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Product Information

For beautifully bronzed, radiant skin in just one hour.

Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan has gained cult beauty status since its launch, rocking the tanning market by receiving nothing but rave reviews and winning multiple industry awards.

- Accelerating ingredients mean that this revolutionary, speedy self-tan develops into a rich Cocoa Brown colour in just 1 HOUR.
- Once rinsed off, your tan will last for between 5 and 7 days.
- Signature Tahitian Gardenia scent-NO fake tan pong!
- Moisturising and kind enough to be used on both face and body.
- Easy to apply mousse, fast-drying, non-stick and fades evenly
- Vegetable derived DHA and No Parabens = kind to sensitive skin.
- As always Cocoa Brown tan is brown not orange!

Note: Tan continues to develop after rinsing.

Use Cocoa Brown tanning mitt to apply, wear dark clothing and avoid water while tan is developing.

Wait between 1 and 3 hours then wash off and resulting tan will last up to 5 days.

Colour varies between light and dark depending on how long you leave tan on before showering.

Light: 1 Hour
Medium: 2 Hours
Dark: 3 Hours

Tanning Tips:
The smoother your skin, the better the application, so exfoliate with Cocoa Brown TOUGH STUFF and moisturise daily in the lead up to your tan application.

- Apply a coat of clear nail polish to nails
- Use an oil free moisturiser to dry areas such as feet, ankles, knees and hands.
- Place a small amount of petroleum jelly through eyebrows. If you have dark circles around your eyes, a little bit of petroleum jelly will stop the tan from further darkening the area.

To ensure your tan looks as natural as possible, leave your face, hands, knees and feet until last and apply product sparingly through these areas. The Cocoa Brown mitt should have just enough tan left after doing the rest of your body, to ensure these areas are lightly bronzed.
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Absolutely loved this product! Tried it for the first time back in July and haven't used anything else since, it's idiot proof, streak free and doesn't smell horrible.

Lasts on me for about 3 / 4 days and gives a great colour. If I want a bit more if a glow I leave it on for 3 hours instead if 1 before washing off.

Bethany, Uk

Great product and great price. I highly recommend it. The only negative, it can be a little streaky if you accidentally over lap but other than that compared the MUCH more expensive tan I usually use it's the best tan I've used in years

Sasha, United Kingdom

Best self-tanner I have ever tried, and I have tried quite a lot!
Tan gets even, deep and lasts for at least a week! This is my new favorite product, no smell and great price!

Ena, Sweden

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I'd read good things about this in a couple of magazines and thought it sounded worth a try. So pleased I bought it - all it's claims are true; pleasant smell, dries extremely quickly, visible light tan in about an hour (although I leave it on overnight). I'm very fair skinned but this gives a realistic golden brown colour, no hint of orange.
I've used many of the big brand self tanners and had settled on Famous Dave's mousse for the last two years but this is far superior at a third of the price! Highly recommended.

Anita, England

Brilliant tan, Good price, easy to use, no streaks, doesn't rub off on your bedding/clothes while you are waiting for it to develop. And great colour!

Jo, England

This tan is amazing, no biscuit smell, smells like flowers as it develops. Also very hard to get streaky as you can see where you are applying. some tans look fake, this looks natural olive brown, will buy time and time again.
Added bonus is the value! tried some of the more expensive brands and they don't compare to this!

Hannah, England

Great tan. Even, natural colour. I wore it over night and it didn't stain my sheets like other tans. Fades quite well also.

Kate, Uk

This is absolutely the best tan I've ever bought; I've made many bad-buys over the years with my 'tan' ranging from marmite to a Kentucky-fried thing effect, but this is a glorious product. Love it.

Corinne, England

This is really great. I bought it after recommended it, and it really is as good as she said it is. It smells really good for the whole time you have it on (I left it for an hour and a half) and then only after that it starts to go a bit fake-tan smelly (this was after I washed it off), but it's not strong at all so nothing to worry about. It applies easily like any mousse does, and there is a slight colour guide which is helpful. You may look at yourself after you've applied it and ask yourself what you've wasted your money on but this develops over time and just 24 hours later, I have a proper healthy looking tan and glow. Seriously good stuff. I didn't apply it with a mitt (I will next time) and it wasn't streaky at all, just really natural. It's so cheap in comparison to other good tans, and it's way way better than those in a similar price category. 10/10, absolutely brilliant.

Charlotte, UK

LOVE LOVE LOVE this tan!!!! Best tan I have used in a very long time!!

Megan, Scotland

Great colour, easy application, thought hands and joints difficult to blend because its a mousse.

Harriet, England

Cocoa Brown is unlike any tan I've ever used before, it does exactly everything it says on the bottle and more.
The light weight mousse is easy to apply as it goes on a very light brown colour. It also does not leave a tacky feeling on the skin during the developing period like other tans and best of all it has no horrible smell!
I've left it on for between two and three hours before rinsing it off and have achieved a beautifully natural glow which is exactly what I've been aiming for for years with other tanning products. I don't think I'll never use another tan again now!

Laura, Ireland

I love this tan it leaves no streaks or patches and its subtle.

Phoebe, leeds

Amazing colour, very easy to apply, no fake tan smell and doesn't not go patchy at all!! Love it!

Nina, Wales

Really good product, easy to use, believe the hype! Develops to a lovely product, better then products twice the price.

tania, uk

Absolutely LOVE THIS STUFF. I've tried Fake Bake, San Tropez, Xen Tan, Famous Dave and Boots stuff and never before have I loved a tan so much. It dries literally as you put it on and smells much better than all the rivals and looks so natural you actually cannot tell it's fake. It doesn't streak or go scaly and it doesn't stain your knuckles or ankles. It really is 10 out of 10 !

Abbie, UK

I brought Cocoa Brown's 1 hour tan at the same time as buying Sienna X's fake tan - I tested both fake tans on each of my legs at the same time (washing CB's off after 2 and half hours & leaving Sienna X's on for a further 6 hours) I must say this product matches if not beats Sienna X's which comes in at 3 times the price as Cocoa Browns! What a brilliant result for the money! It smells great, goes on really well with the tanning mitt, a small amount of moose goes such a long way! it dries quickly, with a deep colour guide to ensure you haven't missed any spots.

I like a deep tan so I washed it off after around 2 and a half hours and was left with a beautiful natural looking deep tan with no steaks or fake tan smell. Really pleased with the results, Well worth the money! I have raved about it to all of my friends and I would 100% buy this product again.

Loup, Uk

Love this self tanner, it's the best self tanner I tried! The colour develops so quickly, it's so natural looking and the best thing is there is no nasty smell. No mess either, so easy to apply. For a lighter tan shoer after an hour or if you prefer darker colour shower after 2-3 hours, as easy as that!

As usual great service from Feel Unique - order arrived the next days so quick and easy, great customer satisfaction! Thanks Feel UNique.

Jada, London

I swear by this tan. The best I've tried!

Rachael, Northern Ireland

I loveeeee this tan it's amazing!!! I use a lot of different tans and this one of the best I've ever used, it's drys quickly without feeling sticky and give a gorgeous brown glow without looking orange. Best value for money tan out there everyone needs some cocoa brown tan!!!

Carly, Uk London

This is a fantastic product, great to have colour in a least an hour and it still lasts a good 5 days too, perfect! I've tried so many tanning products and have fallen in love with this, i am very pale and this gives a lovely bronzed healthy colour without any trace of orange or smell.
This tan is 5 out of 5 stars for me!

Rowen, uk

This is my new favourite tan, thought I'd try it before I bought a more expensive one like Xen-Tan.
It smells gorgeous when it first goes on and has a lovely velvety texture. The fake tan smell does start to come out the longer you leave it on though.
The colour is gorgeous, I find I can leave it on longer than an hour but that's just personal preference. It's non streaky and looks great.
I haven't tried taking it off yet, but it still looks good after 2 days so I think I'm converted!

Zoe, United Kingdom

I'm chuffed to see this product is now available on feel unique and at a great price.
I have tried this product recently after reading great reviews on various websites.
I have very pale skin and this product is perfect for giving a summery glow. I have been complemented on the tan and people had thought it was natural. I recently used it on holiday. My friend, who has very similar skin tone was using the vita liberata mousse, which whilst also gives a lovely colour and goes on well, cocoa brown is only a fraction of the price.
This tan gets top marks from me!

Hannah, England

FINALLY found a tanner I am totally satisfied with. I have tried pretty much all of them.
This goes on so so smoothly, it blends into my skin nicely so I don't have to worry about applying quickly to avoid streaks.
The smell doesn't smell like DHA at all! Actually quite pleasant. I leave it on overnight so that I can get a really deep tan. I cannot recommend this enough. You won't regret it I promise.

Jess, France

Brilliant!!! Easy to use and quick to develop, lovely smell, beautiful brown colour no orange or streaks in sight. Lasted about 5-6 days before I needed to top up, fades well with no patches. Overall a fantastic fake tan for a fantastic price best tan I've used and I've used a lot.

Natalie, England

Amazing stuff! I am uber pale and fake tan takes ages to build up on me before I get a decent colour. In just one use this made me a lovely brown colour (not orange!) and lasted up to the week as it promised! And best of all, NO FAKE TAN SMELL! It smells gorgeous when applied and expected it to develop that smell, but no, even after washing the colour guide off there is no smell.
In conclusion, no orange, no fake tan smell and CHEAP!

Louisa, England

This fake tan is great. I usually apply before bed and it dries
instantly so no more brown sheets plus it hardly has any fake tan
smell. Sometimes I apply on a morning before a night out shower
off and i'm a lovely sun kissed colour.

So glad I can buy it from feelunique, it is hard to find.

karen, england

I am completely in love with this product. Its by far the best tanning product on the market and what an incredible price. Its a nice dark colour (after 3 hours) and no more ruining the sheets! It wears very well and doesnt leave the usual scaly looking skin when coming off. I do moisturize when ive washed it off though to keep my skin nice and soft. I couldn't recommend enough!

Sam, Ireland