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You can have beautiful nails without damaging acrylics.


- Jessica Restoration Basecoat for Post-Acrylic/Damaged Nails
- Jessica Top Priority - Glazing Ultraseal
- Jessica Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser
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I love this product because it helps me to learn to look after my nails!

Suzi, London

For all of you who feel trapped into having to wear acrylic/gel nails and those losing hope of ever having their own strong and groomed nails - this kit is truly a solution!

My consumer story:
I saw this Jessica After Acrylic kit at the beauty industry trade event which I had to attend as a translator - and while participating in negotiations concerning thousands of pound investments I had (such a shame!) to hide my hands. The reason for that were my own nails worn out, thin as thin can be, dry and almost curly on the edges (I was told hat was the result of being too thin and too dry) and on several fingers virtually destroyed by excess filing.
There was no one to blame except myself I was wearing acrylics for 6 years non stop and although knew nails need rest always thought I couldn't afford to have anything less than my classy French acrylics i.e., until the nail technician refused to serve me and dermatologist followed up with nail-loss scares, of course. So, I had my acrylic nails removed and there I was at that trade exhibition looking at the picture of extremely damaged nails on this kit assuming it was funny that my nails looked exactly the same! And, although being sceptical I got the kit and started using it same day.
I wasn't really following the advised care routine at first, but it was when I saw the results that I became really devoted. And after just 8 weeks of daily Restoration base and Phenomen oil routine, I got the perfect looking natural nails!
Results in 8 weeks: my nails did grow very fast; they regained the thickness and shine. When the nails grew till the normal length of the nail plate I even got them growing longer without being broken or layers peeled off! (That never happened in my life before!)

Efficiency rating: 10/10 (if you commit to applying the Restoration base daily in 2 coats and use Phenomen oil as often as you can. I was desperate this using it every hour!)

Summary: the kit does exactly what it claims of the box!

Katia K., London