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Product Information

A styling, finishing and conditioning product for all hair types.

Moroccanoil Treatment is an ultra-light formula which is absorbed by the hair instantly, resulting in a natural, silky finish and brilliant shine without leaving a residue.

Moroccanoil Treatment has the ability to restore over-processed hair damaged by environmental factors and chemical procedures.

Winner of Best Hair Oil at the InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2013.
Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2012 Winner: Best Leave-in Treatment.

InStyle say: "We don't know how we survived before Moroccanoil. Hairstylist Jamie Stevens agrees: "It's been a massive hit. One in three of my clients now walk away with a bottle. It's super-nourishing and works wonders to control frizz and leave hair soft and shiny"."

Moroccanoil Treatment revives, hydrates, and most importantly, detangles hair, wigs and hair extensions.

Moroccanoil Treatment is stored in an amber glass bottle to protect the oil from ultra-violet rays that cause oxidation and degradation.

Alcohol Free.

Comes with a pump dispenser.

Please note that Moroccanoil is available to customers in the UK only.

- Styling and finishing: After shampooing and conditioning, start with a small amount in the palm of your hand and work it through damp hair. Style as usual.

- Protection: To control frizz and protect hair from environmental factors, apply a small amount (few drops) to dry hair as often as needed.
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This authentic Moroccanoil Oil Treatment is probably the most luxurious product I ever tried in my live. It's such a pleasure to use it, and the smell is absolutely gorgeous.

Allis, Sweden

I have hair which is wavy/curly and is frizzy when not styled; this product tames all that frizzy straw likeness and makes my hair so soft, shiny and smooth. If you want that salon styled look every day, this is the product you need. I absolutely love Moroccan Oil and this treatment is worth every penny! Definitely recommend to anyone, my favourite beauty product ever!

Yasmin, United Kingdom

Esse óleo é muito poderoso e meus cabelos são apaixonados por ele, é só passar que os fios na hora ficam brilhantes e perfumados! O fato de ele proteger do calor do secador e chapinha é importantíssimo e mostra sua versatilidade, no meu dia a dia corrido, o que preciso é disso, produtos eficientes que posso usar em todos os momentos!

Letícia, Brasil

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Good product. I love and I recommend it.

LT, France

Cannot live without this. Simple as that. You might think its expensive, but it lasts AGES and really does work miracles.

Nicola, UK

I used to use a cheaper oil for my hair and never really noticed a difference. But this really works, my hair feels softer and less static. It also smells lovely and isn't greasy which is a plus. It also comes with a handy pump that you screw into the bottle which dispenses very easily .

sarah, UK

Simplismente Maravilhoso !

Carolina, Brasil

LOVE IT. It makes my hair shine and silky. Plus moisturised and smooth but not greasy.

Alisha, United Kingdom

C’est une merveille ! Il laisse mes cheveux brillants, soyeux et avec une fragrance super. En plus, c’est déjà une protection thermique avant le brushing.

Fabiana, Canada

I absolutely love this oil with the original formula! It gives such a desired softness and shine to my fine and curly blonde hair. And the smell is simply divine.

Mia, Sweden

My hair was really damaged before using this. Now its amazing and everyone asks how I get my hair so soft. I can tell when I don't use it. It is excellent product. I have been using this for years. It protects from heat such as hair driers and straighteners. Adds shine and softness.

Benjamin, England

This product is great on very short hair. Leaves it soft with good definition!

Sally Hare, UK

I like it, cause it makes my hair awesome (shine and healthy)!! I recommend it to everyone!

Aziza, Russia

I don't know how I could spend the most part of my life without it. It is magical and makes my hair shiny and very good looking.

David, Brazil

This product is so worth buying it is a miracle, it makes my hair look not only thicker but shiny and silky at the same time I know amazing. The value for money is worth every penny and last long at you only need one or two sprays.

Noor, United Kingdom

I love this product because it makes my hair softer than any other product out there. My hair so soft and silky!

Emilia, Finland

I absolutely love this!! My hair dresser recommended it, it's fab for my hair, which really dry and damaged due to colouring and heat use.

Beth, Uk

When i was younger i damaged my hair with dying it and my hairdresser mistreating it, resulting in my hair suffering hair loss and breakage. From then on i stopped using heat and treatment on my hair and bought this Morroccanoil treatment. Its my saviour! It has completely revitalised my hair and I have noticed it is more untangled these days with the use of this treatment.
Its a light, non sticky, nice smelling solution and I also suffer from very oily hair and if anything it slows down oil accumulation rather than encourages it. This oil has regained my confidence. Definitely worth the money.

Sarah, United Kingdom

This is one of my favourite leave-in treatments and i have a lot of hair products.

Teresa, Denmark

This product is amazing. It leaves hair very soft and with a fantastic shine, I cannot live without it.

Ana, Brazil

I LOVE this product definitely the best hair product I have ever used! I am very glad I decided to purchase this despite the quite off putting price, It is SOooo worth it. I wouldn't say my hair is fine but it definitely isn't thick so I was worried this product might make it greasy and heavy. My hair is also just past shoulder length and blonde after years of dying it my hair had dried out and was struggling to grow. This product has not only help restore the goodness in my hair but also has helped it to grow. With my hair being blonde I do find it hard to create a shine however this product does just that. Very happy with the results, also you only need a tiny bit I use every time I wash my hair and it has hardly gone down. I couldn't recommend this more ladies, buy it! :)

Hayley, England

Love this product!!!! My blond hair feeling great with this oil. It makes my hair shine and silky

Mariya, Russia

Two words .. Miracle Worker. I have thick curly, fizzy hair and this manages to keep it soft shiny and smooth. Use it after the shower before I blow dry my hair and a small bit after before I straighten. I find it works best when heat is applied afterwards, so just before straighten or curl its perfect!

Suzi Higgins, Ireland

I swear by this product! My hair was super flat, dry, damaged and boring until I found this miracle! A little drop applied on damp hair completely revitalizes my hair! I can now style my hair without losing volume, bounce and shine! It seems expensive, but it lasts for ages- SO WORTH IT!

Katherine Brittleton, United Kingdom

This is a fantastic treatment oil for the hair. It really helps to protect my long hair and prevent damage, I've noticed a big improvement since I've started using it! Gives the hair softness and makes it look really glossy! I put mine on damp hair and again after styling. I have fine limp hair and it does not weigh the hair down at all.

Jessica, England

It really works wonders when used on damp hair as a styling product, leaving even the driest and most damaged ends looking and feeling smooth and silky. I think it acts as a mild heat protectant too, which is good! Also, a little goes a long way.

Enrichetta, Rome, Italy

Amazing! As someone with frizzy hair, it leaves mine super soft, shiny and detangled. Work's miracles everytime I use it. You definitley won't regret it!

Sam, London

This product is simply wonderful, leaves hair very bright!!

Lílian, Minas Gerais

Great oil for my hair!

Tatiana, Kiev Ukraine

I just love this product, it leaves my hair feeling so silky and shiny.

Randi, Norway

This is such a great product; it leaves the hair soft, smooth and nourished. Keeps static and frizz at bay, while making hair healthier. The scent is absolutely divine as well. A little goes a long way, and even on my waist length hair it lasts for 10 months.

Kristin, Norway

This is the best product that I've ever used. It leaves my hair so silky. You have to buy it!!! The best!!!

Ilaria, Italy

Enfin une huile qui fait du bien aux cheveux sans les GRAISSER!! et surtout elle sent incroyablement bon!!

Maadadi, France

I love Moroccanoil! My hair was weak and damaged since using Morroccanoil I have seen such an improvement in my hair, it is much healthier now and has grown longer too!

Rachel, Torquay

Moroccanoil is the most amazing product I've ever used for my hair! You apply it when you hair is wet and after drying it, you can see the difference. It is great for frizzy hair and for those who use colour. It smells really good. It's a must have product. Try it and your hair will be silky! A trip in Morocco..

Dimitra, London, UK

This is the finest product bought out for hair. I have used it for 3 yrs plus and recommended it to my 78 yr old mum, it has cured her 'straw' hair completely and it now feels wonderful. Also recommended it to a friend with real coppery auburn frizzy hair, and it totally solved all her problems, her hair is now straight, glossy and nourished saving her a fortune over all the products she needed to use before. Sounds expensive but a full bottle lasts me well over a year. BUY IT *****

Sandra, Bedworth, Warwickshire, UK

I've changed my hair color from blonde, brunette and red head in a year. I curl my hair and straighten it, love using a dry shampoo so my hair is really dry and Moroccanoil is the only thing that helps me to keep my hair. It seems soft and frizz free and it smells AMAZING! Love it!

Irina, Norway

I love Moroccanoil since I've recently gone from bleach blonde to brunette and my hair has thinned out due to harsh prescribed medication. Moroccanoil makes hair manageable and smooth. I love it so much I wrote a review on it.

Stephanie, London

Esse produto é escelente e pode ser usado de várias formas antes ou depois do secador e na máscara de hidratação fica mais perfeito ainda.Aprovadíssimo

Paula, Brazil

Gostei muito do produto. Antes do secador, ajuda a secar os cabelos mais rápido; depois do secador, dá brilho e doma o frizz; pode ser usado junto com a coloração; nas máscaras...Realmenteé mil e uma utilidades.

Adriana, Brasil

Not only is this the best hair product I have ever used but it smells so good, strangers have approached me to ask which perfume I am using!!

Robyne, Bern, Switzerland

Just had to write about how much this product has changed the texture of my hair! I have recently had human hair extensions and they were starting to dry out and look past there best. After reading some the reviews I decided to try it out. Added to my hair when wet has added shine and condition.

Jo, York

I have extremely dry, badly behaved wavy, unruly hair and this has been a miracle worker. Being cynical, I didn't believe the hype but I've been entirely proven wrong! Love love love this and will always repurchase! Thanks!

Elsie, UK

This is absolutely amazing. I have had awful dry hair for as long as I can remember and in about three days of use my hair looks so much healthier.

Bethany, Cambridge

Eu amo este produto. É instantaneamente absorvido, não gorduroso para ele se sentir, muito leve. Cheira muito agradável. Recomendaria.

Ana, Brasil

I'm only 16 but I started using hair straightners and highlighting my hair now and then since I was 13. So as you can imagine, it's ruined! I feel like it never grows but last august I bought this Moroccanoil having heard so much about it and I noticed results straight away!! I use it as a leave in conditioner and my hair's condition has noticeably improved which I am sooo pleased about! I can definitely see a difference when I don't use it and I would recommend it to anyone!

Ffion, llandudno

This is by fair the best hair product I have ever come across - and believe me I've tried a lot of them. I have blonde highlighted hair which is very thick, damaged and frizzy. I was slightly worried this would make it look greasy, but it just gives your hair a really 'healthy' look. It makes it soooo smooth and seems to repair some of my split ends which is a bonus! The smell is divine and I know for a fact that this, and the rest of the Moroccanoil range will always be in my bathroom cupboard! Please please don't hesitate to buy - you REALLY don't know what you're missing!! :)

Jess, London

I love this product, it's like a miracle in a bottle. I have very long hair and I found it impossible to tame the split ends until a friend recommended this. I've never looked back! It's very hard to get blonde hair very shiny as it doesn't reflect the light as much as darker hair but after using this I was amazed at the shine and condition of my hair.

Beth, Leeds

Ever since I was a teenager that I have struggled with my thick coarse hair. I couldn't manage it. I have tried out tons of products, cheap and expensive and nothing seemed to work. When I decided to highlight it, everything was worse. But then I discovered this miraculous oil which in small quantities softens and takes the frizz away. Along with hot towels and proper care, Moroccanoil is a must. Cannot live without it.

Sofia, Lisboa, Portugal

Love this product, quickens blow-drying time leaves hair very soft and shiny. Wasn't sure about putting oil on my hair, thought would make it greasy - how wrong was I?

Charlotte, Bristol

I always always have dry hair. I tried everything like expensive brands, but none of them compare to Moroccanoil Oil. Seriously, this stuff is holy grail because one try and one sniff of this product, you'll fall in love. When I open the bottle, it had this sweet loving smell to it and when applying it to your hair. O-M-G, instant results! My hair was softer, shiner and stronger. This product is a must have in everyone's hair care!

Renee, USA

This is an amazing treatment! It turns my coloured hair from dry and frizzy to soft and shiny. This is my must have.

Natalie, St. Petersburg, Russia

ahahah uma simples definição..maravilhosoo vale cada centavo

Juliana, SAO PAULO

One word, one effect : Perfect, miracle.

João, Rio de Janeiro

The result is magic, my hair is wonderful

Katerina, Greece

When I thought that every hair oil no matter what the price is leaves me with the same effect, Moroccanoil proved me wrong. It is so good and leaves the hair with the luxurious bounce and shine. I don't think I have split ends anymore.

Agne, Lithuania

I used it before it became popular and I love it so much. It's an amazing treatment for dry hair, it's not like other oils I have tried. After using Morrroccanoil I don't feel like "dirty" hair, it's really so light and efficiently.

Tanya, Israel

Ótimo tratamento para os cabelos, uso sempre depois de lavá-los (úmido ou seco).
O melhor é que não fica oleoso, já estou no meu segundo frasco.

Leticia, Brasil

I had heard the rumours of the amazing Moroccan Oil Treatment, but I never expected this!! I borrowed some from a friend and now I am addicted. Takes me half the time to blow dry my thick curly hair straight and leaves it mega soft with no frizz : )

Rachael, London

By far is the best product that makes your hair shiny, healthy and silky at the same time. You won't regret if you buy it and the most important is that it works on all kind of hairs

Vivian, Brasil

I honestly never found a product even close to this one, it is so perfect for my dry hair, it is maybe a bit expensive but it is worth every penny. I would recommend this to everyone, the greatest hair product ever.

Karla, Croatia

With this wonderful Oil I can control my naturally curly, frizzy, thick hair much cheaper than frequent trips to the hairdresser!

Robyne, Switzerland

I have very long hair and recently had (real) hair extensions put in. My hair dresser gave me a sample sized bottle of this to try and I am so impressed. I use this before blowdrying and get such a smooth sikly result that I hardly need to use straightening irons any more. Love!

Sian, Hertfordshire

Moroccan Oil is by far the best treatment I have ever used. Its lightweight and doesnt drag my hair down. It has made my overprocessed hair look healthy again. Well worth the money as a little goes a long way :)

Sarah, Stalybridge

A real treat :)
With some trepidation and not really believing all the great reviews, I invested in a bottle of Moroccanoil Oil.
To my disbelief this product is amazing, it lives up to all the great reviews and its worth every penny. It makes my hair look in excellent condition, shiny and sleek as if i've just had a spar treatment. The bottle last for ages and you only need to use a small amount each time you use it, I would recommend to use it once or twice a fortnight. My friends and family have also got hooked on this product, i would highly recommend it 10/10.

Rhiannon, Newport

I must say it is a wonderful treatment. I have fine hair, highlights and use a hairdryer a lot. This oil gives life to my hair, it looks much healthier now. Love it!

Natalia, Dublin

I am slightly obsessed with my hair and I have tried loads of products over the years and this is by far the best hair product I have ever tried. It is great for damaged and dry hair and it will make your hair a lot softer, shinier and stronger. For best results you should put it in damp hair, but it also works great on dry hair and since it's absorbed straight away it doesn't leave any oiliness no matter how much you put in. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve the texture of their hair.

Alexandra, Helsingborg