Opal London Super Absorbent Hair Turban

Opal London

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Product Information

The fast effective way to towel dry hair.

A pre-formed lightweight microfibre turban with button fastening with a loyal following. The Opal London Super Absorbent Hair Turban is cleverly designed to stay in place as the capillary action of the hi-tec microfibre gently sucks the water from the hair.

Microfibre towels do not involve any of the the common abrasive action that can contribute to split ends or simulate the production of excessive oils in the scalp.

Towel tip: For enhanced performance of any towel, do not use fabric softener. Fabric softener leaves a film of silicon that will create a barrier that will inhibit the absorbency of towels. Using fabric softener does a great job to make towels and clothing soft, but this soft feel does not improve their functionality. If you have a towel that is not performing well, try a clarification treatment by adding a half cup of white vinegar on your next towel wash.

Opal London pursue a policy of non animal testing and sustainable resourcing.
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I have 2 of these and I love them. small, great for everyday use, in our caravan and at the swimming pool. Dries very quickly. Going to buy a 3rd to rotate them.

Jenn, Aberdeenshire

Small towel but dries hair, its the best small secret!

Vanessa Llerena Bedroni, Danmarck