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Philip Kingsley

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Whether you consider your hair to be your crowning glory, a problem that just won't go away or something that is going away all too fast, this book will provide you with help, reassurance and practical advice that can be put to immediate, beneficial use. Whatever your age, sex or race, 'The Hair Bible' provides a complete guide to preserving and enhancing the health and appearance of your hair.

Philip Kingsley is to hair what Dr Spock is to child rearing - an authority on his subject. In this book he provides readers of all ages, both sexes and all races with a complete guide to preserving, caring for and enhancing one of their most vital personal assets. This handbook shows you how to identify your own hair type and choose shampoos and conditioners to match it.

Philip Kingsley discusses the science of shampooing, together with hair drying and other procedures that he considers potentially perilous: curlers, rollers, pins, brushes and combs, permanent waves, colouring and bleaching. He deals with everyday hazards such as split ends and dandruff, as well as more serious problems caused by illness. There is also a full and frank discussion of hair loss/thinning, its treatment and mistreatment.
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Wow! I can't praise these products enough! Philip Kingsley was recommended to me by a collegue at work.

mack-the-wife, Cheshire