Benefit They're Real! Beyond Mascara 8.5g
  • Benefit They're Real! Beyond Mascara 8.5g
  • CEW Beauty Insiders' Choice Winner 2013
  • Sunday Times Style Award 2014
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My secret weapon for thicker, longer, gorgeous lashes.

Benefit They're Real! Beyond Mascara 8.5g


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Benefit They're Real! Beyond Mascara is the mascara that's beyond belief! This jet-black mascara lengthens, curls, volumises, lifts & separates lashes for a spectacular "out-to-here" look.

The exclusive brush is specially designed to maximise the performance of the long-wearing, glossy formula-revealing lashes you never knew you had! Staggered bristles grab close to the root, boosting length & volume beyond belief. The precision bristles on the custom-domed tip lift, define & curl even your tiniest lashes.

The end result... luxurious, silky lashes that won't smudge, clump or dry out.

Beauty tip:
Double the REAL! Wear They're Real! Push-Up Liner and They're Real! Mascara together for beyond longer lashes AND bigger-looking eyes.

Remove with They're Real! Remover.

- Sunday Times Style Awards 2014 Winner.
- Winner of the Best New Makeup Product – Eyes or Lips (Prestige) award at the CEW Beauty Awards 2013!

They're real and here's the proof!
- 94% saw dramatic length and volume*
- 90% saw base-to-tip curl*
- 94% saw visible lift*
- 100% saw long-wearing results*
*Results observed in a consumer panel survey.

Please note that Benefit is available to customers in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden only.

Position wand horizontally & wiggle Benefit They're Real! Beyond Mascara from side to side, base to tip, to achieve maximum volume, length & lift. Hold wand vertically & stroke upward to curl & separate. Layer generously as desired.
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Love this product! Definitely worth the money, lengthens my lashes and is jet black to create a really wide eyed look. Use it every day and is very comfortable and wearable on the eyes without clumping or smudging..

Chloe, England

Love this mascara. Absolutely worth the price tag! I use it every day and always get asked if I'm wearing false lashes. The wand is amazing at coating every lash and it lasts all day!

Chloe, England

At first, I was a bit skeptical about getting this mascara because, lets face it, it isn't the cheapest around. However, I decided to get it after reading all the amazing reviews online. And this is an incredible mascara! I have very oily eyelids and it never smudges or flakes which is a miracle! It also looks amazing and the tube lasts a pretty long time too! I would definitely recommend buying this as it is amazing!!

Klaudia, Ireland

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Очень хорошая кисточка, отделает каждую ресничку, ресницы не склеивабтся, взгляд получается выразительным, деожится целый день, не обсыпается.

P, Россия

i absolutely love this mascara - it gives your lashes length, definition and volume without making them clumpy. it genuinely does look like your wearing false lashes - i can't recommend enough!

beth, england

Works so well, it's definitely worth the price

Harriet, United Kingdom

I am in LOVE with this mascara!!! It glides onto my eyelashes like a dream! As I have very stubborn eyelashes, they don't curl as much as I would like them to, but with this mascara it makes my eyelashes curl as well as giving them length and volume! It's perfect in every way!

Joanna, England

My absolutely favourite mascara. Perfectly named, as it's actually unbelievable how awesome this mascara makes you eyelashes. Lengthens, volumises and curls amazingly. Lasts forever too.

Moesha, UK

Really good one. One off the best mascaras ever had. Lashes look long and full.

Veronika, Tyrone

I love this mascara, i can acheive long full looking lashes eith no clumps, the little brush on the tip is handy to touch up particular areas. Will definitely be buying this time and time again

Becky, UK

I really like this mascara, it makes my eyelashes look long and full and it doesn't smudge. It does tend to be a bit clumy sometimes though and it is so difficult to remove it is unbelievable.

Caroline, UK

This mascara is absolutely amazing at catching every lash for a full fanned effect. Unlike many mascaras I have tried it doesn't begin to flake off during the day which makes it even better. I'm currently on my third of these and don't think I'll be switching any time soon, it's a must have!

Sally, UK

I have had terrible trouble finding a mascara in the past. They all seemed to either cause clumps, not lengthen, reduce the curl in my lashes...the list goes on! This is the only mascara, and I mean the ONLY mascara that covers all the bases: it has a lengthening effect, helps enhance curl , has never caused clumps and stays put for hours! No matter whether you are creating a day-wear look or a glamorous evening look, it gives your lashes an extra boost and really helps to define and open up the eyes!

Jess, UK

I love this mascara, it doesn't flake or smudge and works well on the bottom lashes - i would pay full price for this as it is so great.

Devon, United Kingdom

I was impressed that this mascara had the same super-lengthening and separating effect on my eyelashes as the ads promised. Be warned though: The brush takes some getting used to. It's harder and less flexible than typical mascara brushes (which presumably leads to the super-lengthening and separating effect). I nearly injured myself while I was still getting used to the brush!


I've tried many mascaras but this is definitely the best I've had! I love Benefit make up and this mascara is one of the best products out there. It makes my lashes look long and volumised whilst not clumpy. The brush applies the mascara really well and my lashes do look fake. It is amazing and I would recommend you go buy it!

Brittany, England

Such an amazing mascara! Really good application, packaging and coverage. Lasts all day with out smudging or clumping up, and I would definitely recommend it!

Sarah, UK

It lengthens and volumes like no other. Before i was using 5 different mascaras which would of costed me more than this alone and this did all the jobs of the 5 mascaras i was using before in one. I am tempted to buy the full size of this mascara cause it is brilliant. The only issue is it takes a while to get off and you feel like you are scrubbing at your eyes but i love it so much so i dont care.

Imogen, England

Yesterday a lady at work actually asked me if my eyelashes were real, so it absolutely lives up to its name.
I can't live without this mascara, and i can't emphasize enough how much i love it. Everyone should own They're Real, it will lift your eyes to new heights.

Ragni, Norway

Amazing mascara!!

Kajsa, Sweden

All I can say is thank you Benefit! Before, I was using a Clinique mascara which I honestly adored and often gained compliments however, after switching to this mascara, the comments improved with various people asking whether I was wearing false eyelashes or not, something that I adored hearing and now I beg you Benfit to never discontinue this product, it is literally my sanctury. Also, it's only £3.00 more than what I used to pay.

Charlotte, UK

Up until I used this one, I had 3, to do all their own little jobs on my lashes, spending a small fortune and layering upon layer. Then I read a review in a daily newspaper of this so I thought I'd give it a go.....WOW! My lashes look long & thick! Exactly what I've always wanted & without having to use ten coats!!
My lashes now get compliments instead of me saying it to others.

Ann, England

Great mascara, very well designed brush...

Karlene, England

This is my favourite mascara ever! It goes on smooth and non-clumpy. it coats every lash from root to tip, even the little ones. Simply fab!

Paula, UK

I absolutely love this mascara because it evenly coats my eye lashes while lengthening them, making them looking full and long. A fabulous mascara to buy! Worth the price tag.

India Thompson, United Kingdom

This mascara is incredible it's the perfect package, it does everything you want giving a full fanned coverage, easy application with no clumps,extension and a gorgeous long lasting look! it's AMAZING GO GET IT!

Elinor, UK

Seriously the best mascara I've ever used. The brush separates lashes brilliantly and although I don't have fabulously long lashes, this makes them look like they are. And to top it all, at the end of the day, the mascara is still on my lashes and not all round my eyes. FAB.

Kay, England

This is my favourite mascara ever! Not clumpy, gives buildable volume, and length - it really is like I'm wearing false lashes. The shape of the brush is great for getting to the corner lashes as well, and it stays on all day!

Claire, UK

I've been using this mascara everyday for a year now! I was looking for a good mascara for ages. When I found this one I was amazed. You need no additional mascaras on top and it dosen't clog up your eyelashes, only one coat makes your eyelashes look amazing! definitely worth the price tag, Definitely recommend!!! xx

Keira Gillen, Isle Of Man

Best mascara I've ever used, cannot fault it! Gives perfect results every time and lasts ages.

Rosie, United Kingdom

I love this mascara!! It does everything it says. My eyelashes look long and full. It's amazing!!

jessica Parsons, United Kingdom

I have never been one for buying expensive mascaras but after trying this out in store I had to buy one! Absolutely amazing mascara....lengthens eyelashes fabulously without clumping.

Chloe, Scotland

Fantastic mascara - the best I have ever used .. (coming from someone who has literally been through 100+) Its not clumpy, it's easy to apply, lasts all day and makes your lashes soooooooooooooooo long! can not recommend enough.

Kylie, England

This is the best mascara on the market (and I've tried them all in search of the perfect non clogging brush). I'm constantly being asked if I've had eyelash extensions. Not only does it lengthen lashes beyond belief, it has the most fantastic brush that doesn't clog them or make them look spidery. Seems to last for ages too. Highly recommend (like the previous reviewer, have also purchased as gifts for friends).

Tracy, UK

This mascara is AMAZING! I love it. It makes my lashes even longer which every girl wants. I've started buying this for all my friends for birthday gifts as it is truely is amazing.

Sarah, London

Nice brush, and doesn't clump (which is really rare for mascaras). This is the product for you if you want clump-free volume for your lashes.

Clovis, London

When you have to quote the product's name in response to comments about your lashes, you know its worth every penny. Yes, they ARE REAL!

Dee, Oslo, Norway

I love this mascara. The color is dark and intense, it gives volume, separates and makes my lashes longer.

Henriette, Oslo

I love this mascara, I'm not too far into my first tube, but I already have a backup! It separates the lashes amazingly and I haven't seen one clump!

Briony, Staffordshire

I'm on my second tube, I have longish eyelashes, but this separates them beautifully, doesn't clump and lasts all day without smudging!

Hollie, Derbyshire

I LOVE this mascara! I have naturally short eyelashes but when I used this it makes them even darker, longer, thicker and if anything stronger! It is at an amazing price and is worth more than the money you pay for it! I tell all my friends to buy it!!

Angharad Morris, Bristol

I love this mascara! Definitely repurchasing it! It adds volume and length to my lashes, and doesn't smudge! I can come home in the evening and it will look exactly the same as it did when I applied it in the morning! Definitely worth the price!

Millie Gibbins, Cullompton

Fantastic mascara so glad I found this product would highly recommend, gives great long lashes and stays put worth every penny I'm hooked!

Sara Brown, Lancashire

This is the perfect mascara! Lengthens and separates, doesn't smudge, clump-free, and keeps my curl!

Annika, Helsinki

I just want to marry this marcara. It gives me long and beautiful doll-like lashes.

Ivana, Brazil

It works really good! long-wearing, nice curl, and very easy to apply. you can make cute, long eyelashes with mascara. 200% satisfied with it. I love it, and will keep buying it.

Bianca, Finland

Wow! This mascara works wonders, its the prefect formula combined with the perfect wand to create a voluminous fan of lashes!

Hannah, Reading

Absolutely fantastic mascara! Makes my eyelashes look so long and thick - unbelievable!! I'll never change mascara again. x

Jolanda, Shoreham-by-Sea

I love as it gives away amazing products for a reasonable price, for example: Benefit's Mascara! This product is amazing, my lashes and longer and look fabulous! I've always loved Benefit and the mascara is making me love it even more!

Veronica, UK

Best mascara by far! Makes my lashes look huge and curled. Love it!

Cathy, Essex

This mascara is fabulous! It holds everything it promises. That is: it gives fantastic length and holds the curl amazingly well (I have really straight lashes).

The staying power is awesome. Recommend this product to everyone!

Lisa, Sweden

This mascara is amazing - I love the formula, the staying power even though its it a waterproof mascara and it DOES look so natural while just adding volume and length and holds a curl. Love it!

Miss M, London

I love this mascara because it actually does what it's advertised to do! A unique product. Well done to those at Benefit.

Chris, Pinxton

Bought this mascara as it was recommended by a friend. At first I wasn't wowed by it, but I have since had comments made by the girls at work saying that it really makes my eyes stand out. My lashes do look longer and seperates them perfectly. So thumbs up from me.

Hollie, London

By far the best mascara I have ever used. I have short and stubby eyelashes. Only need one layer of this and WOW really does give the false lash effect. Would never use a different one now. Also, it lasts a while. I always buy from Great service

Karlie, Kent

This is by far the best mascara I've ever used, the best thing about it is it doesn't dry up and flake off so you can wear it all day without having to re-apply it. It looks really good, like wearing false eyelashes which I guess explains the name but yeah, love it!

Mia, North Wales

This is the best mascara I have ever used. It's long wearing, separates lashes, lengthens and thickens. You can build it up if you want more dramatic evening look. People have commented on my lashes since I have started using this product and have said it looks like I'm wearing false lashes! Great!

Zoe, Warwick

Excellent mascara - believe the hype!!

Ida, Glasgow

I've tried various mascaras and none really did what they said they would so I was sceptical when trying this product but I have been converted to love this mascara - a must have.

Beth, Leeds

An amazing mascara that separates, thickens and lengthens your lashes!

Hannah, Berkshire

This mascara is the best I`ve ever tried. It really is "BEYOND"!! Makes my lashes look fab and, maybe the best part: it stays on my lashes! Never any mascara under the eye, it really doesn't smudge - you can sleep with this mascara and it will not smudge. I think it`s amazing and I`m finally done searching for the perfect mascara!

Anne, Norway

I adore this mascara. I've tried dozens of different brands, and this outperforms them all. I threw a hardly used Chanel mascara out when I bought this, as it was so superior. It is intensely black, so not ideal if you want a natural girly look. Much better for a sexy, darker style.

Ria, London

Amazing mascara, best one yet. Gives the look of having false lashes on however in my opinion looks so much better, everyone always comments on how amazing my eyelashes are when I wear it and to say my eyelashes are pretty non existent without mascara its such a confidence boost.
LOVE THIS MASCARA WILL NEVER USE ANY OTHER, only wish it came in a waterproof version.

Eilish, Rotherham

I love Benefit make up and this mascara is so amazing. It increases the length and thickness of lashes so well. Great for a night out and BADgal Benefit mascara is great for day time too

Olivia, Jersey

At first I was really dubious about trying this mascara because it is so expensive, however I tried it at a Benefits counter before buying it and that was all the proof I needed that it was worth the money.
Its no doubt the best mascara I've ever used. It makes my eyelashes so much longer just with one coat, and by adding another it adds more length without any build up at all.
This is the first mascara I've used where I've never experienced my eyelashes getting clumpy.
This is also the best brush I've ever used.
Definitely buying another one of these when mine runs out.

Eilish, Rotherham

I absolutely ADORE Benefit's 'They're Real!' mascara! It is not flakey and when you apply it to your eyelashes the mascara doesn't stick each individual lash together, it separates them. When I first applied this it made my eyelashes 10x longer - this didn't make them clumpy but made them look a million dollars!

I would strongly recommend this product since it is one of the best mascaras I have ever used.

Jessica, Exmouth

This mascara is great! The best thing about it is the brush which elongates and separates lashes with a glossy black finish. It doesn't flake (which is a must as a wear contact lenses) and it lasts all day. I have had mine for just under a month and it's still performing well but but like all mascaras it's at it's at it's best during the first couple of weeks of use. I much prefer this benefit mascara to BADgal

Zoe, Oxfordshire

I love this mascara. I have tiny eyelashes and no other mascara has really done what it says this realy makes then longer and seperated with just a tiny amount! And the more you add the thicker they look with no clumps! It has points on the end which are so good for shaping the eyelashes outwards and for the lower lashes. I will never use another mascara, worth the price! And cheepest place to get it online is feelunique!

Kiri, Hertfordshire

I love feel unique I have been using it now for two years. My favourite product is xen tan which I have recommend to all my friends. They always deliver quick too.

Charmaine, London