Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse 150ml

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Product Information

For beautifully bronzed, radiant skin in just one hour.

Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan has gained cult beauty status since its launch, rocking the tanning market by receiving nothing but rave reviews and winning multiple industry awards.

- Accelerating ingredients mean that this revolutionary, speedy self-tan develops into a rich Cocoa Brown colour in just 1 HOUR.
- Once rinsed off, your tan will last for between 5 and 7 days.
- Signature Tahitian Gardenia scent-NO fake tan pong!
- Moisturising and kind enough to be used on both face and body.
- Easy to apply mousse, fast-drying, non-stick and fades evenly
- Vegetable derived DHA and No Parabens = kind to sensitive skin.
- As always Cocoa Brown tan is brown not orange!

Note: Tan continues to develop after rinsing.

Use Cocoa Brown tanning mitt to apply, wear dark clothing and avoid water while tan is developing.

Wait between 1 and 3 hours then wash off and resulting tan will last up to 5 days.

Colour varies between light and dark depending on how long you leave tan on before showering.

Light: 1 Hour
Medium: 2 Hours
Dark: 3 Hours

Tanning Tips:
The smoother your skin, the better the application, so exfoliate with Cocoa Brown TOUGH STUFF and moisturise daily in the lead up to your tan application.

- Apply a coat of clear nail polish to nails
- Use an oil free moisturiser to dry areas such as feet, ankles, knees and hands.
- Place a small amount of petroleum jelly through eyebrows. If you have dark circles around your eyes, a little bit of petroleum jelly will stop the tan from further darkening the area.

To ensure your tan looks as natural as possible, leave your face, hands, knees and feet until last and apply product sparingly through these areas. The Cocoa Brown mitt should have just enough tan left after doing the rest of your body, to ensure these areas are lightly bronzed.

180 Customer Reviews

Good 15/04/14

Good service but the deleievrry was unacceptable as it was left outside my front gate with no effort to bring to my house.

Poor 12/04/14

Not as good as I had heard from other people don't think I will be ordering again

Good 12/04/14

Easy application but when you wash it off it's not as strong colour

Excellent 09/04/14

fast delivery and great product, thank youuuuuuuuuu :-)

Excellent 08/04/14

After the first tester - good quality product, easy to remember where you've put it on your skin thanks to the brown mousse colour, no horrible fake tanning smell, skin felt soft after use, no allergic reaction on my skin so great for sensitive skin (I've had red itchy skin after trying a lot of other fake tanners on the market - after a lot of investigating I believe it was a reaction against the DHA ingredient, but Cocoa Brown only uses natural DHA ingredient which I believe makes all the difference). Only left it on my legs for 1 hour before washing off, and for someone very pale it didn't change my skin colour too much (was aiming for a been on a beach holiday for a week look), next time will be leaving it on for 2 hours and see how that looks! Very happy with this product so far....

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Good 08/04/14

Still getting used to it but the reviews were mainly correct and a good guide

Poor 03/04/14

It was patchy and orange!

Excellent 01/04/14

Doesn't smell, goes on easy and with the tint in the mouse you can see where you've applied it. Even leaving it on for the max time leave a nice natural looking tan

Poor 30/03/14

Poor coverage and streaky even though I used a mitt

Good 20/03/14

The mousse is good and gives a nice colour, but the top broke as soon as I started to use it so it is difficult to get the mousse out

Good 11/03/14


Good 09/03/14

as expected

Excellent 08/03/14

Ahh!! Great tan! Glides on super easy! Love the colour so natural! I sleep with it on and it comes out just as good!

Good 02/03/14

I have only tried this once, went on the previous reviews and was surprised how good it was, not streaky on the legs, and a nice even colour that lasted a few days.

Good 24/02/14

Nice smell

Excellent 21/02/14

This tan is a miracle product. The mousse glides on so easily and is tinted so it's easy to see areas you may have missed. Dries non-sticky and smells so nice. I am a very pale redhead so it gave me a fabulous bronzed look that didn't turn an awful yellow/orange shade after a few days. Trialed it on my legs and 7 days later it is fading really well and evenly. I would so recommend this to anyone with a pale complexion and to leave it on just over the hour for a fabulous glow that isn't fake looking. Make sure when you are rinsing it off that you just let the water run over your body and not scrub so the tan stays intact. Amazing!

Good 21/02/14

Great if you are pale

Poor 20/02/14

For me this just didn't come out brown enough, applied 4 applications and I left it on all night woke up to a very light tan! Hope they do a darker one skin soon!

Good 18/02/14

Very easy to use

Excellent 17/02/14

Really nice colour even though I only left it on for 1 hour

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