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Nail Strengthener - protein fortified, contains Calcium and Vitamin C, D and E. Great for Natural Nails.

The healthy alternative to strengthen and lengthen beautiful natural nails. Grow your nails healthy, strong and new with Nu Nail, an enriched formula that promotes healthy nail development.

Nu Nail builds layers of protection to create beautiful natural nails. It improves soft, peeling, and brittle nails. Advanced condition of nails is evident after daily application the first week of use. As the condition of nails continues to improve, weekly application will further strengthen and lengthen nails.

Treats: Soft, Peeling, Bitten, Weak or Thin Nails.

Formaldehyde free, Toluene free and Phthalate (DBP) free.

Apply one coat of Nu-Nail on clean nails. Re-apply daily over the existing coats for one week without removing polish until your nails feel strong and healthy. After one week, clean your nails with non-acetone polish remover at which time you should feel and see the improvement of your nails. As the condition of your nails improve, apply every 3rd day on non-polished nails. If you wish to use polish on your nails then use Nu-Nail as a base coat and apply the polish on top of the Nu-nail. Re-apply or use the Nu-nail as a precautionary method to keep your nails healthy and strong.
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This does work! Suprised - I was! I have tried loads of nail strengthener's but to no avail, you do have to give this a few months to work, but the results are worth the wait. I am now buying nail colour, if you have ever had weak, peeling, and bendy nails you will understand!:)

Alison, Swansea

I like this product. I do not follow the instructions, but just apply 2 coats - they last up to a week and my nails look good and are stronger than they've ever been before.

Anna, Warsaw, Poland