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Móa The Green Balm is a must-have product for the entire family! Crammed with organic yarrow and lots of other lovely natural stuff, this handy little pot of Móa Balm has many weird and wonderful uses.

Móa The Green Balm's miraculous healing powers soothe, nourish and renew dry, itchy skin conditions, bumps, bites and grazes and works wonders as an aftershave balm and facial cleanser. For absolutely donkey's years yarrow's herbal properties have been used to heal and repair; keep a little pot of Móa handy for any little crisis!

Móa Recipe:
No nasties, just oodles of wholesome, lovely natural stuff so the whole family can use Móa The Green Balm, even if you have super-sensitive skin.

Each pot of Móa The Green Balm is crammed with organic yarrow (Achillea millefolium) a herb renowned for its nourishing and healing properties. Combined with tea tree oil, nature's powerful antiseptic, yarrow creates an unrivalled healing synergy with endless therapeutic properties. Finally beeswax, coconut, sweet almond and soya bean oils help to soften, nourish and protect the skin.

Móa do NOT test their ingredients on our furry little friends.
- 100% natural product
- 100% organic herbs
- Concentrated active ingredients
- No chemicals
- No artificial preservatives
- No perfume
- No alcohol
- No parabens
- No lanolin
- Vegetarian

Móa The Green Balm has many weird and wonderful uses.
Móa is a vital part of any outdoors first-aid kit; be it climbing, camping, sailing or skiing. Its miraculous healing powers have been praised by many adventurous folk, who like a good climb and the great outdoors!

- Soothe dry, itchy skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis; even safe to use around the eye area
- Treat cold sores and chapped lips
- Apply to sore, red nostrils when you have the sniffles
- Mix with a little hot water and gargle to soothe a sore throat
- Calm sun-burnt or weathered skin ailments, even mild frostbite so they say.
- Help to heal minor cuts and sores and avoid scarring
- Use on minor burns from the camp fire
- Smear it on grazes, bumps and bruises
- Apply to rope burns and blisters
- Zap those pesky insect bites and stings
- Smear between the toes to help combat athlete's foot; it's a ramblers dream-cream!

Móa The Green Balm has many remedies and it's a beauty must-have for holidays and festivals.
- Calm inflamed skin after shaving, waxing or threading
- Condition eyelashes and help them grow longer; apply Móa everyday!
- Help fade stretch marks after pregnancy
- Soothe your new tattoos or piercings, whilst avoiding infection with anti-bacterial yarrow and tea-tree
- Moisturise and nourish dry hands, nails and cuticles
- Revive dry ends; apply before shampooing
- Soften dry bits like knees, elbows, feet and heels
- Kiss goodbye to the dreaded cold-sore
- Rub it into dandruff and leave overnight before washing; yarrow is an anti-fungal
- Magic at removing eye-make-up; safe to use around the eyes
- Use Móa The Green Balm as a luxurious facial cleansing balm.

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Glycine Soja (Soy Bean) Oil, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow) Extract, Aqua Purificata (Water), Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Ol, Chlorophyll, Limonene*.
*occurs naturally in tea tree oil.
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A little pot of wonder, multiple uses in my family and we all love it from my son for bumps & cuts, my husband as an after shave balm and myself for removing make up even waterproof mascara! Best of all it's organic natural ingredients.

Erica, Australia

brilliant stuff, superb at cleansing & moisturizing. Lasts ages too so great buy. Highly recommended-love it!!!

Catherine, uk

Simply perfect! Can't wait to repurchase it again.

Geisilane, Brasil

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I use the green balm as a cleanser and it is perfect! I have recently changed my skincare routine and this has worked wonders for me. No more flakes, it does not sting in the eyes and removes all make-up really fast. I also use it as a moisturizer, it does not leave the skin oily so it can be applied before you put on your foundation. I have also recently tried to rub a bit of the balm on an insect bite and it did reduce the itching a lot. It is a great overall product and I must add that a little bit goes a really long way. I am definitely going to re-purchase.

Michaela, Czech Republic

I have this in my bag as a mini-first aid kit. I use it on cuts, bites, dry skin on my face or hands and as spots that are healing up. It doesn't dry out my spots, but it does help them heal faster and with less chance of scarring. I even use on on bits of my face where my makeup has gone a bit cakey, a tiny bit warmed on your fingers and pressed on to the dry bit helps. Doesn't break me out and even the little pots last ages. A good product to keep on hand and one that I have repurchased.

Marissa, Singapore

I get eczema on my hands, and when I come into contact with certain chemicals my skin will react, crack and often bleed.This balm is just amazing. It doesn't burn and doesn't make my skin sore. It heals up the cracks and soothes whilst also moisturising as well. It's a joy to use!

I can get really thick dry skin on my hands, which no cream will soften without having to apply repeatedly for days. After just one application Moa's green balm had softened the thick skin and made it really soft. I am nothing but completely impressed with this balm. I really don't need anything else for my hands and I'm considering using it on the dry skin on my face.

Becca, UK

This little pot of wonder is the best thing that I have included in my skincare routine in the last few years. My skin is sensitive and it dries out, I have been fighting dry patches and redness for so long and I just didn't know what else to do. Suddenly this started appearing repeatedly in the recommended section of this website and I took it as a sign.
It's helped disappear some annoying spots I had underneath my forehead skin. Dry patches are completely gone as long as I use this every day and redness has been considerably reduced.
I think I will be repurchasing this for the rest of my life.

Taylah, Spain

I use this daily as a moisturiser for my face. My skin has a tendency to dry out throughout the day especially around my nose area. I use this every night after I wash my face and wake up looking fresh, smooth and clear. It has almost vanished the appearance of my acne scars, reduces my breakouts and gives me the clearest skin I have ever had. I absolutely love this balm and can't see myself using any other product. You can't go wrong with the ingredients, you know exactly what's going on your face and absorbing into your skin. I've also used this on my tattoo's and it works amazingly. It takes off your makeup as well. This balm is a multi-use life saver I recommend it to everyone.

Samantha, Canada

I bought this cream after reading all the good reviews online. I have a son who's 5 years old and and a baby girl who is 10 months old. Both of them suffer from atopic eczema and have been prescribed special hydrocortisone creams by dermatologists at our local hospital. (In Trondheim, Norway, where the weather conditions are harsh). My son also spends several hours outside each day in kindergarten.) He really likes this cream as it doesn't hurt when I apply it in the evening. His (open) sores have more or less healed overnight. The same goes for my baby girl who I'm quite reluctant on using hydrocortisone on. All in all this balm is fantastic and can be used for anything and by anyone. We have tried so many different brands and this is just the best.

Krista, Norway

Favourite multi-purpose balm. I've used it on my scalp when I had dandruff, after moa, the dandruff was disappeared, and I've noticed, my hair is growing faster and it is shinier than before. It is good for little scars, burn marks, too, they all healing faster with this miracle balm.

Nora, Hungary

I use it on tips, eyelashes, elbows. It is a great moisturiser.

HC, Haikou

It is amazing how much use you get out of this little thing! A little goes a very long way and it really can be used on any skin issue.

Dee, Oslo, Norway

Great multi-use product! It takes off my make up like a dream and doesn't dry out my eyes. Also good for dry patches. Make my own lip scrub, by adding a pinch of sugar or salt. I love it so much!

Sophie, Belgium

Where did all my blackheads go?! Well, maybe not all of them, but I hardly have any left since I started using this as a cleanser with a hot cloth. It left my skin soft and comfortable, without greasy film. No more drying, foaming cleansers that claim to gently deep cleanse while they only irritated my skin and made things worse. I have battled with oily, but very sensitive skin for years, so I am really happy that I found this. My acne-scars also aren't angry-red any more, although they're a bit to deep to disappear completely. Still a win! This lovely balm loads of uses, but for me it is mostly a miracle cleanser. If used sparingly, it doesn't leave a greasy residue and absorbs quickly.

Martyna, Leicestershire

Amazing product. I have been using it as a facial night cream and it works magic. I've seen improvements to my acne scars, blemishes, and even my skin has become clearer. I used to have black bags under my eyes and to my surprise they have even improved in appearance. Extremely nourishing and all natural, a must have product for all women.

Samantha, Vancouver

I really love this balm! I decided to use this as a night cream because I've had very horrible breakouts. After a few days it was so much clearer! I will never stop using Moa Green Balm! This balm saved my life.

Markus, Norway

I actually use this on my legs after shaving and it really does soothe and calm down any itchiness, as I suffer from serious itching after a shave on my legs and this balm is an absolute miracle worker. Once used, my legs do not itch at all.

Lyn, London

I just can't get enough of this balm! Specially when I'm breaking out..I just rub this on the pimple and it dries it out! It's really a must have for everyone, plus the price couldn't be better!

Marisa, Portugal

I love how this balm is the perfect multi-tasker. I keep it in may bag especially to soothe mosquito bites and cuts. I have pretty sensitive skin and it doesn't break me out or cause a reaction. Another plus is it doesn't melt in tropical heat.

Marissa, Singapore

This really is a prodigy! Use for a small cut, burn, dryness. It softens cuticles. Use at night - removes the small inflammations! Very pleasing scent and gentile texture! I recommend!

Katerina, Russia

Love it, I have problematic skin and this is the only balm which helped me.

Cristina, Moldova

The MOA Green balm is magic. On a recent camping trip, all of my family's scratches, burns, bumps, eczema and make up was removed, soothed and calmed just as advised. Wonderful stuff :) Thank you for the great description. My family thanks MOA also xx

S Parsons, Manchester

I love this stuff, I was a bit hesitant whether it'd be that good but, I tried it on my sons dry patch on his head and it worked great

Josie, Lowestoft, Suffolk

I bought this for bites which I get when walking my dogs in the woods... those little tiny flies are soooo annoying! This takes the itching sensation away almost immediately and I do think it helps the healing process too! I've used it on bites and a burn, shaving rash on my knees, I've also used it on one of my cuticles which had almost a 'crack' in it and I've had nothing but great results. It's a little pot of wonders :)

Catrine, Tyne and Wear

I love this stuff! It smells great, tea tree is one ofthe stronger scents, however overall the smell isn't overbearing. It's a nice light weight creamy texture a bit like Vaseline but softer and more moisturising. I haven't had it long but so far it has soothed minor burns and razor bumps and cuts, ingrown hairs and is rapidly smoothing out a random rash that I have. I love this pot. I can tell already this will last me ages, a little goes a long way.

Hannah, London

Bought this to take on holiday - it is superb on sunburn/hot, dry skin. My daughter had sunburned cheekbones and the balm was the only thing able to soothe her skin and did not irritate her eyes at all. Ordering a second jar now!

Marjorie, Dundee

This product is absolutely AMAZING!! It is both gentle and effective and clearing up spots, especially cystic spots that I get on my chin. It is a brilliant cleanser with a hot flannel as it removes waterproof makeup and daily grime while also nourishing my skin. I use it to massage my face, and surprisingly it helped to clear up my boyfriend's athlete's foot. Buy one now!!!

C, London

We call it miraclous cream. Moa Green balm can be applied anywhere you hurt even the inside of mouth. This is the ABSOLUTELY must-have item.

Kate, California,USA

I am so pleased I believed the hype! I bought this because several members of my family suffer from various skin problems; however I was the one who ended up using it!

It is great for dry nasal passages in the cold and dry weather we have in London (applied it with a Q-tip) and amazing also for minor eye infections!

Just amazing!

Farah, London

Bought this to help heal a burn - it did the job brlliantly. I use it regularly for dry cuticles and skin.

Recently I've found it brilliant at healing piercings. It's non-irritating, soothing and naturally anitbacterial. I used it on both my nose piercing and on the rim of my ear and it really speeded up the healing process!

Great multi-use balm!

Victoria, Hampshire, UK

This balm is absolutely amazing! It has a nice tea-tree smell, and is really good at sorting out sore and dry hands, especially around the knuckles. I also used it on the ends of my hair, and it has made them a lot less dry, and my split ends are much less obvious! The pot is also a decent size to carry around with you. I love this stuff, and would definitely recommend it and buy it again! :D

Kathryn, Milton Keynes

Good things come in small packages, great things come in small white pots! A simple, clean unfrilly pot of powerful stuff ranging from yarrow, brilliant for detoxing the body, skin troubles and woes to a soothing emollient base with beeswax. This natural wonder far surpasses bog standard e45 and germoline for irritated skin, eczema and dermatitis - which flared up behind my ears ...have it nowhere else - and this green balm calmed and soothed the crusty sore areas that had been bleeding from scratching, shamefully.

I also used it religiously on a burn on my arm from a saucepan and speeded up the healing. I have also used it as a base under lipstick, a gloss on its own, and makes a brilliant balm cleanser with a hot muslin cloth without a purse killing price! When I worked as a model I would have loved this product for its super cleansing make up removing and healing properties. Just use a tiny finger tip amount for healing or a bigger dollop for cleansing. Fantastic stuff it deserves a medal for services to the beauty industry!

Jasmine, London

Love it! I noticed a couple of reviews saying that it's hard, but I actually found it soft, but definitely in an excellent way!
Smells medicinal, but in a good way; like herbs!
I use it as a moisturiser and whereas almost everything breaks me out, this works AMAZINGLY! Loved it after one use, I believe everyone can fall in love with this product.
Don't hesitate, buy it!!

TH, Birmingham

I received this yesterday and have tried it in so many ways already. I got a tattoo 3 days ago and Moa the green balm has helped with the burning sensation and the healing process already. I tried it on my face and hands and it feels wonderful, light and soft. I also applied it on the ends of my hair this morning and it feels really soft and smooth. It's a great and versatile product, i love the smell too, fresh and natural. Highly recomended.

Marie, Bournemouth

I adore this product as it is soo very versatile, all you need really for everything. It is the only product that has soothed a very irritating patch of dry skin. A beauty essential. Buy it!

Gill, Sleaford

The balm comes in solid form, but it melts into a smooth oil when in contact with the skin. The scent I would agree with other reviewers as rather herby but I like it and, it goes away straight after application. So far I have used it on my face and hands and the results are a smooth surface, not oily at all. Really, I cannot stop touching my hands - it's like a baby's skin.

Celina, Norway

Just received the Moa Green Balm this very morning. After hearing a wicker basketful of great reviews, I simply had to buy some and give it a try.

The balm itself is solid before use and comes packaged beautifully in a little recycled cardboard box, ideal for the eco-friendly. As soon as you touch the balm it becomes a soft oil ready to apply. I have just started using it on the dry areas of my face and even on insect bites. Amazing, instant relief. In fact, I put a small amount on a spot earlier and as if by magic its reduced in size.

A miracle in a pot. The smell is also really pretty, sort of earthy and hemp-like.

I'm going to purchase the little pot too, a girl should never be without her Moa Green Balm.

Rebecca, Scotland

This green balm is a miracle worker!
I subscribed to a beauty box (similar to the feelunique Beauty Box, except mine was overpriced and gave small samples) and from this box I received a small white plastic container of... Moa Green Balm!
It's multipurpose functionality is a benefit in many ways: for dry lips in need of tender loving care, a face with dry areas, small cuts/ grazes... the list is endless!
feelunique.com offers the largest available pot of Moa Green Balm at the cheapest price AND with free delivery - I was drawn to the website instantly as not many places offer cheap products with free delivery. The delivery was a superb service as my order came within a reasonable amount of time, considering the delivery was free.
All in all, Moa Green Balm 50ml is great for use at home and excellent value, although the smaller 15ml pot might be better for travelling.

Ambrine, Birmingham

WOW! This is what I have to say about this Moa Green Balm, I've had a horrible rash on my face, doctors gave me tablets, creams etc which helped a bit but didn't clear it up completely, the only thing that did help was the sunbeds. I know they are bad for you but they worked - I tried this balm and OMG it has worked wonders and means I no longer need to use the sunbeds - couldn't recommend this balm enough - it is a miracle in a jar!!!

Kim, Northern Ireland

I love this product and I am amazed at how much difference it's made when I've used it in my hair. It has made such a difference! I cannot recommend Moa Green Balm enough.

Eleni, UK

Rather unexpectedly, Moa Green Balm is solid. However, scape a little with the back of a fingernail, warm it in the palm of your hand and you have an oil! It smells hemp-like - not unpleasant but more medicinal than cosmetic. After a few days use, I can see that this balm will greatly improve the condition of the dry, almost cracked skin on my heels, knuckles and lips. I like it as a facial cleanser and moisturiser, too, even on my greasy bits. A little goes a long way - and I'd recommend also buying the tiny 20ml pot to keep in your pocket or handbag.

Rosie Jordan, Dorking