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Encourage healthy hair growth from within with Philip Kingsley PK4 Hair Soya Protein vegetarian-friendly supplements. These vegetarian protein capsules are an effective holistic alternative to traditional gelatine-based proteins derived from cattle.

Combined with a healthy hair diet, Philip Kingsley PK4 Hair Soya Protein Capsules will provide your hair with the essential building blocks for beautiful, healthy locks. After just 4 months you will begin to notice an improvement in the health of your hair.

Take two Philip Kingsley PK4 Hair Soya Protein Capsules, twice a day. Do not exceed the stated dose.
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Have been using these vitamins for about 5 months and have really noticed the difference. My hair is significantly longer !!! However you need to give yourself at least 3 months to start seeing the results !!!

Ieva, Australia

The Philip Kingsley treatments are the best. I take these capsules and also use the Extreme Elasticizer for a few weeks and the results are great. These products revived my hair !

Mihaela, Romania

The signs are pretty clear to me, I can hardly bear to believe the evidence of many new hairs, growing where my hair was thinning badly. I have a number of illnesses which have led to extreme thinning of my hairline.
It's so amazing to finally find something to reverse the problem, I'm so grateful & full of hope that one day I might have a decent head of hair!

Anita, England

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I started taking PK4 a couple of years ago, I had a hairdresser cut my hair wrong, by thinning out my fine hair !! Thinking it was thick.
I will never be without this product. It is now starting to work on my finger nails , which are starting to look good . Overall, i would highly recommend this product to anyone who has been in the similar situation to me or just need some TLC !

Deborah, United Kingdom

I'm a Hairdresser myself and have saw with my own eyes what a difference these tablets can make.. I've now placed an order for myself and Soo excited to start taking them too... Truly amazing!!

Kirsty, Livingston

After 4 months it was my hairdresser that noticed the diffference first and cofirmed what I suspected, that my new hair growth was thicker. After a couple of years my hair is thicker and stronger would not be without this product and neither would my parntner who was almost bald. Whilst it hasn't actually cured his baldness it has improved the quality of the hair he has left substantially.

Lynda, Lancashire

I took this product for a few months and noticed such a change in my hair. It used to be so thin and brittle and suddenly it got really strong and so much thicker. It was amazing! I have tried a few other products for my hair before but Philip Kingsley seems to be a really high quality product at reasonable prices. I'm now going to try the Elasticizer treatment!

Catherine, St. Peters, Guernsey

I have been taking these capsules for a little over 2 months and I have already noticed a difference in my hair. Visibly thicker, and far more healthier looking. I am desperately trying to grown my hair for a summer wedding, and these are most definitely helping with hair growth. I've tried numerous hair growth supplements, and these are definitely the most effective.

Elisia, Worcester

I've used these supplements for 6 months. Definite difference to my hair. Even my hairdresser said it appeared thicker!

Debbie, Essex

This is my second bottle of capsules, and I can now really see a difference in how my hair looks and feels. It is definitely visibly thicker and healthier looking, and I'm convinced my hair is growing a little faster too. I used to use a lot of silica based supplements for hair health, but after speaking to a pharmacist who said protein based supplements would be the most effective (as hair itself is protein), I am definitely sticking with these!

Elisia, Worcester

This is already making a noticeable difference to my hair after only a month :)

S French, Surrey

Very good supplement. I like that they promise you to see difference in 4 months, not right away! It is so true. I could see more hair growing and I don't lose as much as I used to before.

Elena, London

After 3 months my hair was visibly thicker.

M Cameron, Dorset