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Little Mixers listen up! Your favourite glamour icon Leigh-Anne from Little Mix has collaborated with fashion forward nail brand Elegant Touch. She has worked closely with the brand to create her very own range of press-on nails and nail wraps that reflect her love for beauty and all things fabulous!

Leigh-Anne’s signature look is all about fresh and funky glamour. Her Jamaican roots are important when it comes to her sense of style and one of her main style inspirations is The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. In fact her nickname is even Fresh Princess!

"My Jamaican background inspired these bright colourful nails. I love everything about the Jamaican culture and their amazing party vibe. My nails will make sure you sassy chickas stand out from the crowd."

It should take approximately 15 minutes to apply press-on nails using adhesive tabs.


Step 1 – Prepare nails by gently pushing back cuticles. Clean nails with an acetone based polish remover to ensure nail is free from moisture and any natural oils. Make sure nails are dry.
IMPORTANT: It is essential to prepare the nail properly to ensure healthy nails.
Step 2 – Select the correct size Super Adhesive Tab, this should be slightly smaller than your natural nail to allow the press-on nail to fit perfectly. Place the side of the Super Adhesive Tab that best fits your cuticle shape, whether it is the curved or straight side.
Step 3 – Apply the Super Adhesive Tab on the natural nail starting from the cuticle. Smooth out the Super Adhesive Tab so that it is spread out evenly on the natural nail.
Step 4 – Select the correct size press-on nail for each finger. Peel the Protective Film off the Super Adhesive Tab. Hold the nail tip or application tab. Place nail up to, but not touching your cuticle. Apply the press-on nail from the cuticle angling at 45 degrees.

IMPORTANT: If nails do not have an application tab, ensure they are applied the correct way.

The thinner and more curved end should sit at the base of your natural nail, near to your cuticle.
This thinner edge gives a more natural look, reducing the ridge between the false nail and your natural nail. The thicker, more squared end has the size number embossed on it and this end should be at the top, free edge of your natural nail. This thicker edge is stronger for longer lasting wear.

Step 5 – Press down firmly on the press-on nail to activate the adhesion of the tab. Repeat for all nails.
Step 6 – If the press-on nails have application tabs. Remove application tabs by bending down and then up, towards the cuticle. The tab will snap free. Do not twist off. File free edge gently for perfect results. Repeat for all nails.

It should take approximately 10 minutes to remove press-on nails applied with adhesive tabs.
You will need: Elegant Touch Get ‘em Off and cotton wool.

Step 1 – Apply Elegant Touch Get ‘em Off around the edge of the press-on nail and allow to soak.
Step 2 – Gently lift the press-on nail at the side of the nail and slowly peel off, side to side.

IMPORTANT: Do not forcibly remove nails as this will cause damage to your own nails.

Step 3 – Remove any remaining residue using Elegant Touch Get ‘em Off remover
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This surprised me in good way. They look like real nails painted with gel nail polish which stay long lasting. They are so easily applicable and stay well on nails. They look very very good on hands and all my friends asked where i had such good manicure and nail art.

Liga, Latvia