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Product Information

Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash is a unique nutritive product for lashes.

Eye lashes are an essential element of face beauty. Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash contains proteins which strengthen, cover and protect the lashes allowing them to become healthy, long and resistant.

It is the natural active ingredients in Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash which stimulate growth of the lashes giving them a lovely luxuriant and silky appearance.

'Best Eyelash Serum' Winner! Prima - February 2011 - Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash achieves 10/10 in a Tried and Tested on eyelash serums and is also awarded Best Value.
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This product has made my lashes fuller and thicker! i love it!

maria, greece

This product is amazing!!! I already naturally have long lashes but after using this for a month my lashes are longer, thicker and don't fall much anymore. It almost looks like I have mascara on all the time but I never use any. It's definitely worth it's low price!!

Sarah, Finland

I really wanted this product to work, but unfortunately after using it every night (and even some mornings!) I didn't notice any difference to my lashes. Disappointing!

Amanda, England

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This product is amazing. My lashes have never been so full looking.

alison, United Kingdom

After using for a couple of months on both eyelashes + eyebrows I'm very happy! eyelashes have grown noticeably longer and I can see new eyelashes growing through, plus my eyebrows don't look as scarce anymore!

Emma, Wales

Ótimo produto!
Cumpre o prometido!
Em três semanas já é possível notar os resultados!

Giovana, Brasil

I bought this product just to try it out and see whether it actually works, so I did and over the 3 weeks I used it I saw a dramatic difference in my lashes, I now have more fuller and longer lashes thanks to this amazing product that I will continue to buy! Amazing!

eve, england

I never thought I could recover some of my lower lashes, or brows, but this product is amazing at doing what it is intended for. I don't even remember when my lower lashes disappeared but I do know that I have over plucked my brows. This has shown the results in days and I still can't believe. I love little cosmetic magics.

Melisa, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This product really works. I used it on my lashes and eyebrows and I am in love with it.

Fabiana, Brasil

This is a fab product, really works!!

Hannah, United Kingdom

Great product! I noticed longer and stronger lashes in weeks. I also use on my eyebrows and have noticed new growth. Best value product for lashes.

Marie, Scotland

It really works!
This serum conditions eye lashes and after some time you will notice your lashes becoming fuller. I used it over night and in the morning to style my eyebrows. It is worth every penny.

Elena, Sweden

Amei!!! O produto realmente faz crescer os cílios , os meus eram bem curtos e agora depois de um mês de uso vejo uma grande diferença . Eu recomendo .

Adriana, Brazil

I am very happy with this product. It really works! It makes my lashes longer and thicker!!

Tania, Brazil

I bought this for my mom and she uses it for her eyebrows. She started to use this product two months ago (she had no eyebrows) and today I ordered a second bottle :) It really helps, I couldn't believe my eyes - noticeable change!

Teja, Slovenia

Amazing stuff and really good value compared to many others. Probably took about 6 weeks for the transformation to take place but what a tranformation - I now have to wear my reading glasses further down my nose and, like some other reviewers, am regularly asked if I'm wearing falsies. Needless to say, have recommended right, left and centre!

Sush, London

I have been using this for a few months now, I put it on every night before I go to sleep. I have seen a visible effect as my lashes are getting stronger, and fuller. I haven't seen much length yet, but in the morning when I put on my mascara, my lashes form a fan, not enough length but definitely full and vibrant. I recommend this product, its a good price and does what it says on the bottle.

Sammy, Dublin

This stuff is amazing! Works so well, I highly recommend it! I had my evebrows waxed really badly a few years ago, (they pretty much went up in an arch and didn't come back down again) I used this on them and it made my eyebrows grow! I also used it on my eyelashes and they are so much longer now, I only need to use mascara to darken them slightly instead of layers of it to make them longer

Evelyn, Glasgow

Gostei muito do produto, porém em mim funcionou melhor nas sobrancelhas do que nos cílios.

Adriana, Brazil

After my cancer treatment my lashes was falling out but then I heard about this and thought I would try it after a long chat with my oncolagist they said i couls try and it is doing them good became fuller and in good condition. I feel more of a woman now and not feeling so inecure, I will buy more. I have told every one in my breatcare cancer resourse centre too. Thank you so much

Patricia, Cheadle

I love the way this product brought my lashes back to life! So healthy and smooth compared to their graduated brittle state. I found lots of new lash grow only after a few weeks of use.

Sally, London

Less than 2 weeks and I could see the results, I really recommend this product!

Maryana, Argentina

I have used this product in the past and had forgotton how good it is! I have recently tried a very very expensive rival brand and found it difficult to apply and it made my eyes sting. This is so simple apply it like mascara so there is no new technique to learn and it does not irritate your eyes. I've been using this for about three weeks now and I can raelly see an amazing difference ...much more uniform ...longer lashes and new lash growth too. I have also started to use the mascara which is fantastic.

Marie, London

I highly recommend it. This product is amazing, it really does magic to your lashes!


I've been using this for over a week now and have definitely noticed that my lashes are longer and fuller! Can't wait for the day my lashes "double" up!

Alicia, Singapore

This is AMAZING! I have been using this product for three weeks and noticed a definite improvement in the length and thickness of my lashes! I have used a different brand before and switched to this from a reccommendation from a friend, and I am HOOKED! So much better and so much better value for money! I love Mavala, will definitely be repurchasing! :)

Laura, Yorkshire

This is great! I tried it because it was so cheap, and I'm glad I did! I now have thicker and more lashes.

It works great on eyebrows too, so if you have overplucked or sparze eyebrows this is great!

Astrid, Norway

I love this product, it is a real miracle :). It also helps my mother, after chemoteraphy she almost lost her eyebrows, but with this product she has it back. Thanks for Mavala

Kristina, Monaco

Just brilliant! Really does what it says!

Mimi, Swansea

I use the product for almost three years, and I am very satisfied with the results of double lash, is a 'must have' for me!

Sandra, São Paulo, Brazil

It really works!!!! I use it twice per day. Just 1 week later I can see some new bottom lashes, highly recommend!!

Jianran Sun, Amsterdam

I was going to wait a month before leaving a review as this is how long it needs to start working, according to the leaflet. But after using it for 2 weeks, something happened this morning: I woke up with a tiny scratching feeling in both eyes and was convinced it's eyelashes that had fallen off in the night and got trapped in my eyes. Much to my surprise, when I took a look in the mirror, there were new little lashes all along the eyelids!

In terms of length, I can definitely see an improvement. This is more pronounced when wearing the product as a mascara primer: each individual lash gets wonderfully separated and enhanced.

I've been using the product day and night, sometimes applying a few coats when I have time. My natural lashes are black, average length but do not have much of a curl, which is why I decided to buy the product. It works!

Mira, Brussels

This product is fantastic! My lashes look so full and long :) Very good price for super quality product. I'll recomend for everyone who has damaged eye lashes :) Lovely product!

Iwona, Bratislava

Fabulous product, you can purchase similar product from another website around the £60 mark. This is as good AND significantly cheaper. Will purchase again!

Charlotte, Bristol

This works very well, it's not heavy like some oils, but rather light and easy to sleep with it on your eye lashes. I also use this for my eye brows and can now see improvement. Great product and best price for it here at, as usually it's £10.50

Elena, London

I love it because it really WORKS!! Longer, fuller healthy lashes

Iv, Europe

I bought this product after reading the opinions here and i can say that it does what it promises. I notice how my lashes are longer and fuller, and I've even used it on my brows. This Mavala product is something that I really recommend

Eri, Spain

I adore it, it works like magic, everybody ask me if I started using fake lashes :) or if they are mine. You have to wait for really good results maybe month, but it definitely worth it. I used it also for my eyebrows and it works too

Kristina, Copenhagen

This product is out standing, I apply it after I do my skin care routine, I didn't think it would work as well as it has, I was shocked at how long my lashes was after applying my mascara. I would definitely get this product again, LOVE IT!!! xx

Tam, Walsall

Amazing product. I didn't believe that it could work like that (:

Kristina, Lithuania

Lovet it <3

Camilla, Norway

After some weeks of using it on my eyebrows and lashes i can confirm it really works, I can see my lashes longer and my eyebrows look fuller

Eri, Spain

This stuff is AMAZING. I suffered from trichotillomania when I was ~11 years old (I pulled my eyelashes compulsively), and since then my eyelashes have always been sparse and I've always had to use eyeliner in my upper waterlines (and chances of finding good eyeliners that last and don't smudge all over the place are pretty much hopeless!) to make my lash lines look fuller.
My eyebrows have also always been very sparse, especially from plucking them wrong. I thought this would be pretty much permanent.
But I've used this product on the roots of my lashes and on my eyebrows for 2 months now and the results are amazing. I've both grown longer and loads of new lashes, and my eyebrows have gotten so much denser that I am even starting to feel comfortable being around people without make-up (despite my acne!) without feeling ugly.
Without these reviews I would have never been convinced to try this product. So thank you all!

Ayla Marianna, Sweden

Love this product, it really does work, my eyelashes are really long and healthy

Rosie, Leicestershire

Brilliant! Worked so well after just a week, would definitely recommend it.

Katy, Reading

I'm really pleased with this. I noticed after just a few days that I only need a couple of applications of mascara and my eyelashes look much longer and natural.

Rosie, Bolas Heath, Shropshire

This product really works.

Khishge, Dublin

It really works! Best product at the best price! Love it.

Kasia, Poland

I bought this product for my mum who has undergone alot of chemotherapy in the past years, which in result has made her eyelashes/eyebrows very thin and sometimes fall out. This product has made a BIG difference to her and her confidence! So glad I found this!

Emma, Cambridge

This really works! :) Use it regularly and your lashes will grow longer and fuller - fantastic!

Mari, Norway

Great product. I have already recommended this to a friend. Actually works at filling in any little hairless gaps!

Antonia, Cheltenham

I am very happy with this product. It makes my lashes longer and thicker.

Marina, Riga

Good product, I think it actually has worked which I was surprised about, pleasantly surprised though!

Shellie, Essex

I've bought this product a couple of times now, and I use it everyday. It conditions your lashes and really makes them look fuller and longer!

Ros, London

I have been using this for a couple of weeks. My eyelashes are noticeably darker and longer. I use it on my eyebrows too.

Sarah, Exeter

I have been using this product for about 2 weeks. Sometimes I forget to use it, but I can already feel the strength of my eyelashes - they seem thicker than before too... Now I am also using it on my eyebrows!

Xu, Stockholm

I have been using this product for little over 2 weeks on my eyebrows to see if it would help fill in the gaps from years of over plucking, and was slightly shocked yesterday morning when I realised that I didn't really need to use my eyebrow pencil. I was sceptical anyway but for it to work so quickly is fantastic. Will definitely be purchasing again and am now going to start using on my lashes too!

Jay, Lancs

After always suffering short and thinning eye lashes, I have been absolutely amazed at the transformation I have experienced since using this product. My sister-in-law who is a make-up artist now recommends this product to her clients also.

Sue Broughton, Grimsby

This works wonders! I've been using it for about a week, and already my lashes are visibly longer and thicker - can't wait to see them a week from now!

Victoria Poulsen, Denmark

Really does improve the look and condition of your lashes.

Pam, South Yorkshire

Use this religiously for a couple of weeks, and your lashes will be stronger, fuller and longer. This works magic!

Kristine, Oslo

This is a great product and is not my first time to purchase it! It really works if you use it.

Diana, Dublin, Ireland