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Product Information

Unlike the daily moisturiser counterparts – Fake Bake Fair will give you a beautiful golden glow from the first application and not the tenth!

This formula puts very fair skinned clients, or those who don’t want to use a tanning product every single day, in complete control of the depth of tan they want to achieve.

It’s also the perfect product for those returning from holiday who want to maintain their suntan and nourish their skin. Northern European skin can be very fair. In fact, bordering-on-illuminous- fair. Many of Fake Bake's very fair skinned customers loved the final results they achieved with Fake Bake Original but felt that the colour guide was too intense. The flip side to that coin was using one of the many daily moisturisers on the market containing no colour guide and a little DHA tanning agent. However, they found that they needed to be used every single day to build up a hint of a colour. The end results were product build up, uneven tan and patchiness. Not pretty!

What was needed was a product that sat somewhere in the middle. To meet that demand, Fake Bake developed Fair. It contains all the same top notch ingredients as Fake Bake Original but they've lifted the colour guide to the very palest soft fudge colour so that you can still see where you are putting the tanning cream and also added the most delicious coconut fragrance that will transport your senses to the nearest exotic beach!
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Does exactly what the description says.

Very easy to use - comes with gloves and no need to use a mitt.
Lovely caramel smell and no sticky feeling afterwards - unlike other tans!

Personally I think that I could have done with the "Original" tan, as I am not as pale as I thought! So this tan wasn't quite dark enough for me. However, if you are fair skinned and want a light natural looking tan - or if you have never tanned before, this is a brilliant starter tan.

Apply in the night, then wash off in the morning and there you have it - all done.

I give it a ten out of ten! :)

Jen, Wales

This product applies very easily and dries quickly. For me one application was enough, I have very fair skin. Colour developed evenly, although I was surprised at the level of colour from the first application of a gradual tanner. This product will last for ages.

Jackie, East Sussex

I can't believe how natural it looks, no streaks! I have always been a little insecure of my extremely fair skin tone so I thought I'd give Fake Bake a go. I was a little skeptical on whether it was worth the price but it totally is. I feel so much more confident with this on. Thanks Fake Bake :)

Bethany, Devon

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This has to be the best product on the market by far, love it, my 2 daughters love it just as much. No hassle, put it on before bed, shower in the morning and hey presto - you look fab, all over tan without the sun or sunbeds. I tell everyone about it and those who have tried it agreed with me, you can look great all year round. Go on give it a go, you won`t regret it - that`s a promise!

Angela, UK

This was recommend by a friend and I agree this product is easy to use. I still had a few problems around the back of my heels but I'm going to try the Fake Bake Oil Smoothie to see if this helps to eliminate this problem. I love this product and like the fact it doesn't smell. So many of my friends have already commented on my tan and don't believe me when I say it's from a bottle. You have to try this to see how natural it is!

Jan, Coventry

I have just started using the Fake Bake Fair Gradual Self-Tan and I find it makes my skin soft and the colour did appear the first time. I will keep using this for the next fortnight and let you know the outcome, so far so good!

Jeanette Nixon, Gt Yarmouth

What can I say but buy it! If like me you have pale skin then this product is for you. Apply before bed and shower in the morning to reveal a natural looking tan. Other benefits is this product does not stink like others do.

Rachel, England

I have a very pale complexion and have never got any good results from tanning; St Tropez made me look orange and the gradual tanners ended up streaky. After reading many reviews I decided to try Fake Bake Gradual Tanner for fair skin, I was very apprehensive as previously having no good results from tanning I expected the same again, I was wrong!

Fake Bake is easy to apply, in the morning I thought "oh no I look patchy" but once washed off, a gorgous all over EVEN tan is left :) luv this product. I'm soooooo pleased I have finally found a tan that suits my pale complexion... Goodbye white legs, hello tanned goddess :)

Debbie, Guernsey, Channel Islands

As i am very pale skinned i was recommened Fake bake gradual fake tan. I must admit i am very impressed after 4 coats i was a lovely golden brown colour with no patchs or streaks. I am normally completely useless at applying fake tan. Only problem with it is if you have a bath it does tend to come off slightly but is no problem if you reaplly straight after. End colour result is a golden brown tan perfect for fair skins. I am now 5 days into putting on the tan but want to keep apllying it for 10 days to see what the colour is like then. I would thoroughly recomened this to fair skinned people.

Natasha, UK

The write up for this product is absolutely spot on, and the product itself ticks all the boxes for me. Easy to apply with gloves provided in box. A lovely natural looking tan that lasted over a week. I have to give 11 out of 10 for the no odour factor. Atleast I can go to bed without wearing a peg on my nose. I have very fair skin, and hate sun bathing any way, so for me this completes my summer look. Give it a try, you honestly won't regret it.

Wendy Hanham, Spain