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The perfect solution for problem, peeling nails. Rubberized resins fuse the nail’s delicate layers, while Vitamins A & D strengthen and condition for growth.
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What a fantastic product! My nails flake and consequently break but when I use this under my nail varnish, they remain just as they should. Feel the love for Fusion, girls! Oh, and too for selling it at such an amazing price :)

Isabelle, UK

After using three well-known (and expensive) brands for peeling nails with no luck, I've finally discovered the fantastic Fusion by Jessica. After 6 days of using Fusion, my nails are no longer peeling and their appearance is 100% better. Not only does this treatment dry before your very eyes, it has a high polished finish and it is so easy to remove. A must have product that works. I'm never going to be without Fusion so please, keep it in stock!

Donna, Skegness, Lincs

I have to say....what an amazing product...does exactly what it says on the box. I suffer so badly with peeling nails, they get to a certain length (that not very long) and they peel till they are so week i have no choice but to file them right down. The fusion does what it says fuses the layers together to give the nail a chance to grow out the peel. I have used it for about 4 days and nothing has peeled away, I used the Jessica Varnish over the top and it does not affect the outcome of the treatment.

Arura James, Jersey