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PERSONA is a method of contraception that works in harmony with your body. It works by monitoring the changes in hormones (luteinising hormone and estrogen) which control your cycle and identifies the days when you are at significant risk of becoming pregnant.

PERSONA consists of Test Sticks and a hand-held Monitor.

The Test Sticks collect hormones from your first urine of the day and process them into information that the Monitor can read.

The Monitor reads, stores and uses the information from the Test Sticks to let you know whether you are at risk of becoming pregnant ('Red' Day) or free to make love without a contraceptive* ('Green' Day).

Through its coloured Lights and Display Screen your Monitor tells you your contraceptive status.

Pack contains:
- 1 PERSONA Monitor
- 16 Test Sticks for the first cycle of use
- User Guide
- Batteries

*Based on independent trials PERSONA is 94% reliable when used according to the instructions and as the only method of contraception. This means that if 100 women use PERSONA for one year, 6 are expected to become pregnant as a result of sex on a Green Day due to PERSONA incorrectly identifying their fertile days.

Please note: only PERSONA Test sticks should be used with the PERSONA monitor. PERSONA must be used according to the instructions. Please read the user guide supplied with the monitor and the enclosed leaflet and ensure you are satisfied that you meet the criteria for use prior to using the test sticks. PERSONA offers no protection from sexually transmitted infections or HIV, the virus which causes AIDS. For further information please consult your pharmacist or doctor. Always dispose of test sticks immediately after use. Do not use test sticks after the expiry date shown. PERSONA is an in vitro diagnostic medical device designed for home use. Not to be taken. Not for internal use.
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A product for the woman who does not want to take a medical/chemical produced pill year after year in case of what the consequences of long term usage might do to ones body. That being said, Persona requires an "ordnung muss sein" personality. You have to check in 8 eight times a month with test sticks and when not in a steady realtionship - use rubber. Been using it for 10 years and no problems.

Ingrid, Norway