Phyto PhytoKeratine Ultra-Repairing Mask 200ml


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Product Information

The ultimate treatment for intense & instant repair for the most damaged hair.

Phyto PhytoKeratine Ultra-Repairing Mask is specially formulated to help restore inner substance. Two types of hyaluronic acid are uniquely brought together for optimal results:

- Hydration: corrects water deficiencies and fights against dryness deep down within the hair fiber.
- Long lasting: coats, volumises and strengthens hair with long lasting results.

Apply Phyto PhytoKeratine Ultra-Repairing Mask on washed, damp hair.

- For fine hair: apply a small dab of the product onto lengths and ends. Leave in for 3-5 minutes maximum. Rinse thoroughly.
- For thick and very dry hair: apply a dab of the product onto lengths and ends. Leave in for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
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Great mask. Keratin, the primary protein of your hair, contains the essential amino acids needed for healthy-looking, shiny hair. Keratin coats each individual strand of hair to strengthen and protect. After using the mask hair is shiny, crisp, moist, easy to comb. I recommend to try!

Olga, Russia

Very nice smell, left my locks really smooth. Very nice product.

Christina, United Kingdom

I have long dry hair and this Mask is my all-time favorite. Having tried a lot of other products, Phytojoba is definitely the best. It hydrates the hair and makes it appear smoother. I have never used a product that gives me such fantastic results!

Nicole, United Kingdom

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This mask is perfect! My hair look shine and healthy, without getting heavy. I'll buy it for sure!

Dina, Portugal

I received a sample of this with my phyto shampoo, I really like it, made my hair soft and shiny. I already use the phytokeratine spray which has done wonders for my hair!

Eleanor, UK

It is smooth, easy to apply to your hair and a small quantity is enough which goes along way. Hair is very soft after the application.

Mathilde, UK

After rinsing, my hair feels stronger, thicker and more nourished at the ends. Styling is a dream – instead of being left with hair so soft it can’t be styled, my hair holds any style I put it in, without compromising on shine and bounce! This mask has definitely made a long-term improvement to the health and quality of my hair and as a little blob of this product goes a long way I'm not worried about it running out any time soon!

Kathryn, UK

Overall I'd say this is a brilliant product, it really does work and made a huge difference to the appearance of my hair which is actually a rarity with most hair care products I've tried. It is slightly more expensive than I would normally pay for a hair mask but the quality of the product shows in the results.
Will definitely use this again in the future.

Hazel, UK

I am loving the PhytoKeratine Ultra Repairing Mask I have been trialling. It makes your hair feel thick, nourished and gives a lovely shine and fullness even if you leave your hair to dry naturally rather than styling it or using any product on it.
The mask is a nice consistency, smells neutral which is what I want from this sort of product and a little goes a long way so its very economical.
I would thoroughly recommend this product!!

Barbara, UK

I can now leave my hair longer between shampoos. Breakage has also reduced massively.
A little goes a long way and I will certainly NEVER return to my normal conditioners!!

Suzanne, UK

I have found I no longer need to use as much heat to style my hair, consequently my hair has been growing ever so slightly quicker. This could of course just be my imagination and wishful thinking, but nevertheless I am very happy with the results of this product and would like to thank Feelunique for letting me give it a try.

Becca, UK

My overall opinion of this product is excellent.
My 3 weekly dyed, daily washed long hair, needs a good product to keep it smooth and shiny.
On opening, the scent is very pleasant and application, as stated is easy and not much product is needed.
After washing my hair, it takes a really good conditioner to make it easy to comb my hair. My comb just glided through! It did not irritate my skin either, which is another consideration i have to make when using hair products.
Lovely shiny healthy hair. Would certainly recommend.

Julie, UK

With an upcoming move to Paris, I knew I needed to get my hair from dry and drab to smooth and chic.
I have been using the Phytokeratine Ultra-reparing Mask for three weeks now and cannot believe the results!
Having very thick, dull hair, I have tried every kind of leave-in conditioner and smoothing serum before and have never had results like this. My once frizzy hair has been transformed into sleek, shiny locks.
Even my hairdresser asked me what I had been doing! It’s worth every penny for hair like this!

Ailsa, UK

Love the creamy texture for use Easy to apply. The tin is very nice to use too! Lovely fragrance to use
On the hair I have fairly long hair coloured and highlighted so it does get dry without a good product I use a diffuser when drying to stop frizzy look followed by hot straighteners so My hair is abused from that point of view the product feels quite Heavy once on the hair Could be I just need the extra conditioning My hairdresser will tell me~ I think it does seem to hold well and feels very good
I let my son and his partner try it too and they liked it immensely They are in their 30,s and love new things!

Candida, UK

Absolutely loved this product. My hair is fine and has been badly damaged through a years worth of home dying. I've outgrown most of the dyed hair, yet the ends were still dry, dull and constantly splitting. Since using this mask my hair is fuller, healthier looking, more manageable, and requires less heat styling.
Overall a great treat for your hair!

Becca, United Kingdom