, only to open the packet and find inside a real techniques powder brush. I love Real Techniques brushes.

Jess, England

This is my first time trying a brush from Real Techniques and I am super impressed! This applies my BB creams so quick and flawless. And it feels super soft and gentle against the skin. I really want to try some of the other brushes now!

Maria, Denmark

J'aime beaucoup ce pinceau, sa forme dense, sa douceur. l permet de très jolis résultats avec une couvrance modulable, je l'utilise uniquement avec des fonds de teint liquides.

anne, france

Pinceau parfait pour appliquer le fond de teint liquide. Je l' adore et ne m' en passé plus

Olfa, France

You can feel the quality of this face brush at first touch and this double colour is so beautiful for me.

Jelena, Bosna i Hercegovina

Fantastic brush! Really soft and dense fibers. Works really well with liquid foundation.

Sharon, India

love this brush - so soft and blends foundation beautifully! definitely recommend it!

Maria, UK

This product applied my foundation evenly with a perfect flawless finish! Would recommend this product to anyone! Love it and going to continue to buy Real Techniques brushes!

Sophie, United Kingdom

This brush is amazing! It makes applying foundation effortless and its so soft and easy to clean!

Laura, United Kingdom

I've been using this brush for a few weeks now and it is amazing. By far the best foundation brush I've ever used. It is so soft and really good at blending foundation and concealor. I really recommend this to anyone who wears concealor or foundation. The price is rather good aswell, the product is not too expensive for those who don't have lots of money to spend on brushes.

Lauren, England

This brush is super soft! It blends in all my make up very seamlessly and doesn't shed at all. A fab buy!

Katie, England

Best foundation brush i have ever used. Highly recommend this brush! its amazing!

Gemma, UK

I am so pleased with the results of this brush! The beautifully soft bristles are excellent for multiple uses including the application of liquid or powder foundation or even blending concealer. Samantha Chapman is truly on to a winner with these professional standard brushes and I hope she extends the line further in the future. The brushes look and feel elegant and are easy to use from beginners to the most experienced makeup artists. I hope to extend my collection and look forward to any new exciting releases.

Mollie, England

A worth-the-hype product! This has got to be one of the best make-up brushes I have ever used. Works great with drugstore foundation, blends easily and gives a flawless application. Amazing value for money. Would definately recommend this to others!

Beatriz, Denmark

Hands down, this is the best foundation brush I have ever tried. The bristles are soft, and it gives a natural finish to the makeup.

Annika, Faroe Islands

If there's one RT brush you definitely need, then this is the one! Only wish I brought it earlier you wont need the rest, for me this works better than the buffing brush! the brush is so soft, and perfectly blends your foundation in, it really does leave you with a pixel perfect look! 10/10

mas, uk

THIS, is the brush you need. If you don't have it don't bother doing your make-up.
Its soft, gentle and makes your skin look flawless. I have tried so many brushes for my foundation to look this good. It's a MUST have!

Bethany, England

My first RT brush and certainly not my last. I've been using a flat foundation brush for ages but I've never been really pleased with it so I decided to splash out on this and I will never use any other face brush from now on. This brush is totally amazing. I've only had it a week so can't comment on washing it or shedding as yet but my liquid foundation glides on like a dream with this brush. I absolutely love it.

Pamela, UK

I loved that brush. Its so smooth and can help you to put your make up on very easily!

Lena, Greece

My favourite brush. First real techniques purchase and i have asked for the eye set for my birthday.

Imogen, England

I have most of the Real Techniques Brushes and this one is my favourite! I used it to apply my liquid foundation and it gives a flawless finish. It's so soft and dense which is perfect for applying foundation. Highly recommend this brush, can't say enough good things about it!

Louise, Portugal

Best foundation or blending brush I've ever used. Will clearly last ages. I recommend for anyone, any skin type. And no bristle drops!


Love the product, really soft!

Haajira Iqbal, UK

OMG love this brush, soft, gentle and beautiful, the best brush ever just buy if you want and it will NOT let you down any day of the week!

Sammij, England

Absolutely fabulous! I have tried so many foundation brushes, but this one is one of the best! Great value for money, I'm adoring this!

Zuzana, England

Great brush, really helps to blend whatever product you are using. I use it for foundation and it works wonders! So pleased with it and it's an amazing price and who can resist free delivery. Also I haven't experienced any shedding which is great and the brush is soooo so soft and the handle is very comfortable to hold I think it'll last ages.

Rema, United Kingdom

I love this brush. It's very soft and makes liquid foundation really easy to apply!

Mariana, Portugal

I love this brush to apply my liquid foundation. Is very soft and easy to use.

Mariana Magalhaes, Portugal

I never found a brush that suits me so well. Its so easy to work with, gives a flawless cover, but still natural. Its amazing !!!!
Thank you !!

Daniela Maria Frazao Costa, Portugal

La longueur des poils et la forme du pinceau sont parfaits pour appliquer le fond de teint sans gaspillage de produit et sans effet masque. Pinceau idéal

Prisca, Guyane

Love this brush! and the full range. Is great for putting on foundation as it gets a full coverage that's even and looks really smooth

Great value for money, washes great too

Highly recommend giving it a try

Nicola Humble, UK

This brush is amazing! The foundation moves easily and your face becomes perfect with this magic wand!

Claire, Malta