Garnier Body Bodyrepair Anti-Dryness Restoring Moisturiser Extra Dry Skin 400ml


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Product Information

Formally called Garnier Bodyrepair Anti-Dryness Restoring Moisturiser.

Anti-dryness restoring moisturiser.

Is the Anti-Dryness Restoring Moisturiser for me?
Changes in temperature, clothes that rub, hard water... all this can make your skin feel extra dry, tight and certain areas can feel rough and coarse.

Why is it different?
Garnier Body Bodyrepair Anti-Dryness Restoring Moisturiser Extra Dry Skin intensely nourishes the skin and immediately soothes feelings of skin tightness. Rough areas are smoothed and the skin is better protected against external aggressions.

How does it work?
The formula is enriched with maple sap known for its soothing properties. The soft and comfortable texture is easy to apply, absorbs immediately and is non-greasy.

Result: skin feels soothed and intensely moisturised. Your skin rediscovers more suppleness and softness. It is moisturised for up to 24 hours.

Proven efficacy:
From 1st application: Skin feels more comfortable - 98% agreed*
From 1st application: Relieves tightness - 95% agreed*
Skin's roughness is reduced**

*Auto-evaluation from test on 41 women.
**Clinical test on 41 women after 3 weeks.
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Really nice product, long lasting moisture - feels like a much higher-end product! :)

Ida, Scotland

Really great moisturiser for dry skin. Especially this time of year with extremes of cold outside and warmth inside my skin gets very dry in places and this moisturiser is fantastic for instand relief in terms of redness and dryness. It smells fantastic and is really soothing without being greasy or taking a long time to penetrate the skin. It's also great for sensitive skin, I have to try many different products to find the right one and this is by far the best. So relieved to have found it on this site!!

Holly, London