Maybelline New York Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h - Intense Black

Maybelline New York

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Product Information

Maybelline New York Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h is designed to give an intense black line. The long-lasting gel formula means up to 24 hour hold. Easy to apply with the brush which is included.

A favourite of Vogue's Beauty Director, Kathleen Baird-Murray:

“My problem with eyeliner has always been that approximately five minutes after careful application my eyelids appear to have “eaten” it, or else – worse – it has run south to join the shadows under my eyes. This one stays in place long after it’s applied, so it’s a winner.”

You can create different looks and intensities with Maybelline New York Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h.

- Oil-free formula holds highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base.
- Smudge-proof and waterproof for 24 hours.
- Most intense line for lasting drama.
- Safe for sensitive eyes and ophthalmologist-tested.
- Contact lens safe.
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il est super

montemont, France

Its the best gel eyeliner i have ever tried. I was spending so much money trying to find the perfect eyeliner. No more searching though because this does the trick and at a reasonable price.

maria, greece

I really like this eyeliner, I personally find its too heavy for daytime use but perfect for nights out, it lasts the whole night through and doesn't fade as hours go by like other eyeliners.

Kayleigh, Gibraltar

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Great gel liner! Very pigment. Not quite sure about the brush though, but in general I'd highly recommend it all.

Noy, Israel

Super pigmented, great staying power and smooth texture. Love, love it.

Moesha, UK

The gel eyeliner is perfect. You don't receive and smudges or any marks you receive a straight well done line and a perfect eye. The colour of the eyeliner is definitely intense and is a deep black and looks as though its black not fading into one of the darker brown colours. This product is well worth its money as it lasts for about 2-3months depending on how well or how much you use it. I used mine on a daily basis and it gets about 1 month out of the gel eyeliner this is perfect for feline looking eyes and i'd use it on many of my clients and would recommend this a straight away. Definitely BUY BUY BUY!

Gemma, United Kingdom

It stays on absolutely ages and it is super easy to apply - what else do you want from an gel eyeliner !

Hanna, Estonia

Great eyeliner! It has a magnificent durability without smudging, and the pigmentation is amazing. The brush is also perfect. Love this product!

Daniela, Portugal

Perfeito! Bem pretinho e fixa muito, só sai com demaquilante. Este pincel é ótimo, bem firme, o que facilita na hora da aplicação, sem contar com o preço q é bem em conta. Adorei e recomendo!

Gleides, Brasil

Amazing product. Totally worth. It last all day.

Fernanda, Brazil

Brilliant Gel Eyeliner! It's easy to apply, looks great and stays on for ages. The brush is very handy and the product as a whole is of good quality.

Nabila, UK

Love this product, definitely my favorite gel eye liner, the brush is very handy and i like how it comes in different colours, not just black!
Definitely be recommending it to friends!

Katie, UK

This eye liner is a great competition for a lot of high-end eyeliners! Great quality, great price, super easy to work with, smooth and lasts the whole day!

Nina, Belgium

Amazing eyeliner! It doesn't smudge and is long lasting. It's just like a high end brand eg. Mac.

Sunida, New Zealand

Simply amazing!!!

Geisa, Brasil

This product is so good and it stays on all day

Britney, England

Perfect! Does not melt in the eyes, is ultra pigmented, the brush facilitates application, allowing outlined perfect! I love it

Jéssica, Brazil

This eyeliner is amazing! I love how it applies and how long it stays on.

Jocelyne, US

Love this product and the price. This has to be the best drugstore gel eyeliner ever. It's super creamy and very pigmented. The brush is really handy too. LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT

Rebecca Leo, Wales

This product compares to high end liners! Is great value for money and will be purchasing again!

Libby, NZ

Super produit, le pinceau fourni avec l'eyeliner est vraiment de bonne qualité et le kit permet de faire de nombreux looks différents avec un tracé plus ou moins épais. Cela nécessite un peu d'entrainement mais ça en vaut la peine!

Manon, Belgique

Love the brush and the gel formula, not too liquid. High pigmented and long-lasting.

Giulia, Italy

A M A Z I N G !!!!!!

Lena, Greece

This eyeliner is the best! I like it! It does a very good black line.

Anastasiia, Ukraine

Very intense colour and takes ages to run out. Love the applicator!

Marianna, Greece

Great eyeliner, this is the best that I have. Amazing quality!!

Theodora, Greece

Super pigmentado, desliza muito bem e é realmente à prova d'água! Recomendadíssimo!!!!

Lirian, Brazil

I love the brush and this really does stay on for ages! Major thumbs up!

Dee, Oslo, Norway

Amazing product! Lasts all day and it's easy to apply! Amazing price too!

Rita, Portugal

Such a wonderful product! Best gel eyeliner I have tried! Last all night for my oily eyelids! Does not smudge or fall off. The brush that comes with it is really useful if you want to create a bold line and to get to the roots of the lashes! Definite new favourite in my makeup bag!

Ebba Andersson, Glasgow

Easy to apply, good brush and long-lasting. Would recommend to friends.

Yuen Wan, Aberdeen, Scotland

I love this eyeliner! I use an angled brush to apply it, and it is really black and stays all day without a primer on my oily lids. It also doesn't dry out quickly.

Matilda, France

A great product for sensitive eyes. I wear contact lenses and almost anything irritates my eyes but reading all the great reviews, I decided to try it. It really is amazing. I also have oily lids and this one stays in place throughout the day. Plus it is easy to apply and you won't spend money on buying another brush cause the one that comes with it is great, too. You can create thin or thick line, depending on what you like. Love it! :)5*

Melisa K., Bosnia and Herzegovina

Once you get the hang of it it's so incredible! Lasts all day and so easy to apply

Alice, England

Very good quality, nice brush, very,very economical to use, nice color, very stubborn. Love it!

Anny, Ukraine, Kiev

Really it is good enough and that is exactly what it says

Maria, Ellas

One of the few eyeliners that won't budge even after swimming!

Jane, Hong Kong

Unlike most eye-liners this one actually does what it says it'll do! It lasts for ages

Niamh, Belfast

Great product! I highly recommed it, it's better than similar products from more expensive brands

Ramona, Cluj Napoca

High quality product. Lasts forever and the brush is amazing!!!

Eftea, Greece

Absolutely love this product! Great colour

Mirna, Australia

Great texture and pigmentation. Easy to apply and high durability.

Bruna, Brasil

Love this eyeliner. Now my friends are using it too. So easy to use and stays where it should, it's great!!

Sara, Guernsey

Excellent quality, does not smudge, good price and ideal for sensitive eyes like mine! I love it! :)

Juliana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The best! Very pigmented, great durability and easy handling. Good price too!

Thaís, Brasília, Brazil

Amazing. Easy to apply. Does not smudge.

Reema, Bombay

Beautiful package, nice brush, very easy to use and lasts long. It's amazing!

Any, Brasil

Esse delineador é o meu favorito!

Maria, Brasil

This stuff delivers! A nice, intense black that stays all day

Mandy, Germany

Never thought it can be so easy to use a liner! Great thing, absolutely my must have!

Julija, Riga

This is a fantastic and must have eyeliner which comes with a fantastic brush for a smooth application. It lasts a good couple of months which is fantastic for someone who uses it pretty much every day! It stays on all day, through rain and sweat which is surprising as I thought that due to the easy application, it would come straight off. This is the product which everyone should have in their make up bag and I've had many compliments due to the fact it stays and doesn't slide down the face.

Kira-Louise, Shrewsbury

I like this eyeliner cause its easer to use. You can make many different effects with it.

Gabriela, Suzano

Best thing ever! It takes only 10 minutes to create perfect line and stays all day and night (even if you dancing real hard!) Need waterproof make up remover to get rid of it. Well worth money!

Elena, London

Very easy to use, very pigmented and good price. So it's perfect!

Louise, Brasil

This is so good, I'm in love with it!

Anete, Latvia

I have sensitive eyes, and this eyeliner is perfect for me because it doesn't irritate my eyes. And It is so easy to apply, better than a liquid one!

Madeleine, Granade

I think it's amazing, doesn't flake, doesn't smudge and dries so quickly! It's tearduct safe so you can use it all over the eye. It lasts for hours. Suits everyone and looks stunning. Can't find a better one out there. A-MAZ-ING. Buy, buy, buy!

Marni, Essex

The best gel eyeliner I've ever used!

Jess, Oxford

So easy to use and lasts for ages!

Mi, Swansea

This is what I've been waiting for! Perfect intense look that's noticed miles away. Received loads of compliments and definitely going to buy some more!

Farhana, Bradford

This eyeliner is my favourite! You would think a gel liner would be hard to use - wrong! It's so much easier than a liquid, it dries well, doesn't flake and lasts for hours (until you take it off!). It's also tear duct safe, so can be used all over the eye!

Donna, Coventry