La-Brasiliana Dieci All-In-One Instant Hair Treatment with Keratin & Collagen 250ml


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Product Information

La-Brasiliana's Dieci is an instant hair treatment that is a...

1. Colour sealer
2. Curtails hair breakage
3. Detangles hair
4. Eliminates split ends
5. Enhances shine
6. Enhances body
7. Frizz eliminator
8. Nourishes dry & damaged hair
9. Promotes silkiness
10. Thermal protector

Amazing! After just one application, you will notice a dramatic difference in your hair’s shine, manageability and luster from this non-sticky product.

Directions for ultimate results:
Shampoo with La-Brasiliana Uno Shampoo and condition with La-Brasiliana Due Conditioner. Towel dry, spray hair lightly with Dieci and comb through. Style and blow dry hair as desired. For maximum results use hair iron.
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amazing product! A must have for coloured , damaged hair!

Zina, Russia

O produto é um spray levemente grosso, se vc exagerar na aplicação a impressão que tem é que passou manteiga nos cabelos, parece que tem óleo tamanho o poder da hidratação. Após passar você já sente a diferença, antes mesmo de secar os cabelos, fica macio, hidratado e maleável. Senti que o cabelo desliza ao fazer escova. Depois de seco ficou brilhoso e hidratado. Perfeito, recomendo!!

Joyce, Brasil

I have mixed race hair which for years I had relaxed. I stopped relaxing about 3 years ago, opting for Brazilian Blow Drys. This Product really does make the hair look like it's had a real Brazilian Blow Dry and smooths the hair cuticles and provides softness and shine. I've noticed I have much less breakage since I started using it. I apply after washing and conditioning and then blow dry and GHD. I also use the Brasiliana shine serum before using the straighteners. For best results use a Sulphate free shampoo too.

Mona, United Kingdom

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This product is amazing. I usually mix it with water in another bottle as I prefer a lot of mist when applying. You will notice the difference right away on the first applications. Wether you use it on wet hair or dry hair, it textures and gives the hair natural lightness and soft waves. If you blow dry it'll look shiny and strong. 100% recommended!

Joana, Portugal

After trying everything on the market and had a Keratin treatment that isnt Brasiliana.. this product is amazing. I ran out and could tell the difference immediately. its makes your hair so soft and even had heat protection. Wont be without it and ive tried endless products.

penny, uk

This product is an absolute joy. I have only been using it for a week and I have noticed the positive difference in my damaged, relaxed hair. When you apply it, you can actually feel it working as it leaves a very cool feel on the hair and scalp but this only lasts for a few seconds. Afterwards, hair is thoroughly detangled, shiny, and soft. It can applied on wet/dry hair and I often apply it on my dry hair especially when I want to wear it in a pony tail and it gives an incredibly slick smooth finish. This product actually does much more than it says on the bottle. A definite must buy!

Dami, Manchester, UK

The best hair treatment I have ever used. Leaves hair super shiny, full of body and is totally light-weight. After only one week of use my hair looks much much better!! Do not miss!!

Nancy, Greece

This is an excellent addition to my hair routine. It makes the ends of my hair softer, smoother and more manageable. And protects from the heat, which I find necessary because I always use a hairdryer. My hair feels so much better since I've been using it.

Anita, Croatia

This is the most awesome treatment by far. It detangles like nothing else. Gross hair is a thing of the past with this product, it repairs and replenishes for shiny, silky and healthy looking hair everytime!!!! No knot is a problem, it makes the hair effortless to comb.

Sharon, Australia

This product is amazing!!!!!!!! I had very dry and unhealthy hair before i was this product, my hair turn shiny, healthy, looking just fantastic I reccommened for everyone:) !!!!!!!!!!

Zaneta, Basingstoke

This is the best leave in detangler/conditioner I have used and i have used a lot of the top name brands. The last person who left a review said that it shoots out which nearly put me off buying it but its a fine mist. It's well worth the money as a little goes a long way. I will definitely be buying this again.

Carmelita, Ireland

It's amazing! Thanks to Nicola's comment I got it and all they promise is true! Product definitely worth money spent and it works miracles on my hair!

Elena, London

I have to say that this is without a doubt the best product I have ever bought for my hair. I was tempted to write a review after the first time I used it. I have very thick, coarse, frizzy hair which is a nightmare to keep under control; normal conditioner is not strong enough to moisturise it. I pretty much need to use a deep conditioning treatment every time I wash my hair or it just feels like straw. I shampooed and conditioned my hair as normal and when slightly towel dried, I sprayed this on. I would like to point out that the consistency of this product is like a very light conditioner so it doesn't really spray in a mist, it just sort of shoots out in a straight line. I sprayed this all over the hair, combed it and then started to dry. The first thing I noticed was that my hair dried twice as quick as normal. Then when it was completely dry I noticed it was smooth and silky. Normally I would go straight to my ghds to get rid of the frizz but my hair didn't really need it. I still run the straighteners over it quickly to get rid of the kinks but this only takes 5 minutes instead of the normal 15. Using this has made my hair soft, smooth, shiny and manageable. I would now not be without this product and will purchase by the bucket load.

Nicola, Essex