Jean Paul Gaultier "Le Male" Alcohol Free Deodorant Stick 75g

Jean Paul Gaultier

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Product Information

A practical stick deodorant that is both gentle on skin and effective against odours.

Thanks to the addition of peppermint extract, it provides long-lasting protection and "Le Male" freshness in all circumstances.
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I've been using this for years. For me it's the best deodorant on Earth! :)

Joe, London

I've been using this for years. For me it's the best deodorant on Earth!:)

Joe, London

I just love it because it is so fresh smelling and light, while being very distinctive. And you just have to love the bottle it comes in too...

Andy, Camberley

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Lovely smell value for money


Smells Gorgeous! I'm in love the price is well worth it!

Gareth, Bristol

From a uniquely designed bottle to an instantly recognisable scent Jean Paul Gautier has gone all out here. This is a definitely in your face fragrance as the scent is quite strong when you first appply it. If you think that you would be offended by getting glances by your own sex and smiles then do not buy this. With mint and lavender it has a strong overtone of vanilla, and is supposed to bring out the cotradictions in men, both your hard masculine side and your more soft caring feminine side. When you first put this on you will instantly recognise the vanilla, but this does die down a little throughout the day, so that it isn't so strong. Of all the fragrances I have used over the years this has to have the longest lasting scent and must be the most recognisable.

David, Liverpool

Love it. Very creamy and smells divine. Last for ages too so don't put off from the price!

Giorgio, London