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Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi 3 Face Cream 15ml

Karin Herzog

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Product Information

For problematic skins. Acne cream containing 3% oxygen and vitamins A & E.

Handy "spot zapper" tube.

A simple and extremely effective natural way to banish spots, cold sores, boils blisters, pigmentation etc. Using Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi 3 Face Cream directly on to the area to be treated allows the drawing effect of the oxygen will work like a vacuum to literally VAK the spot off. Help Karin Herzog help others, if you know someone who has a blemish they want removing send them this message and tell them to "VAK IT OFF".

Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi 3 Face Cream is the essential acne cream - no ones handbag or wash bag should be without it!

This multi-functional power house of a product will achieve more than you imagined and is such a reliable and trusted companion for the gym, handbag, and wash bag. Use it where ever and whenever you need to increase the skins ability to heal and repair an unwanted blemish or spot, and in fact anything that you want to sort out quickly!

This potent formula will draw the bacteria away and out of the skin, literally like a mini vacuum hence the slogan... Unwanted blemish? "VAK IT OFF".

Designed to use morning and night Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi 3 Face Cream normalises the skin, promotes healing and accelerates cell regeneration, balances even combination skin, minimises open pores, detoxes and kills bacteria, hydrates and diminishes lines and wrinkles.

Suitable for even the most sensitive skin as the healing properties work to de-sensitise and calm. Used by doctors and dermatologists all over the world to speed up the healing process, and in effective pre and post operative treatments Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi Creams work like no other to give unprecedented exceptional results.

Paraben and preservative free. Not tested on animals.

Directions: Dry or Combination Skin:
Morning and night apply a few drops of Vita-A-Kombi Facial Oil first to re-establish comfort and to add the precious ingredients which are needed by dry or less balanced skin. Allow to penetrate for a few moments, then apply Vita-A-Kombi Cream to the face and neck without massage (see note). In time, or at night especially, the effect of Vita-A-Kombi Facial Oil may be slightly too oily; this is a very good sign showing that your skin is in the process of becoming more balanced. When you feel that this is the case, you must reduce the Vita-A-Kombi Facial Oil a little or stop using it, whilst continuing your daily exclusive skin care with Vita-A-Kombi cream.

Oily Skin:
Morning and night, apply to the face and neck without massaging (see note) into the skin.

Cold Climates or Extra Dry Skin:
Apply a few drops of Vita-A-Kombi Facial Oil to the face and neck in the morning. This oil will be absorbed very easily by the skin which will become more radiant and better prepared to receive the exclusive daily care product, Vita-A-Kombi Cream. Allow to penetrate for a few moments then apply Vita-A-Kombi Cream without massage (see note). Next, after a few minutes or before going out, apply the protective cream "Additional Day Cream" for maximum comfort. At night, after Vita-A-Kombi Facial Oil and Vita-A-Kombi Cream, if additional comfort is required, add a little "Additional Night Cream", a cream with and ultra-soft texture. As soon as the effect is slightly too oily, this is a very good sign and your skin will seem better balanced. You may then wish to stop using the additional day and night creams, whilst continuing your daily exclusive skin care with Vita-A-Kombi Facial Oil and Vita-A-Kombi Cream.

When Karin Herzog recommend that you do not massage into the skin, they should like to point out that your hands will absorb a large quantity of cream with greater rapidity than the skin on the face and body. Therefore, if you massage into the skin when applying a cream for the face or body, too much of the effect of their patented products vanishes into the hands instead of acting where it was intended.

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