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RazorPit Teneo Razor Blade Sharpener works with all razor blades and gives you up to 150 shaves with one blade.

Are you tired of expensive razor blades and uncomfortable shaves?
With the patented RazorPit and its friction technology you can remove the residues of hair and skin that makes your blade feel dull. RazorPit makes your razor blade last for up to 150 shaves!

It's just like shaving with a brand new blade every day. At the same time you save up to 90% on buying new razor blades.

What's the difference between the Original and Teneo?
The RazorPit Teneo features a stand with 3 slots: the first slot is for your razor (maintaining your razor in the upright position between shaves will allow the water and any grime to be drawn away from the blades, thus making your blades last longer); the second slot is for the Razor Sharpener Board and the final slot is designed to hold your razor blade cartridges.

Billions of razor blades are thrown in the trash every year. But there is nothing wrong with the blades. They simply have to be cleaned. Production and destruction of razor blades create significant pollution and damage the environment. RazorPit Teneo Razor Blade Sharpener reduces this pollution significantly. RazorPit is made of recyclable materials that are also approved for use in the food industry.

The technology has been known for decades. Like the barber used to "sharpen" his knife on a leather strap, Razorpit removes a coating of organicle materials, that sticks to the edge of the blade and makes them feel dull.

A few strokes on the RazorPit Teneo Razor Blade Sharpener cleans and sharpens the blades and prolongs the lifespan of your razor blades.

RazorPit Teneo Razor Blade Sharpener features:
- Sharpens your razor blades: Patented friction technology is used to clean and sharpen your razor blades.
- Up to 150 shaves with one razor blade: On average users get 6 times the number of shaves compared to not using the RazorPit Teneo.
- Stand for your razor: Holds your razor vertically to avoid water on the edge of the blade, as this causes corrosion.
- Better sharpening process: Softer surface, closer contact with the razor blade.
- Storage for your extra razor blades: Easy storage of your extra razor blades. Up to 4 extra blades stored.
- Designed in co-operation with RazorPit customers: Over 700 customer ideas were considered in the design process.
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Приобрел RazorPit еше 2 месяца назад и до сих пор не пожалел об этом.Эти два месяца я пользуюсь одним лезвием, только несколько раз точил его.Точилка просто замечательная, только не могу понять, почему до сих пор не было придумано что-нибудь подобное... Сколько денег было выброшено ранее, очень жаль... Кстати, и экология страдала.

Alex, Israel