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Mavadry dries nail polish in a few seconds, prevents flaking, enhances nail colour and gives a brilliant sheen. Everything you need from this manicure time-saver!
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This product is really amazing! I usually make 2 applications of any of my Mavala nail varnishes and then I make application of Mavadry, and my nails are ready to go in few minutes! Nails are shiny and varnish stays longer on my nails than without Mavadry. I love it and highly recommend it to all girls!

Svetlana, Russia/ Moscow

That is really amazing :)

Eirin, Norway

Mavadry gives a lovely Shin to the nails or the polish. I have never had this before,and it`s results are longlasting.

maureen Benjamin, London

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My wife is very pleased with this drying nail polish. Previously, it was always smeared nail polish and now after the application of this tool, nail polish dries in seconds.

Alexandr, KZ

It is an absolute must-have product! Any nail polish dries in a minute. In fact it is the only one which works as it is promised to work. It gives an amazing shine and makes any nail polish look gorgeous. My manicure stays fresh at least for a week, even though I have to clean my house, do the dishes etc.

It is a must-have!

Eliza, Stockholm, Sweden

Probably the best top coat I've ever used. Dries in less than one minute, protecting your nail polish for days. I don't think I'll ever use any other!

V, Spain

I first bought Mavadry from on a whim but that was my lucky day. It does everything it claims to do and more! I use it every single time I apply a nail varnish and I have never been happier. The little bottle lasted me almost a year (and I use it once a week on average!), it didn't dry out or lose any of its qualitites. I am now buying my second one and it's most probably the best investment I make this year.

Julia, Edinburgh

I'll never polish my nails again without this product! A must-have product that fills its description easily.

Manna, Finland