Kérastase Specifique Bain Clarifiant Long-Lasting Regulating Shampoo 250ml


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Kérastase Specifique Bain Clarifiant Long-Lasting Regulating Shampoo is a targeted clarifying hair bath for over-active oily scalps and oily hair.

- Deeply cleanses the scalp.
- Regulates excessive sebum production.
- Scalp is left feeling clean and fresh.
- Hair is fuller, naturally soft and silky.

- Salicylic Acid: Deeply cleanses the scalp.
- Lipacid (patented): Regulates sebum production.
- Cooling Agent: Scalp feels fresh.
- Vitamin B6: Nourishing properties.

Wet hair thoroughly. Apply Kérastase Specifique Bain Clarifiant Long-Lasting Regulating Shampoo. Massage through the scalp and hair using the flats of the hands and complete the gentle massage technique, emulsify and rinse thoroughly. Blot-dry. Re-apply using the gentle massage technique and leave for a few minutes. Lather by adding a little water and gently emulsify before rinsing thoroughly.
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This stuff is amazing. I have VERY oily skin which of course means greasy scalp! I also have and itchy and irritated scalp and have never been able to use a shampoo other than Head & Shoulders for very long. This is the stuff! My hair is silky and clean, not limp and oily. I can even go two days without washing it. That is unheard of for me! Will definitely repurchase!

Alyson, UK

Such an amazing shampoo. Really clarifying, smells nice and fresh, hair feels soft and voluminous. Will definitely buy again and again.

Mary, Greece

我一直油腻腻的头发,现在我要洗隔日,或它往往像浮油。 即使我洗我的头发的最后一件事,晚上睡在后,根部已经开始变得油腻。 但并非如此。 第二天早上,我的头发看起来刚洗过。 我不得不说我很震惊 - 从第一次洗的差异是惊人的。 我现在可以离开我的头发,洗涤前,如果我希望一个额外的一天。

Ironwang, China

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I adore this shampoo. It is the best shampoo I ever used. My hair looks so shiny, soft, healthy and straight as I like. My high recommendations to everyone with oily hair.

Oksana, Estonia

I've just used up my first bottle of this shampoo and am about to buy a new one. It may look pricey for a shampoo but it's the best I've used. 2/3 days after washing my hair it still looks alright, a little spray of dry shampoo and that's all need, I don't feel like I must wash my hair because it looks really bad because it doesn't!

Cheryl, Herts

I have very long hair and it used to be very oily, I washed it every other day and let it dry naturally, but even so on the day after I washed it it would already be greasy. With this shampoo my roots only start to get oily 4 days after the washing and even then, it’s nothing compared with before I started using it. It is a little harsh on the scalp though, so after one achieves the wished results it’s nice to intercalate with a milder shampoo. I’ve tried other shampoos for purifying/oily hair etc and none achieved similar results.

Ana, Lisboa

Truly amazing product. I used to have to wash my hair everyday. However since using this product I can leave my hair for up to 3 days before having to wash it again. Great when you don't have much time in the morning to be washing and drying your hair. Highly recommended.

Sarah, Jersey

I was suffering so much when my hair started to be oily on the next day after washing it. I tried so many well known brand shampoos, but this one was a miracle! I was afraid that it would dry out my hair, but it didn't, it kept it conditioned. It allows me not to use all the other fixing products and to feel unique with my hair. Thank you! It's working, really!

Nataliya, Varna, Bulgaria

I've used this shampoo a few times now, and I'm very impressed - so much so, I've just purchased two more bottles.

I've always had greasy hair, and nowadays I have to wash it every other day, or it tends to resemble an oil slick. Even if I wash my hair last thing at night, after sleeping on it, the roots have started to become greasy. But not so now. The next morning, my hair looks freshly washed. I have to say I'm astounded - right from the first wash the difference was amazing. I can now leave my hair an extra day before washing if I so wish.

The smell of the product isn't bad either - much more subtle than I was expecting. I won't say it foams in the same way as normal shampoo - the foam is much finer - but even for someone who likes a lot of foam it's enough. I've also noticed that my hair isn't as fluffy as it used to be.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone with excessively greasy hair, who is fed up spending so much time trying to keep it clean. And I would definitely recommend feelunique.com - the products are top rate, and the service is fantastic!

C Jones, Bristol