Biotivia BioShape Resveratrol-Enhanced Weight Loss Supplement 60 Vegan Capsules


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Biotivia BioShape: Inhibits Appetite and Boosts Metabolic Activity.

Lose body fat, boost metabolic activity, increase energy and activate the SIRT anti-ageing and anti-obesity genes with Biotivia BioShape. No other non-prescription or prescription weight control product is comparable in terms of potency, safety and efficacy. Biotivia guarantee it.

Biotivia BioShape combines the six most effective safe natural weight loss extracts into one product with a far higher potency and purity than any other supplement.

The Biotivia BioShape Resveratrol-Enhanced Weight Loss Supplement is truly unique. Biotivia's new weight loss supplement is the most advanced, most potent, and most effective combination of natural, safe weight loss ingredients ever offered in a single supplement. No other product at any price, with or without a prescription, offers the comprehensive array of anti-obesity agents found in BioShape.

If you are looking to lose more than ten or twenty pounds Biotivia BioShape is your best option in a natural, safe, healthy, weight loss supplement.

Tackling the weight loss challenge requires a multi-pronged approach. No one ingredient is the answer. Biotivia have combined the most effective weight loss natural compounds into a formulation which brings together the following proven appetite suppresants, fat burners, metabolic boosters, and anti-obesity compounds:

- Resveratrol: The red wine extract which has been hailed by scientists at Harvard and many other prestigious medical schools and universities as the most important anti-ageing, anti-obesity, and pro-health compound in decades. Biotivia is the original manufacturer of the highest bio-available Resveratrol products and is the world's largest Resveratrol manufacturer. This compound is an appetite suppresant, a metabolic enhancer; and in studies at Harvard Medical School was shown to increase the life span of mammals by 31% as well as protect against the ill effects of obesity and ageing. Resveratrol activated the Sirtuins which control ageing as well as PGC-1 Alpha, a key regulator of energy metabolism. Once PGC-1 alpha is activated, it powerfully induces and coordinates gene expression that stimulates mitochondrial oxidative metabolism in brown fat, fiber-type switching in skeletal muscle, and multiple aspects of the fasted response in liver.

- Organic Green Tea: Green tea is a rich source of polyphenol catechins. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the most active form of the catechins responsible for green tea's antioxidant and metabolic effects. Green tea also contains caffeine, which appears to act synergistically with EGCG to assist metabolism.

- Garcinia cambogia: Is a thermogenetic (fat buring metabolic effect) agent which has been shown in scientific studies to aid in the reduction and elimination of fat deposits within muscle tissue. This is the internal fat which accumulates in muscles and in and around internal organs that adversly affects health and longevity.

- Gymnema sylvestre 200mg: Gymnea sylvestre is has been shown in animal studies to be able to lower the sugar available in the stomach for absorption, raise the insulin levels and block the dietary fat absorption.

- Chromium 160ug: A trace mineral essential for the proper utilisation of blood sugar. It helps lower triglyceride levels, and lowers body weight while increasing lean body mass.

Biotivia BioShape is certified Vegan by the American Vegetarian Association.

Take one or two Biotivia BioShape Capsules daily with 100ml of water, 45 minutes prior to main meal of the day. For optimal results, use in conjunction with regular physical exercise and a restricted calorie diet.

Japanese Knotweed (Polygonum Cuspidatum) dried rhizome
extract containing 50% Resveratrol; GreenTea (Camellia Sinensis L.) leaves
dried extract containing 45% EGCG;Wakame Seaweed (Undaria Pinnatifida)
plant dried extract containing Fucoxantin 10%;Garcinia (Garcinia Cambogia)
fruit dried extract containing Hydroxycitric acid 60%; Gymnema (Gymnema
Sylvestre) leaves dried extract containing Gymnemic acid 50%; Chromium
Picolinate; Capsule shell: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, colour copper
complex of Chlorophyll and Chlorophyllins.
Other Ingredients: None. Contains no fillers, GMOs, silica or additives.
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