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Emu Oil Well

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For treating Acne, dry skin, damaged skin, scarring and stretch marks.

Rosehip Oil and Emu Oil make natural partners in skincare. They have both similar and complementary properties. Individually they have been used in skincare especially for dealing with damage due to aging, from Acne and for reducing and preventing stretch marks.

Rosehip contains natural Tretinoin, a derivative of Retinol (Vitamin A) and also vitamin E. This makes it very good for firming the skin and removing fine lines associated with aging.

Apply Rosehip Emu Oil to fresh scars after the wound has healed. Older scars may be reduced but longer treatment will be required. Rosehip Emu Oil may be used to help prevent stretch marks and to reduce existing marks.

It should be used at least twice a day but preferably more often. It does not clog the pores.

Use Rosehip Emu Oil on scar tissue from surgery, sun exposure, minor burns, acne (not on active acne) and on stretch marks.

Emu Oil, (Organic) Rosehip Oil.
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Because animal fats, it is very close to the skin secretion of oil. Will not cause irritation to the skin, very moist, the skin care routine rely on this bottle of oil.

Zhang, China

I am in love with this product! I have really bad stretch marks across my tummy and I use this every night before bed and after I've had a shower.
I've noticed a big difference, I've also started using it as a night cream,even though I have very oily skin, and my acne scars have faded massively, my skin looks hydrated and healthy.
Everybody needs this in their skincare essentials. Just wish it came in a bigger bottle, but the 50ml lasts ages.

Bianca, Ireland

A miracle for your skin in a single drop! That's the exact amount of this product that you need for the whole face. You might be surprised by the size of the bottle - It's reeeeaaally tiny, but it lasts pretty long. I usually do my emu treatment before going to bed and it leaves my skin fresh, some pigmentation simply disappeared, dryness in the nose area's gone, spots and blemishes disappear faster than usually... Also doesn't irritate my eyes... I LOVE this product!

Lucie, Czech republic

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Incredible product, woke up with hydrated skin, my acne scarring was significantly reduced and my overall complexion improved. It isn't greasy either, soaked into my skin very quickly and I have naturally very oily skin!!

Sophie, UK

This product is amazing, I was so curious of trying it and I read all the reviews before buying it and I´m very happy with the results. You only need a little amount, I totally have replaced my night cream and only use this and my face looks amazing in the mornings. I´ll re purchase it of course!

Maribel, Spain

Leaves skin feeling silky and plump without any excess greasiness. Has helped me achieve an even complexion and my old scarring has been rapidly reduced. Buying again as soon as my bottle runs out!!

Karla, England

Gorgeous oil. Only need to use a tiny amount on the face for really good moisturisation without any greasiness. My skin always looks lovely in the morning, spots seem to get better or even go and the weird red, dry flaky patch round my nose is improving. Wonderful range!

TC, Leeds

It's a miracle in a bottle!! I can't believe how amazing it is! After a few nights my acne was almost gone and my skin looks beautiful and so smooth in the morning!! I love it! Thanks Feelunique!

Giselle, São Carlos, Brazil

Emu Oil just helps on everything! From spots to scars to dry skin... Miracle!

Julia, Denmark, Copenhagen

I stumbled upon this whilst browsing feelunique.com and due to my love of oils, I decided to give it a go. I have oily skin and find oils much better and lighter than night cream. Amazingly this sinks in and looks matte. It doesn't clog my pores and is very healing as it seems to work on existing blemishes. After only a few nights my skin is softer, clearer, smoother and firmer - it's amazing, and all these results for such a small investment! I've just ordered another and recommended it to the women in my family.

BK, London

I really love this product! I have some small scarring from acne and after 3 days of using Rosehip Emu Oil, it's almost all gone!

Marie, Finland