Save 30% Kérastase Resistance Bain de Force Reinforcing Shampoo Level 1+2 250ml
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Kérastase Shampoo and Conditioner are like magic in a bottle.

Kérastase Resistance Bain de Force Reinforcing Shampoo Level 1+2 250ml


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Product Information

Kérastase Resistance Bain de Force Reinforcing Shampoo Level 1+2 is a reinforcing and refinishing hair bath for weakened hair.

The hair is revitalised and supple. It is more resistant and feels softer.

Ciment-Cylane3 Complex: A unique combination of 3 exclusive active ingredients which bring hair repair to a new level: Intra-Cylane + Pro-Keratine + Ceramides.

Apply Kérastase Resistance Bain de Force Reinforcing Shampoo Level 1+2 to wet hair. Massage into the lengths and scalp. Emulsify and rinse thoroughly.
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This shampoo with Ciment Anti-Urse Treatment save my damaged hair from cutting. Amazing!

Natasa, Croatia

After reading many good reviews i bought the shampoo and conditioner. I have bleached and coloured hair. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and notice a small change in my hair. The hair is shinier and softer some places. Still, hair feels dry and shampoo makes it hard to brush out all the knots in my hair. But the worst thing is how fast it makes my hair greasy. The smell is not great and does not last. Its a kind of fresh leafy smell.
The good thing about this shampoo is that you only need a little product.

Anya, Norway

I have been using for a while and my hair is not breaking so easily as it was. In front, my hair is weak and broken but I have been using carefully this shampoo and it has been helping me. Hair is growing back strong . Seriously, i'm happy because I found this shampoo..

Ana, Finland

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Amazing product , if you have damaged hair from over styling or bleaching I would recommend giving this a try. Worth every penny.

Maria, United Kingdom

Очень хороший шампунь,волосы становятся живыми и блестящими!Улучшает структуру волос!Я буду использовать только его!Самое лучшее для моих волос!!!Всем советую!

Мария, Россия

The shampoo's shade is white-green. Its smell is close to green apple - very pleasant and refreshing. It creates a good foam, and makes hair soft and shiny. It also keeps hair clean pretty long time.

Anna, Russia

This is one of the best shampoos I have ever used for my bleach fried hair. The scent is nothing special, just very clean, but I certainly noticed a reduction in breakage and found the lather to be lovely and rich. Doesn't weight your hair down a bit either!

Jack, United Kingdom

I absolutly love this shampoo! It made my hair look healthier and smothier!

Carolina, Portugal

I'm really surprised. this is far the best shampoo i have used. my hair is stronger! only few used can see the change. for sure, I will buy again.

Anaf, Finland

This shampoo is good for dry & damaged hair from too many styling products and straighteners. Works well when used with the conditioner. Worth the money!

Meg, England

Brings beauty and health in to your hair, worth very penny!

Vesna, Croatia

This shampoo solved all my greasy hair problems!

Patricija, Sloveniaq

I stopped using this shampoo just to make sure I wasn´t missing out on any other fantastic shampoo´s. I didn´t find another shampoo that does what this one does and have gone back to using this one because it´s brilliant. I have fine curly hair and had disaster´s but since going back to this shampoo I can really see the difference. My hair looks silky and healthy, nice shine to it and I doubt I will try any other shampoo´s again, and will stick to this one.

Izy, UK

Karastase makes excellent hair products. I like this shampoo, it leaves my hair very silky and it has a great rich lather and nice smell.

Lubna, Norway

Great product! The hair is so fresh and soft!

Galina, Varna, Bulgaria

Amazing shampoo, it transforms your hair into supple, soft, manageable hair.

Lisa, Lancashire

Great shampoo - beautiful scent (like all Kerastase products!) x

Ida, Scotland

Lovely item, I use this along with the Reconstruction Milk by Kerastase

Georgina, Manc

This shampoo is one of my favourites and "must haves". You know the quality of a shampoo after the first use and this one is worth every cent!

Jenny, Kerava, Finland

Amazing product! With Ciment Anti-Urse Treatment they can save your dry/damaged hair from cutting! Thanks to them your hair will get hydrated, more shinier and a lot of stronger. And you can see first effects very fast. I recommend it to everyone!

Alicja, Cumbria

I had a major disaster at a leading hair salon and as part of their 'redemption' advised me to use this product range.
My hair was bleached, EXTREMELY damaged and breaking off. After using this range exclusively for 4 months there was a massive and dramatic difference. 18 months on, I have at times tried a switch to other range (still salon performance) and have gone back after one wash - honestly, the difference was that notable. I have recommended this range to my best friends. It really is THE best!

Suze, West Midlands

THIS PRODUCT IS A MUST HAVE!!! If you have bleach or use constant styling tools on your hair then get yourself a bottle of this stuff! It helps bring hair back to life and helps it look beautiful!

Haleigh, Stoke-on-Trent

I washed my hair today for the first time with this shampoo and I already feel the difference. I just can't stop touching my hair, it's so silky and shiny! I believe I found my miracle which I was looking for my bleached blond hair for a long time!

Djenana, Bihac

This rocks!!! It wil make your hair silky, soft, healthier, shiny with body and movement!

Venetia, Athens

A little goes a long way with this shampoo - found it very good for highlighted hair

D, Ireland

Amazing shampoo! Since using this shampoo, my hair is stronger, softer and a lot less damaged. It leaves my hair just perfect. Love it!

Stela, Slovakia

This is one wonderful product, it really works! The important thing is to use it with the other products from the range, for example the Ciment Anti-Usure treatment and Ciment Thermique. I use the three products, and my hair is shiny, silky and strong! I love Kérastase!

Borislava, Ruse

This product has given me my confidence back. The comments I have received from work colleagues and friends about the change in my hair is proof that it works.

Carol, Belfast

Love this shampoo. I have processed hair that has been dyed for yeas and I feel that it strengthens it from within. And the bottle goes a long way.

Dympna, Clare, Ireland

Before using this product, my hair was dry and brittle and knotty. This shampoo has been fantastic: my hair is now smooth and shiny. A fantastic product, a must for dry, damaged hair!

Alice, Manchester

Love this shampoo, I have used it for years and it has repaired my hair to a strong, shiny and silky state. No matter how much my hair has been bleached and straightened it has still maintained brilliant condition. I also recommend using the Reconstruction Milk (blowdry cream) - it's a must-have for those girls with bleach blonde or coloured hair!

Chloe, Sheffield

Bain de Force has become my all time favorite shampoo. Excellent, amazing product.

Anastasia, Bulgaria

My hair was damaged from highlighting it. This shampoo - and the conditioner - are a miracle! I have finally found the right shampoo :)

Feray, Turkey

My hairdresser recommended this shampoo and it's simply brilliant. I have long, fine highlighted hair and it gets really dry and knotty. The Kerastase Resistance Bain de Force range has saved my hair, makes it strong and shiny and gives it some weight without looking greasy. The best shampoo I've ever used! If you have fine hair try it, you'll love it!

Steph, Warwickshire, UK

This is by far the best shampoo I have ever used; the whole range is brilliant. I had bleached blonde hair and this is the only thing that kept it in good conditon and stopped it breaking - even the areas that were broken started to repair themselves. I started using this 4 years ago and have twice strayed to cheaper products and both times have had to come straight back after using the other product only a few times!

Laura, Sydney