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The skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive and vulnerable. The skin is thin and prone to drying out. The result is dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. These are most commonly caused by lack of sleep. But, also ageing, fatigue, allergies, sun exposure, stress, drinking alcohol and smoking all take their toll.

Emu Oil Well Moisturising Eye Cream addresses these problems with a gentle moisturising and nourishing recipe that combines the benefits of emu oil with Hyaluronic acid, Retinyl Palmitate and naturally beneficial skin nutrients. Using the cream twice a day will hydrate and soothe, soften, improve elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

Emu Oil Well have made this cream as natural as possible. It contains no artificial colours.

Wash the face with warm water. Pat dry with a soft towel. Apply the cream taking care not to get it in the eye. For best results do this twice a day. It may be used immediately before applying make-up.

Aqua, Emu Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cetearyl Alcohol, Aloe Vera Extract, Cetyl Alcohol, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinyl Palmitate, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance.
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I love this eye cream. My eyes are very dry and prone to eczema, but they feel very moisturized with this cream. Also I don't know if I am imagining it, but I think it has somehow brightened my eyes both underneath and my eyelids, which means I don't need to apply any sort of concealer or powder. I am definitely going to keep buying!

Anne, Denmark

I really liked this cream, skin is nourished and hydrated. Order it a second time.

Tatyana, Russia

This is a very good product!I've been using it twice a day for about three weeks now and my dark circles have diminished and my eyes now look so much brighter!the texture is great(it's not sticky) and so is the price especially for the quantity you get(most eye creams include 15 ml of product while this includes 25!!)Definitely recommended!

Anna, Greece

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It is surprising good stuffs for my eyes. very moisturizing, very good base for my under eye concealer, it stays beautifully, not drying at all after whole day~! Love this eye cream and the 25ml size will last me for pretty long time~ what a good price for the amount of product.

Aries, HK

I am living in Beijing China, there is so dry in the winter, and my skin is very sensitive in the recent years, so i am eager to look for an eye cream that is safe, comfortable and moisturising for my skin. I am so lucky I found this Emu Oil Well Moisturising Eye Cream ! That is wonderful! and the price is so goood!!

Ada, China

My eyes can get very dry especially during the winter months which can make my makeup under my eyes look really caked. This product is great as it keeps my eyes moisturised for the whole day so my make up sits on top perfectly. It doesn't help with dark circles so much but it really does make my eyes feel great and hydrated.

Livia, UK

This is a wonderful cream. Buy it for the third time. It is quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy residue. Combats wrinkles and dark circles. I recommend it!

Tania, Ukraine

Never imagined that such a cheap eye cream would work like magic - it does not only moisturise very well but smoothes out dehydration/ after-sun wrinkles. Works for mature & dry eye skin as well (my mom, 55 y.o., tried & loved it saying it's the best she'd used so far). Plus my eyelashes have grown a few mm longer due to it's main ingredient - emu oil. No parabens added that could cause allergies (i'm a contact lens wearer myself). And 25ml will probably last for 10-12 months.

Lidiya, Italy

This product is amazing!

Maz, Uk

Good price, good product with simple ingredients and a subtle fragrance. My last pot lasted me over a year. Sometimes at night I dab it on very thickly like an under-eye mask and leave it to absorb.


One of the best eye creams! It absorbed immediately and leaves the area moisterized
Loved it!

Rallou, Greece

This product is amazing, really hydrates the thin skin under your eyes ! I wake-up to soft , plump up skin. To top it off free delivery now thats a bonus .

bhav, england

Best eye cream I've ever tried. Gives lots of moisture and smells great!

Mia, Sweden

This is an incredible eye cream! It absorbs really quickly and moisturizes so well! Been using it for a month and have really noticed a big difference when it comes to puffiness and dark circles under my eyes. I will definitely be purchasing it again.

Sam, Switzerland

It's a great cream. I really love it. I'm ordering it again.

Flor, Argentina

I am buying this the second time and this eye cream is awesome. It does not irritate the eyes nor is it scented to potentially irritate the skin. It actually helped decrease my under eye dark circles and my eyes feel firm after applying and not dry. Will continue to buy

Maria, Canada

Amazing eye cream!!! I love it

Mary, Greece

Not reach enough for me but a good moisturiser. It's great under make up and the price is great. I like it.

Borislava, Bulgaria

I love this eye cream, my favourite! so moisturising and helping and a puffy eyes saver indeed

Hannah, Norway

I am picky about the contours of eyes but this is a very good product, leaves skin hydrated throughout the day, providing plenty of light. I love it. As but would ask other container because it is hygienic and convenient to use.

Sara, Spain

Я довольна этим кремом: он хорошо увлажняет, не раздражает мою чувствительную кожу вокруг глаз. Приятная цена, тем более за такой объем. Очень удачная покупка!

Marina, Russian Federation

I look forward to being a fan of this cream. The price is great.

Elena, Slovakia

I really don't make a lot of reviews, but this product deserver the best words. It smooths and hydrates the skin around eyes resulting in a very pleasant feeling. I can not really tell that it erases the wrinkles, but they are definitely less visible.
It's also a great value for money because it's price is more than reasonable and one box lasts several weeks. I highly recommend it!

Paula, Croatia

After being incredibly disappointed with my last eye cream, that certainly wasn't cheap, I decided to give this eye cream a go as the Rosehip Emu oil has really helped my acne scars and the brand seems to do what it says on the tin!
The consistency is certainly the best I have used, it's rich but light, it's not greasy in the slightest and it really sinks in. My eyes feel fresher and brighter, and my under eye concealer seems to be staying better too!
Definitely worth a go as the price is so forgiving!

Rebecca, United Kingdom

I have very sensitive eyes that can easily get irritated from different products and the past months my eyelids were becoming very dry..A friend recomended this eye cream and I love it!
It's very moisturising from the first application, without being greasy or sticky and you only need the tiniest amount. I would definitely repurchase it.

Nagia, Greece

I must say that its the best cream I've tried so far. Absorbs fast but it doesn't feel dry after, the skin is hydrated. I don't really have dark circles but sometimes the eyes look tired, so even in the evening after this cream the eyes look "fresh".

Kira, Cyprus

Estou usando há 3 semanas e gostando dos resultados. Não achei nada fantástico, mas realmente pelo preço é muito bom. Irei comprar outro frasco e experimentar outros produtos da marca. Indico a compra.

Geisilane, Brasil

I keep buying this product again and again!! Nothing can competes the combination of price and effectiveness!! It keeps the skin moisturized, something that i was looking for an undereye cream since i have very sensitive skin and the creams that i have tried before used to cause me under eye eczema!

Marianna, Greece

My favourite eye cream. It is absorbed just in several minutes and leaves your skin moisturised for the whole day. I have already bought it twice and I think it is not the last time :)

oksana, Ukraine

Really moisturizing for a really cheap price!

Elizabeth, Malta

The cream is truly pleasant to use. Delicate fragrance, medium texture (neither too light, nor too rich), it is absorbed quickly and leaves skin feeling really comfortable. I frankly even didn't expect it to be as good for this modest price. Highly recommended as a basic moisturising care. And the vintage box is just another advantage for the lovers of "retro" :)

Antonina, Ukraine

I never buy two of anything. I am always trying out new stuff. I have ordered 3 of these and soon to order a fourth. I notice that this eye cream makes the skin around my eyes thicker, before I used it my skin was fragile and weak and I suffered badly from dark circles. The dark circles are not gone but they are no way near has bad as they were before. This cream has even improved my thin lines. Love this stuff and I doubt I will try anything else, I can´t believe I found a product that I have used again and again.

Izy, UK & Spain

I'm very hard to please when it comes to eye creams, because even though my skin is quite oily, my eye area is dry, sensitive and I have quite a few fine lines. I tried so many eye creams that are suitable "for my age group", but it was almost like using nothing.
Emu eye cream is a perfect combination of moisture and richness. It pampers sensitive eye area, sinks right in and makes skin feel well moisturised. It's great under make up (not too greasy), rich enough even for cold winter, light enough for hot summer...

Vesna, Slovenia

I have been using this product for 3 or 4 months now, and I can honestly say that it is a must have. Rich, but absorbs very well, and you don't have to use too much. Also, the price is very friendly.

Nora, Hungary

I purchased this eye cream for my boyfriend as he had developed sore dry skin under his eyes. On application it soothed the sore dry area. And after a couple of days the skin had returned to normal. He continues to use this cream on a day to day basis as it keeps the area of skin around his eyes soft and supple. I also use it, although he has become quite protective over his miracle cream.

Elaine Gough, United Kingdom

Amazing product! Eyes look instantly brighter on application and doesn't leave excessive residue. Very good price and lasts for months! I have tried other similar products that are triple the price and prefer this one.

Ali, United Kingdom

This is the BEST Eye cream ever! I've been using for 2 weeks (morning and night) and the results are awesome!

Tamíris, Brasil

I have been using this product for 2 months now, and I can honestly say that it is the best eye cream I have ever tried. It is really rich and creamy so you don't have to use much at all. After using it for two months straight, morning and evening, my tin is still almost full. Highly recommended!

Annelie, Stockholm

Really nice product! It smells good and works perfect. The most important is its price. Great product!!

lin, Beijing

I can say that I definitely love this product. And I have many reasons for this. In my city I have never seen this product and only on feelunique.com. I saw this amazing cream on the site and it immediately interested me. I'm 21 and I think it's time to start paying more attention to the health and beauty of my skin. In the time of severe Russian winter my skin gets very dry and I need more moisture. I can say that this was a problem for me to find the right eye cream, because my skin is young and sensitive and there is a risk to harm skin with the wrong product. This is my first eye cream and I'm really happy that I stopped to buy exactly this one. It is natural and an excellent moisturiser, and it has now become a beautiful part of my daily beauty ritual. Thank you!

Vera Ivankova, Saint-Petersburg

Very nice eye cream, I would definitely recommend...

Анна, Казахстан

Don't put anything around your eyes, everyone will worn you. And you know if the cream you put is good, cause your eyes will react immediately, esp.if they are too sensitive which makes them by definition if you wear lenses like I do. Seeing all the good reviews, no one complained about this cream causing any irritation, so I decided to try it. It is really the best cream I have ever tried. I would just like to give a little tip since this cream is light, but very creamy due to the great oils it contains, give it a bit of massage when you're applying it. Use your ring finger, the cream will sink in more easily, and you will start the circulation which will also diminish your around eye wrinkles.5* Amazing! :)

Melisa K., Bosnia and Herzegovina

This moisturing cream is really helpful! The dry and tight feeling vanished immediately but not oily. I soothes the skin around the eyes quickly and the smell is quite fantastic! I love it!!!

Gao, China

este creme parece ser incrivel espero tudo de bom nele para tratar minhas rugas de expressão.

Jadeline, Brazil

After 3 weeks the dark circles and bags I had under my eyes are vanishing, and the little blue veins! Miracle product!!

Diana Santos, Portugal

What to add.. I use this eye cream, though I don't have any wrinkles yet, but it makes my skin feel awesome! I use oil as well during the night only for three days and my acne zones or red long- time spots are as twice as reduced. The face cream that I also use during the day is very nourishing but surprisingly doesn't leave a "fatty" glimpse on my skin (and smells delicately)! I guess I 'll become a constant client of feelunique...

Anna, Greece

I like this cream, makes my skin feel beautiful, humidified, well-groomed and young! No other cream provides me with such result!

Irina, Russian, Moscow

I have been using this product for about 6 months and its great. I really suffer from dark circles and this cream seems to have improved them. I have sensitive skin and this cream has not caused any irration. Great stuff in a little pot.

Lesley, Yeovil

Although this cream is in a small jar, it has lasted me ages. I have really sensitive skin and this product really suits me, leaves my skin very smooth and glowy, won't do without it now

Olivia, Liverpool

Amazing product!

Rita, Madrid

Amazing ,lightweight super moisturising eye cream.

Eftea, Greece

This is my 2nd tube. Love it!

Andri, Cyprus

Lovely packaging and the quality/price relation is 10!

Nadia, Spain

I've been using lots and lots of high-end eye cream and spent lots of money, until I found this Emu Oil Well Eye Cream. It's definitely the best eye creams I've ever used. It is very hydrating, yet it won't leave any oily residue around your eyes. Moisturizing enough even for dry seasons. And most of all, it is not expensive at all! Highly recommended.

J, Hong Kong

I love this product, it's great for dry sensitive skin. It is really cheap and effective and it lasts ages.

Teresa, Spain

I'd had eczema around my eyes which had made my skin a bit wrinkly and dull but this cream has really made a difference. You only need a tiny bit at a time because it's really rich and moisturising. Really great value for money too.

Emma, UK

It moisturises well and is great value for money!

Hiuyu, HK

It moistures good and it is all for me. My wrinkles are more appreciable with this eye cream

Anna, Russia

I don't want to say this is a long awaited miracle.... but no actually it really is.

I have had severely dry skin around my eyes irrated by allergies and eczema for several years and no other cream has soothed, hydrated and smoothed like this. It had an instant and lasting affect, it even calmed the redness. It has a delicate natural fragrance, smooth and silky texture and the tiniest amount goes a long way. Absolutely worth every penny. 100% Loved it

Maxine, Staffordshire

Great product and so inexpensive. Highly reccomended! Everyone should try this!

Andria, Cyprus

I've been using Emu Oil Well Moisturising everyday, mornings and at nights. Sometimes I used also on face (as normal moisturizer) and both ways my skin feels wonderful and it looks healthy. I can't live without it anymore.

Ana, Finland

I've used this product for a couple of months now and I swear it's never ending! I use this night and day even though I don't have dry eye lids and I could see some improvements with my dark circles!

Winnie, Hemel, Hempstead

Got this because of all the great reviews and reading that Emu Oil makes human skin thicker-thus reducing the appearance of dark circles... and after just one week i can see a difference! Wonderful product that feels great

Annabelle, London

Lovely product, it feels light on the skin and sinks in quickly yet you can tell that it is actually doing the trick! It is cheap too, which is always a bonus, and you even get more product than the usual 15 ml you get with eye creams. I recommend it!

Enrichetta, Rome, Italy

I didn't know I was looking for an eye cream until I saw all the reviews on here :) Thought I'd give it a go as it's such a good price on here - really liking it so far, think it'll last a long time too!

Ida, Glasgow

Too see that the reviews of this product come from all over the world is touching and convinced me to buy it. My first thought was that a cream this cheap couldn´t be any good. But it is - even for periods when temperature can dip to about
-20*C/16*F and air is very dry! Give it a go - emu oil actually makes human skin thicker. Yes, it's true, they give pure emu oil to face and breast surgery patients to make skin heal quicker.


OMG! One of the best eye creams I have ever used!

Iwona, Bratislava

Bought this after reading all the good reviews. It is really good! Saw the difference after just two days, love it!

Maria, Haugesund

This is actually my first eye cream and I decided to buy this one because of so many good reviews. I wasn't disappointed, it is really rich and it really moisturises and nourishes your skin, I am in love :)

Karla, Zagreb

The best eye cream ever. It really moisturises the eye area. I've only had it a week and see improvements in the fine lines around my eyes. It is a lovely soft consistancy and best of all makes a lovely smooth base for makeup. Definately recommend and I will deffinitely be buying again.

Jen, Ireland

WOW! I LOVE THIS EYE CREAM! I have never been able to find an eye cream that I do not have an allergic reaction to. The skin around my eyes, as a result, prior to use were dry and itchy but now it looks healthy, moisturised, the dark circles have become much reduced even after no more than a week...and best of all, no reaction! My mum also started using it after she saw how great my eyes were looking and she is also raving about this wonderful product. Well worth getting it.

Steph, Gloucestershire

I love this very rich, but non-greasy, eye cream. It is perfect for night time use which helped clear up my fine lines around the eyes.

Paul, Melbourne

Wow!!! ...Is the word that comes to mind after using this eye cream. Can't believe the difference after just one week, my dark circles have faded and my skin is glowing. Highly recommend this product. The price is unbelievable. I will be using this product forever. Thank you feelunique. x

Mercedes, Manchester

This is just what I have been looking for. I have heard about this Emu Oil Eye Cream, but haven't been able to locate it. I was pleased when I found feelunique.com with such low prices and quick service. It is a great product at a great price. Thanks.

Vika, Ukraine

Thanks to all your comments I got this cream and I have to say it's very good! It doesn't make eye area greasy but works perfectly! Highly recommended!

Elena, London

Great cream for the money! It nourishes, smoothes and helps combat dark circles! After a month of using it, the area around the eyes has got much more radiant and is glowing and fresher!

Anna, Norway

This is a great eye cream. I feel my skin getting tighter and I will buy it again.

Wang, China

This product is fantastic! I purchased it based on the comments here and I was amazed already after the first time I used it. I have only used it for a week now but I could see the effect right away. The dark circles are gone and fine lines have reduced. By seeing these results it made me realise how other much more expensive brands have no effect at all.

Mari, Copenhagen

I really, really like this cream. I started using it 2 weeks ago and I have to say it is really hydrating but not oily and it is dissimulating fine lines (altough I do not have a lot of them). I'm using it only at nights and for the moment I do not have dark circles when I wake up. For the price it is, I would really recommend this cream.

Elena, Spain

Super-cream! Light texture, nice smell, excellent moisturising, absorbs quickly, economical to use.

Irina, Russia

Me (25 y.o.) and my mother (44 y.o.) use it as an under eye cream and for the entire face. Amazing! My hypersensitive, dry & acne-prone skin is just glowing!

Lisa, Kazakhstan

This is a good eye cream.

Daniela, Italy

I purchased this on the strength of the good reviews already on here, and am not disappointed. Very moisturising, doesn't make your eyes puffy; the best eye cream I have found.

Natalie, Kent

I'm so in love with this cream. Less than 2 weeks of use and the fine lines have almost disappeared. Also, it's gentle and smells good. So many benefits, and for a good price!

Raquel, Brazil

I have tried hundreds of different eye creams and they always seem to disappear within seconds and then my skin feels taut again. I do really like this eye cream, a small amount goes a long way and yet it feels nice and comfortable under my eyes. I have used it for nearly two weeks and I am going to try a face cream next in this range if one is available!

Sarah, Bedford

This is an excellent eye cream. I have tried many high end brands but was pleasantly surprised that this is truly fantastic! It smoothes out my eye area, keeping it moisturised but not feeling heavy or oily. My sister remarked on how great my eye area was looking lately so she ordered this too and is very happy with it.

I am 36 years old, with dry/dehydrated skin & a few fine lines.

Tina, Greece

A very soothing and moisturising eye cream, great for use before bedtime.

Anne, DK

I am amazed by the virtually instantaneous effect of this cream. Being a smoker, I've used various high-end eyecare products (Dior, Lancome, Givenchy, etc.) on my dry & sensitive skin, but none of them nurtured it so quickly and so profoundly. Absorbs nicely, relaxes the under-eye area, brightens it and smoothes it out. This is probably my best cosmetic find ever. Well done!

Valeria, Sofia-Bulgaria

This eye cream is amazing! Works just as well (if not better) than some of the most expensive creams on the market. I'd say it's the best for moisturising as a lot of creams just work on the anti-ageing factor. I'm prone to dryness around the eye area so my priority is to moisturise first and then think about anti-ageing products, although I've been using it alone and haven't felt the need for anti-ageing products on top (other than sunscreen of course).

Nicola, Jersey

This is one of the best eye creams i have ever used and i have tried many expensive ones. after spending a fortune on hylexin and hydropeptide which did nothing, this emu oil eye cream is great. its got a lovely hydrating texture which instantly calms the area around eyes. i have used it for 3 months and seen a good improvement in my dark circles as well as fine lines.a 25ml tub has lasted me about 3 months and i have used it twice everyday.whats more it can also be used under makeup.i just wished it helped morning puffiness as well then it wud be my HG cream,but still it deserves 4****.

Nidhi Sharma, Manchester