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Philip Kingsley

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Product Information

Your Hair Awards 2012 Winner - Best Anti-dandruff Shampoo!

An award-winning shampoo formulated specifically to relieve and clear flaking and/or itchy scalps. Careful research has resulted in a mild and soothing but highly effective shampoo that will leave hair shiny and manageable, whilst quickly clearing it of irritation.

A best-seller in the product range the shampoo is based on an expert clinic formulation that Philip created personally for Sir Laurence Olivier. Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp Shampoo will not strip the hair of colour or irritate the scalp.

Apply Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp Shampoo to your wet hair. Lather well with a gentle kneading of your scalp. Rinse & repeat if necessary. Follow with appropriate conditioner (see related products or the product selector) & Scalp Toner. Use daily to cleanse your scalp & thereafter at regular intervals as required. Suitable for use on colour treated hair.

Active Ingredients:
- Piroctone Olamine: Relieves flaking and itching caused by dandruff and mild seborrhoeic dermatitis.
- Lauryl Betaine: Mild cleansing.
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This shampoo is amazing for me. My scalp was used to be itchy but then i tried this product and now i am in love with it! So my hair is too!

Irena, Bulgaria

I love this shampoo!!!
I have been dealing with dandruff for many years and tried at least 20 different products.
I have used this for 5 times now and there is NO dandruff.

Marija, Croatia

Love it! It really works and it smells nice unlike the majority anti dandruff shampoos. I will definitely stick with it.

Ninda, Switzerland

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This shampoo is great for itchy scalps from the first use. It also leaves the hair really soft and shiny.

Andra, Norway

I have noticed the difference after first use, great product!!

Zuzana, Czech republic

This product really helped my scalp from the first use! I recommend this for anyone with scalp problems.

Sofia, Finland

Really gentle but nice shampoo. It leaves the scalp feeling great, hair looks amazing. And for me the most important thing: won't wash out my hair color like all the other harsh shampoo's that work for the scalp but change your treated hair color soon after use.. Definitely re-purchase. :) 5*

Melisa, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I have tried so many other product to treat my dandruff, but NONE of them worked. After I started using this product together with the toner, after 2 times, dandruff disappeared! Amazing! And the scalp is not itching any more. I definitely recommend this product to those who have scalp problem. It's worth the price!

Vivian, Copenhagen

I love Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp shampoo! It truly does what it says it will do, soothing my scalp from the first use. Thank you Mr Kingsley for returning my confidence!

Elizabeth, Isle of Skye

I have used every anti-dandruff product possible at at 30 had resigned myself to having to wear light colours to hide the 'snow' however i was recommended this shampoo and it is a miracle worker!! No more flakes and no more itchy scalp from the first use! AMAZING!!!!!!

Sarah, Nottinghamshire

I sufer from an itchy flaky scalp form time to time, usually caused by stress. I had tried every usual brand on the market and had also been to the doctor for their advice and been given one on prescription. Nothing worked. This product is amazing, not only did it clear my scalp but it improved the overall condition of my hair. It lathers up beautifully with a small amount and rinses out well, leaving hair clean but still soft. I have really thick, course and curly hair which I straigthen and it works really well for me!

Jennifer, Edinburgh

My teenager daughter had a problem with itchy scalp and was constantly scratching her head to the extent that she had nasty scabs and her scalp was really red and sore. I have tried numerous shampoos and lotions that our GP prescribed but these only helped in the short term. I am so glad that I found this shampoo although a little expensive it has proved to be a success and together with the hair tonic her scalp has improved dramatically. She does have the occasional scratch but I think that is more habit than itch! I will definitely be re-ordering and can highly recommend.

Denise, Worcester

After using this shampoo I will never go back to using the stuff on the high-street. I used to get spots and a sore scalp, it was painful to touch and this has not happened since I started using Philip Kingsley. It took about five days to work and I wash my hair everyday and it works great with the Moisture Balance Conditioner.

Karen Walker, South Shields

Having tried various shampoos for dry/flaky scalps, I tried this without much hope. It totally transformed my hair and scalp within the first week. I have used it ever since.

Debbie, Essex

This shampoo really works! I have been suffering from dandruff for 3 years and this is the only shampoo that helped me.

Irena, Leeds

I cannot thank you enough for your shampoo. I have tried so many different shampoos over the last couple of years for my dry flacky scalp to no avail. At last a product that has worked in just over a week! I am over the moon with your product and will certainly be recommending to others. Thank you at last I have stopped scratching my head all day.

Yvonne, Elgin

With the cold winter my scalp tends to get very dry and flaky. After I used this shampoo a few times my scalp was back to normal. I was very surprised at how quickly it worked and I really recommend trying this if your scalp feels dry, itchy and/or flaky.

Kjersti, Norway

I bought this after another flaky scalp shampoo my doctor prescribed failed to work. The reviews said it worked from the first wash and it did. After suffering for months the itching was completely gone in a week. I am thoroughly impressed with all the Philip Kingsley products I have used - but this is just amazing.

Suzanne, Lancashire

After major surgery I found that my hair and scalp had suffered to the extent that I had constant itching and many small scabby areas. The use of the Philip Kingsley products designed for this condition was like waving a magic wand over my head and hair as in no time the symptons were controlled and soon I had the benefit of a clean and healthy scalp and wonderful hair - as judged by my stylist as well as by me!

Gwynneth, London

I have suffered for years with psoriasis on my scalp. I must have tried at least twenty products that claim to work... this one does. I have been using the Flaky Itchy Scalp Shampoo now for two years and it has cured my problem. When I stop using the shampoo the itching starts to return; this shampoo is a god-send to me.

Shaun, West Midlands

A few years ago I developed an itchy, flaky scalp. I was sent to the local dermatologist for treatment and tried various types of shampoos and conditioners but to no avail. I recently went to a new hairdressers who recommended the shampoo and conditioner for itchy flaky scalp by Philip Kingsley. Having only used the products for about three weeks I have noticed a huge difference - no more scratching and my hair feels so soft. I have never spent this amount on a product before but I am going to from now on - and buy it at Congratulations Philip Kingsley, you have made me a very happy woman who is not afraid to wear a black top now.

Carol, Kent

I am so relieved that I found this shampoo and that it does actually live up to the hype. I have suffered for many years from a bleeding, flaky itchy scalp and I have tried almost every shampoo on the high street and many expensive ones from the hairdressers, but nothing has ever helped my scalp. Thankfully this shampoo has eliminated most of the above by around 90%. I now feel much more confident about my hair and will continue to re-purchase!

Emma, Uffculme, Devon

I am thrilled that I can actually get this product sent to me in Ireland and at a cheaper price than direct from Philip Kingsley!!
I discovered this product after years of buying shampoos and only using them once or twice. My head would itch with dermatitis from either stress or as a reaction to the hair products and I would scratch to the point of making my head bleed (even in my sleep!)Huge flaky dandruff followed and using products like TGel worked but dried out my hair too much. I use this every wash and rarely have problems - if I do I just splosh on some of his hair tonic and my scalp sighs with relief!
I cannot praise this stuff enough! ( especially at this price!!)

Wendy Austin-Rawlings, Co.Tipperary Ireland

After my husband's death, I was loosing alot of hair simply because my life style sudenly changed. I was not eating well, I simply was not coping with life. Before he passed on, we had been talking much about bringing changes to afro hair...we simply were fed up with all these synthetic weaves and chemicals which rob us of our hair. we started the research wanting to know more...then he passed on. I have always had very limp hair anyways and this worsened with this depression.
At my desk he had bought me a book by Philip kingsley "hair Bible". I then began to read this. Oh! did I learn much...I read it again and again... then my son got me this shampoo and conditioner -oh! I can't begin to say how my hair healed and so fast. The dry hair was healed the itch gone mh!Thank you so much. I tell you even if there was no winning it is worth it all to have the opportunity to write to you.
I was visiting this page to make a new order when I came across this re-view Love Jennifer.

Jennifer Uzele, Bath, Somerset