Melvita Prosun Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturizing Gel-Cream 150ml


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"I was definitely sporting a summery glow and it looked very, very natural indeed. It veers toward golden rather than a denser brown shade but it is very impressive that after one go, it's showing already. Smell-wise, there is no DHA at all, and the formulation is beautiful. It feels properly moisturising and very soft, while smelling a little like orange cupcakes without the sickly backdrop." British Beauty Blogger

Use on face & body.

Melvita Prosun Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturizing Gel-Cream is a 2-in-1 product that bronzes and moisturises the skin naturally with its delicious, silky smooth texture.

A DHA-free formula that offers pleasure and performance in complete safety:

- A natural and ultra-effective self-tanning agent: Erythrulose, which gives a gradual and controlled tan.
- A unique combination of Safflower, Buriti and Coconut oils combined with beeswax, to moisturise and soften the skin and enhance its radiance.
- A delicious scent of Vanilla Flower.
- A very pleasant fresh, silky smooth texture, enriched with sweet orange floral water.

A formula enriched with a blend of beauty oils:
- Buriti: Nourishes, moisturises and repairs the skin. Antioxidant.
- Safflower: Rich in omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. Emollient, nourishing, protective and restructuring properties.
- Coconut: Excellent moisturising and nourishing properties. Protects the skin.
- Sunflower: Rich in antioxidant Vitamin E and in omega 6 essential fatty acids. Moisturising, restructuring and anti-ageing.

For a gradual and even tan:
In an in vitro test, the reaction kinetics of Erythrulose and DHA (natural) were compared, using hydrolyzed keratin as an experimental model. The maximum tan intensity was achieved after 4 to 6 days with Erythrulose and after only 2 days with DHA. This result shows that Erythrulose reacts more slowly than DHA with the free amino acids in the stratum corneum. For this reason, and due to its more even distribution in the stratum corneum, Erythrulose gives a tan that is more even and more uniform.

The Melvita advantage:
The unique combination of Erythrulose and a blend of moisturising oils for a longer-lasting, more even and more radiant tan.

A formula that has been tested and approved:
Based on effectiveness tests (chromametric and dermatological study)*, on a panel of 30 people:
- The tan is visible from the first application and becomes more intense with each application.
- In terms of skin tolerance, the results are very good for both the face AND the body.

- 83% say that it gives a natural-looking tan.
- 93% are satisfied with the evenness of the tan.
- 90% say that it leaves no orange streaks.
- 100% say their skin feels softer and more comfortable.

*Effectiveness test under dermatological supervision with instrumental measurements, Evic France.

Melvita Prosun Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturizing Gel-Cream does not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn.

Use Melvita Prosun Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturizing Gel-Cream every day in place of your usual moisturiser until you obtain the desired result. Apply evenly over the face and body, avoiding the eye contour area, the eyebrows and hairline. Wash hands well after application.
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This is my fave gradual tan ever! Easy to apply, smells great and gives a lovely natural tan. Would definitely recommend it.

Lucy, England

I was interested to try Melvita Self Tan as I was looking to gain a lovely tanned glow without an orange look. Melvita Self Tan is applied over several days like a body moisturiser so you can build up the level of tan you require. When it arrived, I loved the packaging. It is a squeezy orange tube that is easy to stand up in the cupboard. The product is easy to squeeze out of the tube. The first thing that hit me about Melvita Self Tan was the smell, it is gorgeous. The smell reminds me of a mix of vanilla, coconut and honey. A lot of self tan products have a really artificial smell and this was a welcome change. The smell is not overpowering, just enough to take your mind to a tropical beach somewhere.

The Self tan is really easy to apply, it is rich and creamy and sinks in well to the skin. My skin was left feeling moisturised and not at all sticky. I was really pleased with the results, I had a very soft gentle tan which looked totally natural. The colour built up over a few days and you can stop when you reach the colour you want. I love how my skin feels, it is really much softer.

Alison, UK

I found this product very easy to apply and it sunk into my skin within a few seconds of rubbing it in. I absolutely love the fragrance and no hint of the usual unpleasant smell of self-tanning products. I felt that the product gave me a nice glow and also an even one at that! It has a shimmery effect as well, which I liked. I didn't use it on my face during the day as it does not contain spf, but its ok to use overnight for a nice glow in the morning. Overall the product is sunshine in a bottle!

Annette Benjamin, UK

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The smell was the first thing that I noticed and it is simply divine. Vanilla and orange flower water combine to give the lovliest of fragrance. Having used self tanning products in the past I was prepared for the pungent aroma of DHA and was pleasantly relieved that Melvita ProSun Self Tan doesn’t have any.

A little goes a long way when applying this gel-cream making it very good value. It feels luxurious and moisturising on the skin and is very easy to apply. I was delighted with the results which gave me a very natural streak free tan which was subtle and effective. I dislike ‘orangey’ looking tans and the Oompa Loompa look!. I initially used it every day in place of my moisturiser and am now using it every other day to maintain my tan and healthy glow. My skin feels nice and soft from using it and looks great too.

I recommend this product for anybody who like me is fair and likes a healthy glow obtained by using natural products.

Geraldine, UK

This little beauty, unlike many of its contenders, contains NO DHA and still leaves you with a lush sunkissed face and body.

The formula smells absolutely delightful; think of the scents and products you usually opt for when at the beach, very summery indeed with the fragrance of coconuts and creamy vanilla. It's not at all overpowering but just enough to be able to transport your mind to a beautiful tropical beach and back! The tube contains 150ml and will cover the body a good few times from head to toe. The formula is quite thick and creamy - ideal for when smoothing over your body as it glides effortlessly and is intensely nourishing which is essential for achieving an even gradual tan. Although it's very creamy and thick, I found the product took no time in sinking in to my skin and didn't feel greasy to touch after; just super soft skin!

The tan is quite light to start off with, but builds up nicely with time if you apply it each day or until you get to the colour you like.

Emma, UK

I have very pale skin and did not notice a change in colour until I had applied for 6 days. The gel consistency is also quite difficult to rub in. On the plus side the smell is great .

Karen, United Kingdom

What an amazing product. This has given me such a natural looking colour that everyone keeps asking me if I have been away.

It is so easy to use as it replaces your usual moisturiser so there is no need to spend ages carefully applying fake tan.

I will certainly be buying this when I need a new bottle!

Victoria, UK

I need not have worried as the cream is lovely and moisurising and is quickly absorbed, and more importantly... leaves absolutely no streaks or patches. The smell is divine, and all through the day I was aware of the faint aroma of the gorgeous vanilla flowers. There was no sickly telltale, biscuity fake tan smell either, and it left no marks on my clothes.
It's absolutely perfect for anyone who prefers a gradual light sun kissed glow, as that's what you will get using this product. The best thing about Melvita ProSun is definitely the absence of DHA.
Its definitely worth every penny.

Luisa, UK

I applied this over a week.
I like the packaging, it's bright and fun and the squeezy bottle is practical.

The cream is light orange in colour & the texture of the cream is very smooth & light almost buttery & gets easily absorbed in the skin, vanilla and coconut scented, in all honesty it smells quite sweet and vanilla-y, kind of like vanilla custard or creme brulee. Really nice as usually self tanning usually smells horrible.

Ridiculously easy to apply, you just rub it in like body lotion.
It feels moisturising too! I had to take special care on my dry elbows and knees ,so if yours are a bit dry you might want to slap a bit of normal moisturiser on there before you start,as they absorbed more of the colour, it dries quickly though still leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated

It doesn't have a guide colour to it, it's just white like a moisturiser, which I don't mind in a gradual tanner as it's less likely to go massively wrong like with a normal tanner (where I do prefer a guide colour)

After a couple of days it gave my skin a warm glow a really nice natural colour.

Sue, UK

This product actually works! You notice a colour after a day or two and it smells good too!

Dawn, Bedford

I try loads of tanning products and try to aim for more natural ingredients. This gradual tanner is lovely. It smells very sweet, reminds me of vanilla yoghurt. It is a very light lotion, a little goes a long way. I see the colour in about two days, and that includes my legs which take for ever to tan. I really like this as is leaves my skin feeling soft.

Jodie, Scotland

Nao tinha qualquer experiencia com bronzeadores. com este, facilmente, aplicando como um creme normal, diariamente depois do banho, consegui um bronzeado dourado, uniforme, e duradouro. E eu, sou muito branquinha!voltarei a comprar, sem duvida. agora, estou orgulhosa de mostrar as minhas pernas.

ISABEL, Portugal