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The tip of the nail is the most fragile, most unprotected part and breaks easily. This is therefore the part of the nail to be strengthened.

By instantly penetrating and quickly hardening the nail Mavala Scientifique allows soft, flaking or splitting nails to become healthy and strong. Its formula hardens the nail plate so that the nail can restore its normal growth.
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Je suis amoureuse de ce produit ! Dès 2 utilisations mais ongles allez beaucoup mieux et depuis que je l'utilise quotidiennement, mais ongles ne se dédoubles plus et sont vraiment fortifiés. Je ne peut que recommander ce produit

Roxane, France

I really love this product! It is one of the best nail hardener I've ever used and believe me I've used quite a lot! My nails used to be soft split easily. After a month using the product my nails became remarkably hard. You shouldn't overuse it though since your nails may become just too hard and start breaking. It is absolutely worth the price!

Mira, Bulgaria

Brilliant! After having acrylic nails for years my nails were weak and prone to breaking, since leaving off the acrylic and going natural and using this product my nails are lovely and strong, haven't had a singe split or break. The best stuff ever!

Christina, England

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After trying so many different nail hardeners and almost losing hope, I gave a chance to this product. It works immediately, IT WORKS!!! This is my must have. Love it and totally recommend it.

Ieva, Surrey

Já estou usando há 3 semanas e desde então minhas unhas não quebraram mais.

Anna, Rio de Janeiro

Have used other products over the years and nothing compares to Mavala Nail Hardener, this is the best product on the market, truly amazing product.

JC, North Yorkshire

Amazing! i have bitten my nails for years and this has helped me grow them back beautifully! Truly an amazing product!

Reema, India

The only treatment that really works as it penetrates the nail and doesn't stay only on the surface. My nails are extremely brittle and this hardener made them very strong. Thanks feelunique!

Anastasia, Israel

Eu amo este produto por que ele mudou minha unha ela erá quebradiça e agora ela está perfeita, eu usei o mavala prego escuro, e gostaria de usar o scientifique mas não me entregarão esté produto já comprei faz uns 3 meses e não chegou mas mesmo assim eu amei o que eu usei. Undico pra todos que tem suas unhas fracas.

Lucy, Contagem

Amazing! I have been biting my nails since forever. I stopped only about a month ago and my nails kept chipping and breaking. Read about this product and started using it a few weeks ago. My nails have really become stronger and grown so much. :)

Reema, Bombay

It REALLY makes nails stronger, harder and more resistant and this amount goes a long way. Good product!!

Luciana Costa, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Excelente produto, cumpre o que promete.

Vera, Brasilia

It really works! My nails have become strong indeed, I can recommend it for weak nails!

Kate, Russia

I'm having good results so I recommend!

Geovana, Brazil

Mavala Scientifique does what it says. I finally have long, strong and beautiful nails. I strongly recommend not using the serum more than 2 times a week for best results.

Aricia, Brazil

This product is simply the best!!!!!!!!!

Luciana, Brazil

I have used Mavala Scientifique Hardener for 6 months and my nails are long and strong, and rarely break or split, as they used to. I am amazed that my nails are now perfect. I am buying a nail set for my daughter and friend, I am so impressed.

Sheila, Crawley

When I was a teenager, I decided that if I couldn't do anything to get natural long, beautiful nails, I would get fake nails. The criteria to get the fake nails, was to really try for 6 months to get natural strong and beautiful nails. I tried, by using it every night before I went to sleep.

Conclusion: I have never had fake nails. Mavala Scientifique is the absolute best nail product!

Anja, Norway

I love Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener because it keeps my long nails strong and beautiful. Also, I know that I can buy safely and at the best prices with

Michele, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I love this product! It lasts for ages and really helps strengthen nails. I look after my nails but find they still used to split easily, they haven't broken once since I started using this!

Laura, Birmingham

This is a fantastic product! Have been using it for 10 years!

CS, Norway

I've been using Mavala Scientifique for 22 years and have not come across any better product for strenghtening weak, peeling, splitting or dry nails. I work alot outdoors on our land and often don't get a chance to take care of my nails for weeks on end. After just a week of using this product my nails start to recover and within a month are back to beautiful. I couldn't recommend it more.

Justine, Australia

This is the only nail hardener that works for me. It gets rid of split nails right away and is also not shiny - so even men could use it. It is "thin like water" in the bottle, but absorbs into your nail tips right away. Even though the bottle is quite small, it should last you 6 months to a year using it weekly :)

One of the only products that works on my weak nails. I do not know what else I would use if I could not find this. Actually all the Mavala products work as stated and make your nails look like you have had a professional manicure!

I was also told you should not use this more than 1 or 2 times a week as it can make nails too hard and they could break from being too hard. Also that this product is only to be applied to the nail tips and not the whole nail.

Miriam, Ottawa

I have bitten my nails on/off for years and tried every product on the market, this is the only one that has worked for me. So glad I discovered Mavala!

Katie, Glasgow

Great nail product - I remember my nan using it when I was little, so it's been around for years! Really does strengthen the nails.

Rachel, Midlands

This product helped me so much to grow my weak and thin nails, long and strong. Finally I have long nails after years of nail biting.

Evelyn, Surrey

I am using this to help me break the awful nail biting habit I have. I feel this product is really working as it tastes horrible - I don't even want to put my fingers anywhere near my mouth anymore and I finally have long, strong nails :-)

Katie, Surrey

I have nails that break easily so I am using this Mavala treatment and it works for me. It makes my nails stronger.

Noelia, Spain