PitRok Push-Up Crystal Deodorant 100g


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Product Information

PitRok's natural formulation works not by covering up body odour, but by eliminating the bacteria which cause it. An invisible layer of natural mineral salts prevents bacteria from multiplying providing remarkable all day protection.

- Does not block pores.
- No aluminium chlorohydrate or aluminium zirconium - both associated with underarm irritation.
- Fragrance Free - won't conflict with your favourite fragrance.
- Bacteriostatic action - supresses odour causing bacteria.
- Not sticky or greasy - won't stain your clothes.
- Long lasting.

Directions for use:
Use immediately after bath or shower. Simply apply to wet skin or dampen the crystal first using moistened fingers. Please do not wet directly under tap. Keeping the crystal dry between uses will enhance product life. It works under arms or even feet. Do not use on broken skin. After use, protect all surfaces as staining may occur.

Ammonium Alum pure natural mineral salts.
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This is the only deodorant I've used where there just isn't ANY smell or staining whatsoever. You're going to sweat, because it's not antiperspirant, but you'll find after getting used to a more green lifestyle that you're MEANT to sweat. This has lasted me up to two-three days with no smell!

Amanda, Norway

So good! Keeps away odour all day, and a big + for no fragrance. Avoid to have it under running water before application, unless you want 10% product and 90% water under the arms. Best applied before drying after a shower. Mild for the skin too!

Karen, Norway